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Valmont City Park

Valmont City Park



  • Bike Park
  • Dog Park
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Paved and Unpaved Multi-Use Path
  • Rectangular Field
  • Sheltered and Unsheltered Picnic Tables
  • Benches
  • Water Access
  • Public Restrooms
  • Bike Racks
  • RTD Access
  • Parking Lot

Upcoming Public Meeting


Valmont City Park Public Meeting


Please join city staff and the project consultants, MIG, on May 1, 2014 to learn about the project and help update the 2008 concept plan.

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Valmont City Park Concept Plan Update

You are invited to help the city envision the undeveloped portion of Valmont City Park!

After 18 months updating the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the city has embarked on its next major parks planning effort: updating the Valmont City Park Concept Plan. The city wants your comments and suggestions as we plan the next phase of the park’s development. 

The Parks and Recreation Department has hired a highly qualified, local planning team that has completed projects similar in scope and scale to South Valmont Park.MIG, Inc. (located in North Boulder) will lead the park planning and design process, assist with public facilitation, provide cost estimating and phasing, and assist in identifying opportunities for funding and operational partnerships. Drexel-Barrell & Co. will provide civil engineering and infrastructure design and cost analysis. Fox Tuttle Transportation Group will focus on roadways, multimodal options, and parking needs assessment and design. The Brendle Group will assist with creating a sustainable park and green infrastructure.

Why is the City updating the 2008 Valmont City Park Concept Plan now?

In 2008, the City adopted the first concept plan for the park. The 2008 Concept Plan had three development phases (see the 2008 Valmont City Park Concept Plan on the right side of the page). The third and final phase included a series of planned improvements south side of Valmont Road:

  • an amphitheater
  • an 18-hole disc golf course
  • picnic areas
  • an adventure playground
  • 2 outdoor lighted courts
  • a splash plaza
  • several trails and multiuse paths
  • a new pedestrian underpass connecting the north side of Valmont Road to the south
  • generous landscaping
  • various multiuse fields
  • a new roadway that connected Valmont Road to Pearl Street
  • opportunities for public/private commercial ventures
  • other indoor recreation and building sites

Since the completion of the 2008 plan:

  • The City has constructed the Bike Park, the Dog Park, a playground, restrooms, and other amenities on north side of Valmont Road and the Disc Golf Course, trails and an open turf field south of Valmont Road.
  • The City of Boulder Park and Recreation Master Plan was adopted in February 2014, it suggests that the site on the south side of Valmont Road should have a mix of multi-use facilities.
  • The City commissioned a Community Survey to gauge residents’ preference for South Valmont Park uses.
  • The City commissioned an Athletic Fields Study, which will run concurrent with this update, and identify demand for athletic fields throughout the City and at Valmont City Park.

In response to these new circumstances, we feel it is important to reassess the vision for the park.

Why should we care?

Parks have enormous potential and can be designed for many different purposes. Those who express their needs and wants during the public engagement process play an important role in the park’s final design. As you think about how you can be involved, consider the many different needs parks can fulfill – parks can: 

  • Encourage health, fitness, and therapeutic relief
  • Establish an identity for the city or local neighborhoods
  • Increase economic vitality by encouraging tourism, spin-off development, and redevelopment, or by increasing property values
  • Increase community access and connectivity by providing paths through the park
  • Encourage people to establish connections to nature by helping them develop environmental values and stewardship through nature interpretation, environmental education, outdoor learning, and development of outdoor skills
  • Create social gathering space for community collaboration
  • Provide options for sports, recreation, and play
  • Enhance or maintain ecological services such as stormwater management or habitat preservation
  • Increase sustainability through the use of renewable energy, green building design, recycling, energy conservation, etc.
  • Create options for urban agriculture and horticulture and locally grown food
  • Provide a venue for cultural expression, such as connections to history and local geography
  • Increase social services and safety by reducing crime, helping prevent juvenile delinquency, and providing senior services
  • And much more

Aren’t portions of the Park south of Valmont Road already developed?

While some of the land south of Valmont Road is currently developed, such as the disc golf course, the 2008 Phasing Plan suggested that some of the developed area could be reconfigured in the second or third phase. Valmont City Park is located just east of Foothills on Valmont Road (see the 2014 Valmont City Park Planning Area on the right side of the page). The planning area for this update includes all city-owned parcels south of Valmont Road (East of Kings Ridge Boulevard and North of Pearl Parkway).

Who is involved in the Planning Process?

  • All city residents, recreation clubs, environmental groups, businesses, foundations, schools, etc. are invited to participate in the planning process. We want the process to be as inclusive as possible, so please tell everyone you know to visit this website and get involved!

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and City Staff will be intimately involved throughout the planning process. They will evaluate the findings of the public involvement process, identify important planning considerations, and help formulate modifications to the concepts, to ensure that they are consistent with the City’s goals. 

How long is the planning process and how can you be involved?

The planning process was initiated in December 2013 and is scheduled to conclude at the end of September 2014. The City and contracted planning consultants have been/will be collecting and reviewing existing information, identifying opportunities and constraints, and talking with various stakeholder groups. At the end of April, the City will hold its first public meeting to share the findings of these first steps in the planning process. Attendees will be encouraged to provide feedback on the 2008 Concept Plan and to provide input on future park amenities. Based on the preferences identified in the Community Survey and the first public meeting, as well as the preliminary results of the Athletic Field Study, the City will generate a series of concept alternatives in late April and early May. At the second public meeting (tentatively scheduled in late May) attendees will review and provide feedback on the alterative concepts. The Final Plan is scheduled for completion at the end of the summer (see the 2014 Valmont City Park Timeline on the right side of the page)

Please stay tuned to this website for project updates, public meeting dates and times, and emerging concepts. If you would like to send a comment or join our email list to receive periodic reminders about upcoming meetings and when this site is updated—please email Doug Godfrey, Parks Planner at 

This is your opportunity to define which elements are important to you so they can be incorporated as part of Valmont City Park’s future.

Valmont Storage Barn Partial Demolition for Future Use

The Phase 1 Development of Valmont City Park continues with the partial demolition of the existing metal storage building located just north of Valmont Road near the Valmont Dog Park. The partial demolition mitigated safety and code compliance issues related to the deteriorated condition of the aging structure.

The Valmont Storage Barn has remained empty and unusable for well over 15 years and was identified for removal in the 2008 Concept Plan for Valmont City Park. Recognizing that the structure could be adapted for reuse, staff completed a feasibility study in 2012 to review several alternatives for the structure that would allow opportunities for future parks and recreation uses. The study concluded that all of the alternatives would require partial demolition including removal of the metal roofing and siding as well as the CMU walls.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has recommended the partial demolition as indicated in the feasibility analysis and staff will engage the community in a planning process this fall to determine the future use of the structure / space as part of the update to the Valmont City Park Concept Plan.

The partial demolition of the old Storage Barn at Valmont City Park has been completed and is now the Valmont Pavilion.  The open structure which has been painted black and green will be open to the public and is adjacent to the Valmont Dog Park. All the metal from the building has been recycled. The cinderblock walls have been crushed so they can be reused as base material for other construction projects.

Nature Play Opportunities

Children are able, while using the bike or multi-use trails, to observe native wildlife alongside the paths. There is also a small pond in Valmont Bike Park where children can enjoy
observing and interacting with nature as well.

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