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Development-Related Impact Fees and Excise Taxes


The city is currently updating the development-related fee studies to inform changes to the city’s development-related fees and taxes, and has retained two consultants, TischlerBise and Keyser Marston Associates, to prepare the studies. The update is focused on examining four different areas.

  1. An update of the 2009 Development Impact Fee Study pdf. This update will include all components of the Capital Facility Impact Fee (fire, human services, library, municipal services, parks and recreation, and police) and an update to the park land component of the 2009 Development Excise Tax Study pdf.
  2. A study of both the capital and operating impacts that new development causes to multimodal transportation facilities and services. The purpose of the study is to:
  • Develop a recommended multimodal transportation impact fee and/or excise tax;
  • Create other mechanisms to provide the capital improvements;
  • Explore the possibility of providing initial funding for ongoing operations and maintenance;
  • Expand beyond impact fees into operational funding tools, including consideration of the capital facility needs created by new development; and
  • Identify revenue sources for both capital facility deficiencies and associated revenues to sustainably fund programs, operations, and maintenance.
  1. Affordable housing linkage fee on new non-residential development. The city recently adopted an affordable housing linkage fee that was recommended by the 2009 impact fee and excise tax studies. This component will include preparation of a new and expanded nexus study for an affordable housing linkage fee on new non-residential development that would mitigate the additional need for affordable and workforce housing created by the development.
  2. Preparation of a study to create a public art program for new development. The City Council will soon be considering a recommendation in the Community Cultural Plan to establish a public art program, which will require a sustainable and sufficient source of funding to implement. The purpose of this study would be to identify best practices from across the country, including both regulatory and fee-based approaches, and recommend options for the city to develop a program.

Status and Potential Next Steps

The project is underway, and includes the three phases summarized below. Community outreach will include a stakeholder group, public meetings and open houses, and board/council meetings. 

  1. Background research and analysis (August to November 2015). This phase is focused on gathering background information, analysis of current capital needs and plans, housing data collection, and art program research. 
  2. Technical analysis and allocation scenarios (November 2015 to March 2016). This phase is focused on the technical analysis of the various fees, taxes, and programs, and will engage the community and stakeholder group in shaping scenarios for consideration within the legal framework of impact fees and excise taxes.
  3. Recommendations and decision-making (March to May 2016). This phase is focused on developing final recommendations based on the consultant work, community and stakeholder group feedback, and City Council direction. 

Council Action

First Quarter 2016 – Study Session on options and potential policy issues

Second Quarter 2016 – Public hearing for action

Staff Contact

Senior Planner Chris Meschuk at 303-441-4293.





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