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Dogs and Animals in Boulder

Urban Wildlife
As human population grows, people and wildlife often find themselves living in the same area. When wildlife habitat, food, and water resources disappear, animals often look for food and nest sites in homes and garages. Learn how to reduce wildlife-related problems in and around your home and how to keep Colorado's wildlife populations healthy.

Sick or Injured Animals
Please contact the City of Boulder Animal Control Office at 303-441-1874 regarding sick or injured animals.

Cats are considered free roaming animals and the leash and licensing laws do not apply to them. Cats must be vaccinated against rabies beginning at three months of age. Cats must also be restrained from creating a nuisance by leaving feces or damaging the property of another.

If a cat is causing a nuisance by defecating or destroying property, a property owner has the legal right to remove the cat from their property and bring it to the local animal shelter. The guardian may also be charged with owning a nuisance cat. Impound and board fees apply to impounded cats.

Cats should be vaccinated for rabies annually and wear an I.D. tag. City of Boulder Animal Control will impound cats that have bitten a person or are sick or injured.

City of Boulder is the home of many wildlife species (bats, skunks, and raccoons) known to transmit this incurable disease to pets and people. There is a record number of rabies cases that have been found in Colorado wildlife this year. Not only is it required by law that all dogs be vaccinated after reaching 4 months of age, but it is extremely important to the health of you, your pet, and your community. Keep the rabies certificate as proof of current vaccination for licensing and proof of ownership.

The City of Boulder offers dog guardians and their dogs many opportunities to enjoy the nature that's right in our backyards.

Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) lands have 144 miles of trails, 90 percent of which are open to dogs. The Parks and Recreation Department manages 4 dog parks and over 50 city parks.

It is your responsibility as a dog guardian to read and understand the regulations so that everyone can enjoy their visit on city-owned property. Visit Dogs on OSMP for more information.