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About GO Boulder

About GO Boulder

Since 1989, GO Boulder has been working to create an innovative and balanced transportation system to sustain the quality of life valued by Boulder residents, employees and visitors. GO Boulder creates and promotes "Great Options" for transportation to increase the travel choices available to our community.

The city has constructed an average of one mile of off-street paths, half a mile of on-street bicycle lanes, and two underpasses each year. With the help of regional partners, GO Boulder addresses the community's transportation needs for today and tomorrow.


Achieve the objective of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP):

"Stay the course of no long-term growth in auto traffic."

To reach this objective, single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips must be reduced from 44 percent of all trips to 25 percent by the year 2025, with no more than 20 percent of roadways congested.

What Does GO Boulder Do?

  • Develops innovative programs such as the Community Transit Network of high-frequency HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT buses (with a Transportation Master Plan that envisions an additional seven high frequency services to this system within the next 20 years).
  • Enhances the transit system with user-friendly amenities such as attractive and safe shelters, easy to read maps and schedules, and knowledgeable, friendly drivers.
  • Works to make the system convenient and accessible by supporting, promoting and enhancing the Eco Pass program (business, neighborhood and student transit passes); developing user-friendly marketing and educational materials, including maps; expanding transit to include "superstops;" transit-oriented development; and transit priority lanes.
  • Develops, enhances, maintains and promotes an extensive system of more than 300-miles of bicycle and pedestrian paths.
  • Designs a multi-modal, safe, efficient and completely integrated transportation system.
  • Proactively collaborates with regional partners, the local business community and other constituents to provide convenient travel choices to employees and customers.
  • Supports and promotes innovative work programs, including flextime and teleworking, as options to reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips.
  • Emphasizes an integrated approach to marketing transportation to the public, including:
    • community design processes, creating transportation options that our community wants, needs, designs and supports;
    • packaging our products attractively, from bus graphics to map design to easy-to-read schedules and brochures; and
    • coordinating the look of the Community Transit Network (CTN). Each bus has graphics and includes services designed by users particular to that route.

GO Boulder Programs

GO Boulder, in partnership with RTD, the University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder County and other neighboring communities, has continually expanded the Community Transit Network. This has resulted in an increase of average daily trips on RTD buses since 1989.

GO Boulder continues to be a leader to whom other cities turn for advice on Transportation Demand Management (TDM), transit, bicycling, pedestrian and other transportation options.

GO Boulder Innovation

GO Boulder was started by the Boulder City Council with the intention of being innovative and to honor the community's commitment to reduce congestion and SOV use.

Innovative programs that have been rolled out since 1989 include:

  • Boulder Transportation Connections, a local transportation management organization working to enhance travel in and around Boulder;
  • real-time transit schedule technology for the HOP bus route at;
  • Boulder Junction, a transit-oriented development that will be developed during the coming years;

Bicycle Friendly Community

The League of American Bicyclists has designated the City of Boulder as a Bicycle Friendly Community and has granted the following awards:
  • Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community (2012 to 2014);
  • Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community (2008 to 2010); and
  • Gold Bicycle Friendly Community (2004 to 2006).

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