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What We Do

The Division of Housing's mission is to preserve and provide safe, quality and affordable housing opportunities through regional collaborative community planning and funding of programs.

Current housing prices within the City of Boulder are out of reach for many, including critical community employees such as teachers, health care workers, service and retail workers, child care providers and others.  Long-term Boulder residents find it hard to stay in their hometown, and other professionals struggle to live in the community where they work.

High housing prices leave people with little choice but to find affordable housing elsewhere and join the tens of thousands of commuters contributing to traffic congestion, pollution, and urban sprawl.   High housing costs place the economic diversity of the community at risk and can also influence the demographics of the community, with many low- and middle-income families seeking more affordable housing options outside of the city limits.

Many households are "cost burdened" - paying more than the national standard of 30 percent or less of income for housing.  A disproportionate amount of income used for housing reduces income available to take care of other needs - e.g., food, clothing, child care, health care - and can create additional demand for human services to assist with those basic needs.  Research has shown that stable, affordable housing is pivotal to enabling families to attend to other needs, be self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

Boulder's Affordable Housing Goal

Boulder's current affordable housing goal - 10 percent of the housing stock as affordable by the year 2011 - was established in 2000 by City Council as a result of substantial study and community discussion on the need for affordable housing.

Strategies to Meet Boulder's Affordable Housing Goal

A number of different strategies are being pursued to reach the affordable housing goal including:

  • Affordable housing requirements for new residential development
  • Funding for non-profit and for-profit housing developers who preserve and develop affordable housing
  • Working with partners in the community, both non-profit and for-profit, to address the housing goal and address other housing needs in the community
  • Deed restrictions on affordable homes to insure continued affordability to future community residents
  • Certain fee waivers and subsidies, and regulatory land use incentives

It is the Division of Housing's goal that these efforts will contribute to long-lasting social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits that will help preserve the unique and high quality of life for which Boulder is known.

Affordable Housing Types

Affordable housing includes a mix of shelter, group homes, congregate care, rental and homeownership options, and is acquired through both the acquisition of existing units and new construction.  A variety of income levels and populations are served, from those struggling with homelessness, to special populations, seniors, and workers in the community.

Housing Division Programs:  Key Objectives

Homeownership Programs
Assists income and asset eligible households to purchase permanently affordable homes through marketing, education and outreach, income certification, down payment assistance and housing rehabilitation funds.

Grant Compliance and Asset Management
Ensures that affordable homes are serving the intended population and are in compliance with program and funding requirements through tracking (maintaining records, database, recording and tracking of legal documents) and assuring compliance with federal and local regulations.

Housing Funding
Distributes local, federal and state funding (approximately $2-$3 million annually) to non-profit agencies and for-profit developers to promote  the development of affordable housing (rental and homeownership).

Inclusionary Housing
Works closely with Planning and other City departments on new initiatives and land use issues to promote affordable housing.

Provides technical assistance to developers and enforces the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance that requires that new residential development contributes 20 percent toward affordable housing 

Affordable Housing Policy
Communicating and implementing the policies determined by various strategies and reports.

Affordable Housing in Boulder

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