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August 19, 2016 - Civic Area Artwork and Artifacts Removed in Anticipation of Boulder Civic Area Project Construction

Friday, Aug. 19, 2016
Media Contacts:

Mandy Vink, Office of Arts and Culture, 303-441-4342
Jennifer Bray, Library and Arts, 303-441-4160
Sarah Huntley, Media Relations, 303-441-3155

Civic Area artwork and artifacts removed in anticipation of Boulder Civic Area Project construction

To best ensure safety at the site and to protect the artworks and artifacts within the Boulder Civic Area, the City of Boulder will remove three artworks and two artifacts located within the forthcoming construction boundaries of the Boulder Civic Area Project.

Implementation of the Boulder Civic Area Master Plan is expected to occur over the next 10 to 20 years. The first phase of improvements will begin September 2016, with project phasing scheduled to minimize impact to the public’s enjoyment of the existing park.

The Civic Area Master Plan was adopted by Boulder City Council in July 2015 to replace the 1992 Civic Center Master Plan. The long-term vision is to transform the Civic Area into an even more unique place reflecting the community’s shared values and its diversity, providing space and programs for people to gather, recreate, eat, learn, deliberate and innovate.

The three artworks and two cultural artifacts to be removed include: “Dragonfly Giraffe” by John King; “Pooh Garden” by Bill Vielehr; “Daydream Dragon” by Kristine Smock; the concrete turtle cultural artifact; and the miner’s cart and stone cultural artifact.

The City of Boulder is committed to authentic stewardship of its public art collection, including the collection’s longevity. Upon removal, artworks and artifacts will individually receive condition assessments to help determine next steps. The future placement of the affected artworks and artifacts is currently being determined. The following considerations will be taken in determining future placement:

  • Existing conditions of artworks/artifacts
  • Appropriateness of artworks within site, context, and site use
  • Appropriateness of artwork scale within site
  • Creating long-term, publicly-accessible placement with a focus on existing cultural deserts

The Boulder Office of Arts and Culture is charged with directing and promoting the course of the arts in the city. 

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