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Downtown Tree Pruning and Removal Scheduled to Start August 9

Pearl Street

All other trees on the mall will be pruned for deadwood only.

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department's Urban Forestry Division has scheduled necessary tree pruning and removal in the downtown area. This procedure is part of sustainable city practices that facilitate the maintenance of a healthy and diverse urban canopy.

From August 9 through the end of August, Blue River Forestry and Tree Care, a city contractor, will be on site to prune or remove trees on all four blocks of Pearl Street Mall. All tree maintenance procedures are scheduled for 6 to 11 a.m. and will be completed by the end of August. No street closures will occur as work zones are small and will be coned and taped off for public safety.

A total of five trees will be removed during this process. These trees have declined severely in health due to growing in a restricted root zone. Additionally, the ash trees possess a heavy population of Lilac Ash Borer and Ash Bark Beetle. Forestry staff has determined that these trees have declined in health and pose a public safety hazard due to larger deadwood:

  • Two Ash trees will be removed on the 1100 block of the mall.
  • Two Honeylocust will be removed on the 1200 block of the mall.
  • One Ash will be removed on the 1400 block of the mall.
  • All trees will be replaced in the spring of 2018.

All other trees on the mall will be pruned for deadwood only.

City park and neighborhood street trees are inspected annually for structural integrity and safety by the Urban Forestry Division using industry-set standards and techniques. For more information about city’s Forestry Department, please visit or contact the Urban Forestry office at 303-441-4406.

 August 2, 2017

Media Contacts:
Denise White, Parks and Recreation, 303-413-7258
Sarah Huntley, Media Relations, 303-441-3155

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