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The City of Boulder has an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) shared by all city departments. The centralized data repository allows each department to maintain mapping information particular to their business and share that information with all other departments and the community.

Interactive GIS Map Descriptions


Centralized portal to GIS and map information for the city. Displays comprehensive parcel information from Boulder County and the city's Property Information Report.

This map provides access to:

  • zoning;
  • land use;
  • flood;
  • annexation;
  • wetlands;
  • ownership parcel; and
  • other information.

Learn how to use the eMapLink by selecting the "eMaps Tutorial" link.

Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) Future Land Use and Area I, II, III

The Area I, II, III map defines the city's service area, sets the city's urban growth boundary and ensures a logical extension of urban services.

Defines the desired future land use pattern for the Boulder Valley, including:

  • location;
  • type; and
  • intensity of development.

Columbia Cemetery

Historic Columbia Cemetery interactive map and burial index.


Information for numerous flood-related themes, including:

  • effective flood zones and cross sections;
  • proposed and revised flood zones;
  • FEMA Letters of Map Change (LOMC); and
  • flood elevation certificate documents.

Land Surveying Maps

Survey Control - This map includes:

  • City of Boulder Benchmarks;
  • Intersection Pins;
  • State Monuments Records; and
  • County Survey Plats.

Licensed Residential Rental Properties Maps

Includes the ability to search for rental properties that have a current rental property license.

mBoulder (Mobile Maps)

Smartphone, tablet and desktop map information in various themes, including:

  • parcels;
  • planning and development.
  • public safety;
  • recreation; and
  • trails.


The neighborhood maps include:

  • city parks;
  • fire response area;
  • Eco Pass Neighborhoods;
  • Business Districts;
  • Neighborhood Associations;
  • County Assessor Neighborhoods; and
  • subcommunities.

Open Space and Mountain Parks

Information on any trail or trailhead in the OSMP system, including the following information:

  • dogs;
  • hiking;
  • biking;
  • natural resources;
  • climbing; and
  • corresponding regulations.

Property Search for Summary of Code Enforcement Activity

This report shows summonses and code enforcement activity by the city occurring within the past 24 months. Search for summonses and enforcement information by entering an address.


This map contains both existing and proposed transportation information, including:

  • bicycle;
  • pedestrian;
  • street; and
  • transit.

Water and Stormwater Area Map

Information about the water and stormwater mapping used to determine a customer's water budget or stormwater fee.

Wetlands Maps

Displays the location of wetlands and associated regulatory wetland areas, including:

  • streams and water bodies; and
  • regulated wetlands and wetland buffers.


The zoning map includes:

  • Residential;
  • Business;
  • Industrial;
  • Public;
  • Agricultural;
  • Mix of residential and business;
  • Residential mobile homes;
  • Main Street area; and
  • Mixed-density residential.


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