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Downtown Boulder Employer 2015 EcoPass Renewal

Dear Downtown Boulder Employer,

As a business within the CAGID and/or Business Improvement District, your full-time employees (25 or more hours per week plus receive all other full-time benefits) are eligible for the City of Boulder Parking Services FREE downtown employee EcoPass program. It is our sincere desire to offer uninterrupted regional bus service to your eligible employees via the EcoPasses program.  However, during the past two years, many employers have failed to notify the city when an employee holding and EcoPass is separated or terminated.

To stay in compliance with RTD’s contractual eligibility requirements and authorize the renewal of EcoPass Smart Cards in 2015, please reply by email with a current authorized signer(s) and employee roster of all full-time employees working in your downtown Boulder location. To make this process easier, please enter your employee infromation in this downloadable Microsoft Excel Document xlsx for which you can easily fill out this required information and submit it to us.

Here is a list of steps required:

1.  Complete document xlsx with all information categories completed
•    Note: We do not need your full-time employees contact info, just full name.
2.   Save the document as the name of your Business
3.   Email this completed document to [email protected], and CC it to [email protected]
•    Title email with the name of your business

Please complete these steps and provide us with this information by January 15, 2015. Failure to provide us this current full-time employee roster and current authorized signer information by January 15, 2015 may result in a financial liability and/or a loss of all EcoPass privileges to the employer. 

Thank you,

Lane T. Landrith
Business Coordinator
[email protected]


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