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HOA Information

HOA Information

Inside an HOA 

Each year, City of Boulder Neighborhood Services hosts Homeowner Association (HOA) informational sessions, a series of classes hosted in direct response to resident requests for additional information related to HOA management, legal updates and networking opportunities. 

Inside an HOA is for residents who serve as HOA board members and others who have a desire to better understand the laws and requirements related to HOA management and good governance, as well as to provide networking and interaction for HOA board members across the city.  

Resources and information 

Presentation from Shanneyvie Johnson, State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies: HOA: The Basics. pdf

Presentation from Jim Talaga, president of Association Reserves: How to Read a Reserve Study.

Presentations from Melissa Garcia, HindmanSanchez Law Firm: Fiduciary Obligations; pdf Understanding the Basics of HOA Documents. pdf

All resources provided to HOAs by the State of Colorado can be found here.

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