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Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) helps to make Boulder's transportation system more efficient by influencing how, when, and how often people travel, the routes they take, and the cost of the trip.

TDM Guiding Policies

The goal of GO Boulder's TDM program, as outlined in city's Transportation Master Plan (TMP), is to maintain zero growth in vehicle miles traveled and, by 2025, to reduce single-occupant vehicle travel to 25 percent of all trips.

GO Boulder staff works with developers, local employers, employees, and residents to promote and create changes in travel behavior that will enable our community to meet these objectives:

  • Community TDM Resources
  • Transportation Use Measurements

TDM for Employers

An easily accessible business is a more successful business. That's why employers throughout Boulder offer low-cost transportation options for employees.

The Bicycle Commuter Act
Employers can offer up to $20 per month to employees who regularly commute to work by bicycle (and who do not receive any transit or parking benefits) to offset the cost of bicycle repairs, purchases or storage.

Qualified Transit/Vanpool Tax Benefit
Employers can also offer up to $230 per month for employees who commute by transit, including vanpools. Employees can deduct up to $230 per month from their pre-tax income to pay for their transit commutes or eligible commuter parking expenses.

Business Eco Pass
The Eco Pass program gives your employees unlimited rides on most RTD services, including buses in Boulder's Community Transit Network. The pass also includes the Guaranteed Ride Home program, making it even easier for your employees to choose public transportation.

Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Network
ETCs are company representatives who help encourage their coworkers to explore transportation options. For more information, visit the ETC Network page.

TDM for Developers

We are working on a new Transportation Options Toolkit to help you develop, implement and track effective transportation options at your worksite. For more information about transportation options, please contact Chris Hagelin.

Here are some sample plans to help you get started (download in the "TDM for Developers" related links section):

  • Sample 1 - Mixed-use development: office, restaurant and residential.
  • Sample 2 - Residential development: senior housing.
  • Sample 3 - Residential development: affordable residential units with a community center.

If your site is in the Boulder Junction area, visit for more information.

Climate Action Plan (CAP)

GO Boulder's TDM program also contributes to meeting the goals of the city's Climate Action Plan by reducing the total vehicle miles traveled in Boulder, as well as the associated greenhouse emissions.

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