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Complete Streets Open House

Complete Streets Banner

Complete Streets Open House

On Thursday, April 21, the city hosted a Complete Streets Open House as an opportunity for the community to explore how the city is improving the transportation system to meet the safety and the sustainability goals of the community. Information presented at the open house can be found below.

Complete Streets accommodate all modes of transportation by planning, designing and building facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and vehicle drivers. Complete Streets initiatives are part of the city's work to create and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system meeting the sustainability goals of the community.

The community identified achieving Complete Streets in Boulder as a priority within the city's Transportation Master Plan. As a result, the city is planning and implementing solutions that increase safety, provide more travel choices and reduce the share of single occupant auto trips. 

Projects, Programs and Plans featured at the Complete Streets Open House included the following. 

Corridor Projects
East Arapahoe Transportation Plan   ●  Canyon Boulevard Complete Streets Study   ● 30th Street and Colorado Boulevard Complete Streets Study   

Living Lab 
Phase I Pilot Projects   ●  Phase II Folsom Street Pilot Project

Pedestrian Programs
Boulder Walks

Renewed Vision for Transit 
HOP Transit Study   ●   North Boulder (NOBO) Mobility Hub

Capital Improvement Projects 
Baseline Underpass 

For more information, please contact Marni Ratzel at [email protected] or 303-441-4138.

April 21 Complete Streets Open House Boards


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