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Deliberate Conversations

Deliberate Conversations

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Deliberate Conversations

Deliberate Conversations - Overflowing Prisons- Have Mercy!

Overcrowding is putting more criminals back on the streets and over half of them will be back in jail within 3 years. A revolving door that creates an ever-bigger prison population. Boulder County’s District Attorney tells of a better way with Ralph Gregory. Michael Dougherty Boulder County District Attorney Elena Shively Director: Diversion & Restorative Justice District Attorney's Office

Deliberate Conversations - Alexa; Are you saving this?

Our unbridled love affair with all things tech has an evil twin; a seemingly unstoppable encroachment on our personal privacy. Two experts on privacy concerns unravel this revealing issue with Ralph Gregory Amie Stepanovich Ex. Dir, Silicon Flatirons CU Law School Chris Achatz KO Law Firm

Deliberate Conversations - The Supremes In Washington

The Supreme Court, the very last word in US law, is cloaked in mystery to many. Two Federal Court experts pull back the curtain from those black robes with Ralph Gregory. Ian Millhiser Columnist - Think Progress Lisa Graves President – True North Research

Deliberate Conversations - BitCoin Explained...Really!

Cryptocurrency is only the tip of the iceberg coming from Blockchain Technology; the engine behind BitCoin. Two CEO's from consulting firms in blockchain explain to Ralph Gregory why, and where, this is going to change our daily lives.

Hot Air: So What?

Colorado routinely has temperature swings of 20 - 30 degrees in a day. So what's all the concern about the average temp rising 2 degrees? A CU Professor and Dutch diplomat take on an atmospheric issue with Ralph Gregory. Alexander Verbeek Founder:Institute For Planetary Security Max Boykoff CU Assoc. Prof. Environmental Studies

Voting - A Change Is Gonna Come

Cross party voting, online balloting and simultaneously voting for several candidates and more...all legal and altering elections. Colorado's Senate Majority Leader and a national pollster elucidate for Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Americans Before America

Given the tragic history of mistreatment of Native Americans, has increased awareness brought a more understanding approach to the thorny issues of governance and identity? A CU academic and a tribe consultant reveal to Ralph Gregory the challenges of cultural cooperation and the status of 100 yearlong negotiations with Canadian and US governments. Heidi McCann CU Researcher Arctic Indigenous Knowledge Christopher Horsethief Indigenous Scholar College Of The Rockies

The World Is A Small Neighborhood After All

What is “Globalism” and is it making me unhappy? A political scientist and a think tank director reveal to Ralph Gregory the “method to the madness” of US foreign policy.

School: Reimagined

How an innovative new type of school is the blending the wisdom of the elderly with the vitality of youth to the mutual benefit of both groups. Ralph Gregory learns of The Intergenerational School from its Founder and a retired VP of AARP.

Mobility: Where It’s Going Show

There are increasing options for getting from here to there – with, and without, a car. The Transportation Lead for Denver and the CEO of an innovative method for moving kids around, transport Ralph Gregory to what’s coming.

Cultural Commentary Animated & Otherwise

The writer/producer of The Simpsons and the "Simon Cowell" of Sweden opine about, well, a lot with Ralph Gregory.

It’s Not Your Grandparents Library Anymore!

Digital Disruption? Not for Boulder’s libraries which are being used more than ever. – including millennial's. What’s the attraction? The Director of Boulder’s Libraries and the President of the librarians association reveal the new role for libraries with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Aging in Boulder: The Options

With the kids gone and age, the big house and yard may no longer be the best choice. So, where to when? Experts from both the private and public sectors discuss the options with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Work? Maybe Not.

Work? Maybe not. Accelerating Change is what they call it – the ever increasing pace of change that is, and will, alter our personal economics. A futurist and economist discuss just what this new world may look like with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Elections 2018: What’s Going On Here?

Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows and yet voter turnout is at historic highs – why? The Opinion Page Editor for the Daily Camera and a long time ballot issues consultant in Colorado decipher the voters mindset with Ralph Gregory.

Boulder Budget Cuts: What’s Going On Here?

The Boulder City Manager first announced a $4 million cut to the 2018 budget and then followed that with a 9.3% reduction in spending for 2019! Budget cuts in a strong economy with full employment? The CEO of Downtown Boulder and the reporter who follows such for the Daily Camera explain what’s happening here with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversation - Food: A Limited Commodity

Beyond feeding the world in the future, the simple availability of food is an issue…even here. Two experts reveal some issues of real concern in production and distribution to Ralph Gregory.

Communications: The Intersection Of Human & Tech

With digital technology being primarily one-way, are we eroding our ability to interact with each other? An accomplished artist and a psychologist offer insights about the digital effects on our brains with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversation: Is Democracy in Decline?

Is the populist trend in Western democracies a threat to Democracy itself? Two professors of Political Science from Europe and the US compare the who, why and how of voting patterns with Ralph Gregory.

Money As Power: Influencing International Behavior

That’s why the call them “trade wars”; they affect all of us. Beyond the “bottom line” what are they drivers behind the who, why and how of US business beyond our borders. International trade experts from Europe and Latin America reveal some of the rationale behind the rules with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conservation - Leading Women It's No Act

The Founder of the largest national training program for women to run for elective office and another woman in business who has “been there; done that” share their perspective with Ralph Gregory.

Asian Influence: It Really Is A Small World After All

Even more than the Middle East, Asian affairs with threats of wars economic or even actual that would significantly affect us all. Two long time Asian experts provide some in depth viewpoints and illuminating context with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - CWA: One Reason Why You Live In Boulder

The annual Conference On World Affairs is a cornucopia of “out of the box” thinking…and you’re invited. The Director of CWA and a volunteer reveal to Ralph Gregory how this partnership of the Boulder Community and CU stages this intellectual feast, free to all, in one very intense week.

Cinematic Gold: Beyond the Lens.

The What, Why and Which of movies that resonate. A CU film historian takes a tour of “Tinsel Town” with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - The Interesting Times Of 2017

Boulder has had the distinction of “living in interesting times”; but that proverb was meant as a curse. So just how “interesting” were the times for Boulder County in 2017? The publishers of the four county-wide daily, bi-weekly and weekly newspapers offer their interesting assessments to Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conservation - Ascendant Women

More and more women are in senior positions in governments around the world; a trend steadily rising. Two accomplished women with international governmental experience share perspectives with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conservation - The Center Arises.

Non-voters and independents far outnumber Democrats and Republicans and the gridlock of political polarization is fertile ground for another path to elected office. A Congressional mediator and a representative for a 3rd “non-party” explain how this can happen to Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conservation - Lessons From the Military

The US has been at war for 16 years and a lot of returning vets go into law enforcement. They were trained as warriors but police are guardians; a very different orientation. A terrorism expert and a director of a think tank on culture policy discuss the implications with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conservation - Homeless To Taxpayer: It Happens

There is a path out of being homeless for those who want it…but what about the others? The Director of a job training program and a Boulder City Councilman reveal some interesting new information on this complex issue to Ralph Gregory.

The Population Bomb: Still Ticking...Louder?

A popular book in 2005 recounted past instances of social collapse from a population exceeding the carrying capacity of the environment. All the examples were contained locales like islands. But our world is just a bigger island. A population expert and oceanographer describe humanity’s race against time with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Traditional News Media: RIP?

Millennials are abandoning, revenues are shrinking, newspapers are closing and the institution itself is under attack. Obit time or...what? A veteran of the NY Times and the Daily Camera's publisher reveal the emerging model to Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversation - Are Humans "Lame Duck?"

Tech is moving at hyper-speed displacing many traditional jobs. Is yours next? Two Futurists ponder the inevitable (!) changes with Ralph Gregory.

The Homeless: What To Do?

Just who are the "homeless" and what is necessary to address this growing population? The Chief Medical Officer for NY and a local provider of services identify the pathway out of homelessness for Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Life Gets Better 160405

The kids are gone, you’re a lot smarter and you’ve got the time. A local expert in relationships and an author on how life improves with age explore the advantages of being older with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Work? Maybe Not.

Work?  Maybe not. Accelerating Change is what they call it – the ever increasing pace of change that is, and will, alter our personal economics.  A futurist and economist discuss just what this new world may look like with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations-There's A Nano Grid In Your Future!

Traditionally electric generation has been the sole province of large utilities but technology and economics are democratizing the energy business. You’ve heard of “crowd sourcing” so now get ready for “distributed energy”. Boulder’s Sustainability Manager and a local energy consultant tell Ralph Gregory how it’s being done right now.

Deliberate Conversations-Boulder’s New Political Player

For 57 years Plan Boulder County has been a dominant influence in Boulder politics. Now a new civic group, Open Boulder, aspires to represent what they say is an unrepresented plurality. Ralph Gregory converses with representatives of both groups on their different means to the same end.

Deliberate Conversations- How’s Your Health (Care), Boulder?

The dramatic increase in medical advancements, an aging population and a more demanding patient are presenting serious challenges to health care systems. The CEO of Boulder’s Community Hospital and a national health care consultant weigh in on a changing industry with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- The Asian Influence

The Asia/Pacific region is home to about ½ of the world’s population. What happens there affects what happens here. Two experts in South East Asian affairs provide a current assessment with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Climate Change: Where The Left & The Right Meet

So far it’s been characterized as another philosophical divide but maybe, just maybe, the climate change solution is where progressives and conservatives unite….and China will lead the way! Two former members of Congress, a Democratic US Senator and a Republican Congressman, challenge a skeptical Ralph Gregory about an emerging consensus.

What's Going On? (Politically)

The majority of voters don’t like either of the two presidential nominees – Republican or Democrat. What does that say about our culture? A political observer and a cultural observer both weigh in on what’s really going on with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- College Athletes: Paid To Play?

College athletics is big money so why not pay the players? The Athletic Directors from the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado reveal how this all came about and their strong opinions to Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Yes, In My Backyard!

Development has long been a “dirty word” in Boulder but now there is a growing appreciation for the advantages of density. Better Boulder has now hosted the first national conference on healthy development. A Seattle based urban planner and a local conference host define the plan for Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Political Correctness & Free Speech

PC has infiltrated our everyday life…not to mention its impact on public dialogue and even foreign policy. Two authors both with backgrounds in foreign policy sound the alarm of a good idea gone badly with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Media & Politics

We make political decisions based primarily upon what we see and hear from media…but “media” ain’t what it used to be! Denver’s top TV anchorman and another broadcasting pro weigh in on how new media is affecting politics…and how the politicians are using media with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Does Boulder Have a Problem with the Homeless?

Recently there has been public dialogue about the negative impacts of social misbehavior in Boulder’s public spaces. Is homelessness the problem and what’s the solution? Boulder County’s ex-sheriff and a board member for The Bridge House discuss this vexing issue with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- CWA: A Mental Mash-Up

For one week every April, CU & Boulder host 200 events, open to the public, of out-of-the-box thinking on steroids. The Community Chair and Director of The Conference On World Affairs reveal to Ralph Gregory just how this “cerebral free for all” happens.

Deliberate Conversations- The Last Days of TABOR?

You’ve seen the stories about the increasing cost of an education at CU. Not surprising since Colorado ranks 49th in funding for higher education because of TABOR; the most restrictive tax and spending limitations in the US. Our State Senator and a former Colorado Congressman reveal to Ralph Gregory why TABOR’s days may be numbered.

Deliberate Conversations- Renewable Energy: When Will This Train Arrive?

For all the noise about solar energy, it is still only 1% of our power production. Why and When? Well, there is a federal laboratory whose mission is to answer those questions and it happens to be right here in Boulder. Ralph Gregory gets to inquire with two folks who know from NREL.

Deliberate Conversations- Creek Runs Through It: Downtown’s Play Space

For over 30 years Boulder has been talking about upgrading the green heart of downtown – the Civic Area between Canyon & Arapahoe from 14th to 9th Street. Now it’s finally going to happen. The City’s Parks Manager and a long time urban landscape expert share some pretty pictures with Ralph Gregory. For more Deliberate Conversations visit-

Deliberate Conversations - Polarized Politics: Some Answers.

Voter turnout is low and trending lower; why is that? Congressman Jared Polis talks with Ralph Gregory about gerrymandering, what the US Supreme Court did about it and a few other problems with the political process today.

Deliberate Conversations- Boulder Keep Its Middle?

Market forces are driving up the cost of housing and there are less and less wage earners and families living in the City. Two former members of the City Council discuss ways to maintain a diverse population with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Radio to TV to Computers to Smartphones…What’s Next?

Electronic media became prevalent about 100 years ago with radio; 60 years ago with TV; 20 years ago with computers and less than 10 years ago with smartphones. Three generations of media veterans, including Ralph Gregory, look into the future.

Deliberate Conversations-: Boulder's Inevitable Future?

Boulder’s current hot topic revolves around housing density and cost. But the past is usually the best predictor of the future as was the case 4 1/2 years ago when Ralph Gregory discussed this same issue with a former Boulder City Attorney and a member of Plan Boulder County.

Deliberate Conversations- Can Boulder Learn From Aspen?

Escalating housing costs are and increasing threat to Boulder's "livability". Up to 50% of Aspen's housing remains affordable to middle income local employees. How does Aspen do it? Ralph Gregory asks a former Aspen planning director and a Boulder affordable housing consultant for some answers.

Deliberate Conversations- Fracking: Energy Boon or Environmental Disaster?

Weld County, our next door neighbor, is the epicenter of new oil and gas reserves accessed by hydraulic fracturing. It's controversial, so Ralph Gregory drills into the issue with Shane Davis of the Sierra Club and Tisha Schuller of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Deliberate Conversations- What!? No Revenge?

Restorative Justice cuts the rate of repeat criminal behavior from 70% to 10%. Wow! A prominent judge from Pennsylvania and Longmont’s Public Safety Director reveal to Ralph Gregory how it works.

Deliberate Conversations- Is Meditation Enough?

Does meditation lead to spirituality?...and is spirituality religion? A Catholic Church pastor who also happens to be married with 6 children and a local long time minister discuss the changing role of religion in secular life with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- How High is Too High?

A “looming” issue is the height and location of new buildings in Boulder. Two community activists, one a renter and the other a home owner, trade views with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Transpartisanship: An Answer to Political Gridlock?

With paralysis and polarization- is our system broken? Ralph Gregory discusses the problem and solutions with Congressman Jared Polis and Mark Gerzon from The Mediators Foundation.

Deliberate Conversations- The Meaning of Life

The great contemporary philosopher Joseph Campbell and Integral Theory both point to the “bigger picture” --which is? A Campbell expert and a leading Intregalist explore their commonalities with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- The Next 20 Years: To Grow Or Not To Grow?

What will Boulder look like in 2035? Plan Boulder County, an environmentally concerned group, and Boulder Tomorrow, with economic vitality as their mission, share their respective visions with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Recreational Marijuana: Is It Working?

There is no “operations manual” and the world is watching Colorado…so how’s it going? Boulder’s Colorado legislator, who makes the rules, and Boulder’s District Attorney, who has to enforce the rules, relate tales from the front lines of the new war on drugs with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Title IX: Yes, Sports Are Good For Women Too.

Forty plus years ago a law was enacted that mandated equal opportunity in schools – and woman’s sports has never been the same. A collegiate coach and a legend in woman’s sports talk with Ralph Gregory about how Title IX changed their lives.

Deliberate Conversations- A Tale of Two Cities (as electric utility)

Ralph Gregory interviews leaders from two communities that decided to become the electricity provider for their citizens; Bill Mattiace, Las Cruces, New Mexico and Randy Knight, Winter Park, Florida. One was successful.

Deliberate Conversations- Boomers in Boulder: The Times They Are A-Changin'

Everywhere they go, Baby Boomers have “disrupted” the norm...and now they are altering the narrative of aging. Boulder, it’s not your hippie haven anymore. For a peak into what’s coming, Ralph Gregory converses with an author on Boomers and a director from the City’s Human Services Department.

Deliberate Conversations- What Is News?

We pick up the paper or plop down in front of the tv or go online to find out about the world around us. But who decides what is "news"? And how is traditional media coping in the free digital age? The publisher of the Daily Camera and a FOX 31 news anchor go "behind the scene" with Ralph Gegory.

Deliberate Conversations- Colorado: The Pot Laboratory

Currently there is only one place in the Western world where marijuana is fully legal: Colorado- and the impacts on our kids, the economy, crime, and the social fabric are yet unknown but they ARE happening. Boulder’s mayor pro tem and a marijuana industry lobbyist exchange views with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Solo Nation: Adult Singles

Barely half of all adults in the US are married and we are within mere percentage points of being a majority single nation. Yep, it's the Boomers again. A dating coach and a psychologist explore the impacts with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Is Building in Boulder Over?

Long's Gardens is the largest piece of open land left within the City. It’s on the near north side and bounded by two transportation thoroughfares – perfectly situated for the “right kind of development” that is not car dependent. Is this a litmus test to build anything, anywhere in Boulder? A Boulder City Councilman and member of the Transportation Advisory Board share their various perspectives with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Democracy in Peril

Our "representative government" is no longer representative of the middle class. Really. In his new book Pulitzer Prize winner, Emmy Award recipient, and long time New York Times Bureau Chief Hedrick Smith charts the "how", "why", and "now what" in conversation with Ralph Gregory . . . and it's not pretty.

Deliberate Conversations - The Meaning of Life ?

The great contemporary philosopher Joseph Campbell and Integral Theory both point to the "bigger picture" --which is?? A Campbell expert and a leading Intregalist explore their commonalities with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Is Open Space Over?

Clay Evans, Boulder Camera Columnist and Bob Greenlee, Formet Boulder City Council Member

Deliberate Conversations - Colorado's Number One Flood Risk: BOULDER

Bob Haarberg, Project Management Coordinator, City of Boulder and Jim Lieberman, Environmental Information Services, Inc.

Deliberate Conversations - What's With All Those "N's"?

NOAA, NCAR, NIST and NREL are all one-of-a-kind Federal Facilities- and they are all in Boulder. Why? And what do they really do? Ralph Gregory asks scientists from NOAA and NCAR to provide a peek into these fascinating and important institutions.

Deliberate Conversations - CU Coaches: PAC-12 Pressure

CU upped the ante by moving to a bigger stage; the PAC-12. Basketball Coach Tad Boyle and Football Coach Mike MacIntyre discuss life in the "big leagues" with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations- Nothing to do in Boulder? Not likely. . .

Our town is unusually rich in extracurricular activities year round. The Executive Directors of CU Presents and The Dairy Center For The Arts enlighten Ralph Gregory about the myriad of fun things going on all around us, all the time.

Deliberate Conversations- Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Hedrick Smith: Pulitzer Prize winner (twice), Emmy Award winning producer and commentator, Washington Week in Review panelist, and New York Times bestselling author (among other things) talks with Ralph Gregory about how things were, are, and just might be.

Deliberate Conversations- The Integral Perspective: The Theory of Everything

In this digital age, we now have access to all knowledge allowing for a new perspective; Integral Theory. An author/philosopher and the founder of the Integral Center in Boulder share insights with Ralph Gregory about this new slant on evolution and culture.

Deliberate Conversations- Transpartisanship: An Answer to Political Gridlock?

With paralysis and polarization, is our system broken? Ralph Gregory discusses the problem and solutions with Congressman Jared Polis and Mark Gerzon from The Mediators Foundation.

Deliberate Conversations - What You May Not Know About Boulder's Mountain Towns!

Did Patty Hearst hide out in Ward? And what was Elton John doing outside Nederland? Historian and author Kay Turnbaugh recounts some of the more colorful characters and anecdotes about your neighbors just to the west in conversation with Ralph Gregory.

Deliberate Conversations - Is Boulder Going to the Dogs?

With about 26,000 dogs in the city, and on the trails, it's an issue. Ralph Gregory discusses canine impact on the environment, and people, with a Friend of Dogs and a concerned botanist.

Deliberate Conversations - Life Beyond the Republic

Despite what some may think, Boulder does not exist in a vacuum. Ralph Gregory explores the topics of Regionalism with a Longmont City Council Member and a Boulder County Commissioner.

Deliberate Conversations: Boulder- Transportation In a Finite Space

Letters to the editor recently have highlighted the tension between bikes and cars as Boulder becomes more populas. Is density the problem or the solution? Ralph Gegory consults with an urban designer and a long-time local politician to seek the common ground on Boulder's growth.

Deliberate Conversations - Is There Too Much "Higher" Education?

Boulder's bars and restaurants serving CU students pay for a lot of the things that make Boulder show up on those lists of best places to live. A Hill bar/restaurant owner and a doctor from CU's Health and Wellness program, meet with Ralph Gregory to discuss the downside of youthful drinking.

Deliberate Conversations - Chautauqua: Now What?

Recently, the Colorado Chautauqua Association wanted to add a modest building to its campus. Easier said than done. Ralph Gregory moderates a conversation with Boulder's Planning Director and the Executive Director of the Colorado Chautauqua Association that reveals some of Chautauqua's rich history, who owns it, as well as who's running it and why discussions about its future are so complex.

Deliberate Conversations - Downtown: A New Vision

To date, there has been no comprehensive vision for the downtown area south of Canyon. Ralph Gregory and the City of Boulder's Senior Urban Planner, Sam Assefa, explore some out-of-the-box ideas for the "Boulder Civic Area."

Deliberate Conversations - CAP It, or Wrap It?

Boulder's Climate Action Plan is funded by a tax that sunsets in March 2013. How's the plan doing and are voters going to fund the program again? A long time energy advisor and Boulder's "point woman" give Ralph Gregory a progress report.

Deliberate Conversations - Boulder Businesses: Where to Grow?

Boulder businesses are expanding, but is there enough Class A office space downtown? Ralph Gregory talks expansion challenges with a local gazelle company and one of Boulder's leading commercial landlords.

Deliberate Conversations - Boulder: From the Outside

Why do some people choose to visit Boulder over and over? Host, Ralph Gregory asks two longtime visitors and Conference on World Affairs participants what THEY think about our "Republic".

Deliberate Conversations- Fracking: Energy Boon or Environmental Disaster?

Weld County, our next door neighbor, is the epicenter of new oil and gas reserves accessed by hydraulic fracturing. It's controversial, so Ralph Gregory drills into the issue with Shane Davis of the Sierra Club and Tisha Schuller of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Deliberate Conversations - Boulder: Past, Present, Future

It wasn't so long ago when Boulder was conservative and Republican, with no boundaries on growth. What's happened since then? Ralph Gregory gets a history lesson and a glimpse into the future of Boulder from two longtime locals; Ed Byrne and Paul Danish.

Deliberate Conversations - Prairie Dogs: What's the Fuss?

The protection of prairie dogs is sometimes used as an example of Boulder's focus on the trivial. Really? Ralph Gregory burrows down into this quirky subject with the Director of the Prairie Dog Coalition of the Humane Society of the U.S. and a rancher with significant land in the County and beyond.

Deliberate Conversations: CU Athletics/Academics: Balanced?

There has always been a raging debate about athletics being over-represented at the college level. On this episode of Deliberate Conversations, Host, Ralph Gregory addresses the issue with the Chair of the CU Faculty Assembly and CU's Director of Athletics

Deliberate Conversations- GMOs: Yes or No?

On this episode of Deliberate Conversations: Boulder County Commissioners have to decide a thorny issue about your food. Ralph Gregory "referees" this lively discussion between a Colorado State University Professor and those opposed to GMOs. Visit Channel 8 at The City of Boulder website for more great videos.

Deliberate Conversations- FasTracs: Slow Tracks, No Tracks?

On this episode of Deliberate Conversations: Will Boulder ever see the rail system that they are being taxed for...and what about Boulder Junction? Ralph Gregory moderates a very deliberate conversation between two long-time Boulder leaders; Bob Greenlee and John Tayer. Visit Channel 8 at The City of Boulder website for more great videos.

Deliberate Conversations- Homeless: Build It and Will They Come?

On this episode of Deliberate Conversations: Is Boulder becoming a magnet for the homeless? Host, Ralph Gregory discusses this sensitive issue with Joy Eckstine of Carriage House and John Moore, President of a North Boulder homeowners association. Visit Channel 8 at The City of Boulder website for more great videos.

Deliberate Conversations- Gross Reservoir: Whose Water is it Anyway?

On this episode of Deliberate Conversations: If Denver Water gets its way, Gross Reservoir will be nearly tripled in size. Ralph Gregory moderates a discussion with the opposition and proponents of this significant alteration of a resource. Visit Channel 8 at The City of Boulder website for more great videos.