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July 28, 2016 - TACTILE TORUS Sculpture by Mario Martinez (MARS-1) on Exhibit in Boulder’s Civic Area Through October

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Media Contacts
Mandy Vink, Office of Arts and Culture, 303-441-4342
Jennifer Bray, Library and Arts, 303-441-4160
Denise White, Parks & Recreation, 303-413-7258
Sarah Huntley, Media Relations, 303-441-3155

TACTILE TORUS sculpture by Mario Martinez (MARS-1) on exhibit in Boulder’s Civic Area through October

The City of Boulder is excited to partner with And Art Space and Alexander Chambers Gallery to host TACTILE TORUS, one of three sculptures included in Mario Martinez’s Mars Molecule Project. The artwork, which is part of a private collection, was coordinated as a temporary loan through the City of Boulder’s Office of Arts and Culture and Parks and Recreation Department. It was installed on July 8 and remains on view through October 2016. 

Martinez, who was born in Boulder in 1977, made the sculpture in Berkeley, California at the Artworks Foundry, and utilized a mixture of modern and ancient techniques in order to create TACTILE TORUS, a 9-foot, 1,500-pound, bronze sculpture that takes on the shape of a torus energy field. The sculpture took nearly four months to build and was first designed using 3D printing technology. Martinez then rendered the final version using the ancient “lost wax” technique, which pre-dates the Bronze Age (3,700 B.C.E.).

TACTILE TORUS has a very detailed design inspired by sacred geometry and the ancient language of hieroglyphics. The patterns are meant to invite the viewer to look inside the hollow structure and connect with ancient worlds while taking time for self-reflection.

Exhibitions of Martinez’s work have been hosted at venues in San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Toronto, Lisbon, Italy and Brazil. Alexander Chambers Gallery seeks to change the perception of what a gallery can be, abandoning the white-cube tradition for a cutting-edge and inviting space filled with contemporary artists previously unseen in a fine art setting. And Art Space is an arts organization focused on mural projects and interventions in Boulder. The word "and" is used to indicate connection. And Art Space aims to connect communities through murals, art installations and unique art events. Intentionally placing art in diverse environments- streets, businesses, schools, parks, meeting places- creates inspiration, community and conversations.

The Boulder Office of Arts and Culture is charged with directing and promoting the course of the arts in the city. 

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