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Minor in Possession

What to Expect in Court

What is the likely outcome of my case?

The outcome of your MIP case will depend on whether you have had a previous criminal violation. For specific information about plea offers for first, second, and third time offenders refer to the MIP-More Information page under Related Links, in the upper right hand corner.

How much money should I expect to pay?

The amount of money you will be required to pay at court will depend on your individual circumstances, including whether you have a prior criminal violation. The list below indicates the typical court fines and fees for common MIP situations.


  • First offense - $100
  • Second offense - $190
  • Third or subsequent offense - Varies

For defendants facing their first or second offense, the associated fees are due on your court date. If you do not have payment on the day of court, you will have to come back for another court date. These costs do not include the cost of whatever alcohol/drug treatment program is ordered.

Sealing Your MIP Record

Once your case is dismissed, you can petition for the court to have your record sealed. If you pled guilty, after one year from the date of your guilty plea, you can petition the court to have your record sealed if you have no new charges. Learn more about Sealing Minor in Possession (MIP) Records .

Minor in Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana-related cases that result in a conviction may affect your eligibility for Federal Student Financial Aid. To find out more, consult an attorney and/or read the following links: Penalties for Drug Law Violations and Student Aid Eligibility.  

Not Guilty Pleas

What if I am not guilty of the MIP charge?

If you believe you are not guilty of the MIP charge, you must still come to court on your scheduled court date. At that time, you will have two options.

  • Option one: Get a new court date to meet with a prosecutor to explain why you believe you are not guilty of the charge. After that meeting, you can set your case for trial, if necessary.
  • Option two: Plead not guilty and set your case for trial without first meeting with a prosecutor. You are entitled to have either a judge or a jury decide your case.


What if I want to consult an attorney?

You are always entitled to consult with and/or hire an attorney. If you are a CU student, you may wish to consult with an attorney at Student Legal Services, which offers reduced rates. The court will not appoint a free attorney to represent you.

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