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City Launches Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program

Homeowner and artist applications are being accepted

The City of Boulder Office of Arts and Culture announces the launch of the Creative Neighborhoods mural program to support new artwork commissions on residential properties in each of Boulder’s nine sub-communities.

This program is a partnership between homeowners and artists to create murals visible from public paths and streets. Homeowners and artists work together to determine a specific site and design that will be a feature in the community for at least five years. Mural artist roster applications are due May 29 and homeowner applications are due June 15.

“Murals convey the pulse of a community and create opportunities to collectively promote the unique personalities of the city,” said Mandy Vink, Public Art program manager for the City of Boulder.”

Through an open call, homeowners with an available exterior site visible from a public right-of-way can apply to the Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program. The applications are first come, first serve, per sub-community. Selected homeowners will work with the Office of Arts and Culture to select an artist from the city-approved Mural Artist Roster to commission a mural. The Office of Arts and Culture will provide up to $2,500 to the artist to develop and create the project on the homeowner's property.

The Creative Neighborhoods is funded through the Community Culture and Safety Tax. For 2018, nine new projects are anticipated – one project within each of Boulder’s sub-communities: Colorado University, Crossroads, Central Boulder, South Boulder, Southeast Boulder, East Boulder, North Boulder, Palo Park, and Gunbarrel. Map available here:

Interested in Participating?
Artists, join the Mural Artist Roster. Applications due May 29, 2018
Homeowners, apply for a mural. Applications due June 28, 2018

Visit the Office of Arts and Culture website for eligibility details and to submit applications:

The City of Boulder’s Office of Arts and Culture is currently implementing Boulder’s Community Cultural Plan. Through a set of programs including cultural grants, public art, initiatives that support artists and the creative economy, and research, the office supports the community-created Vision for Culture: Together, we will craft Boulder’s social, physical and cultural environment to include creativity as an essential ingredient for the wellbeing, prosperity and joy of everyone in the community.

Published: May 25, 2018

Media Contacts:
Mandy Vink, Office of Arts and Culture, 303-441-4391
Tanya Burden, Media Relations, 303-579-7614