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Local Power: The Latest

There’s a lot happening this winter. First up? Kicking off the acquisition process.

The city is working towards a community decision on Local Power, currently scheduled for 2020. The Local Power project is active on several fronts:

Communication and Engagement

In October, the city released a new communication and engagement guide that describes the city’s commitment to transparent, timely communication that will help Boulder voters stay tuned into the project and make an informed decision in 2020.


In October, the city and Xcel Energy provided some important legal filings to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, bringing both parties closer to the end of the city’s transfer of assets application proceeding. The city anticipates that the PUC will rule on the filings, which included agreements approved by city council, before the end of the year.

Determining Costs

Before the city and the community decide whether to move forward with Local Power and separate from Xcel Energy’s electric service, the city is focusing on getting an accurate picture of how much it will cost to develop a local electric utility. These costs include start-up costs, construction costs and the price to buy existing electric infrastructure from Xcel Energy.

The process to determine the cost of the assets is called acquisition. This process is starting this winter. Find out more in this infographic.