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Parkmobile Pay by Phone Faq's

Parkmobile Pay by Phone Faq's

What are the advantages of paying by phone?

  • No coins/cash needed and it saves you a trip to your car to display a receipt.
  • Less chance of parking citations. Parkmobile can send reminders by text message to your cellular phone – just check the box in your profile to receive reminder messages.
  • Pay for parking via a smart phone application
  • All you need is: cell phone, credit card or PayPal account, and your car's license plate number to register. The smartphone application can save vehicle information, credit card or PayPal account numbers, and various parking zone locations.

How does Parkmobile’s pay by phone parking work?

  1. Drivers register online/via a smart phone application. Download the app here or call the toll-free number on the sign located near the pay station.
  2. When you park in your space, use the Parkmobile smartphone application or call the toll-free number indicated on the lot sign. Key in your zone number, located on the sign near the pay station. This number is different for every parking zone and can be saved via the smartphone app. Select the amount of time you wish to park.
  3. If time-limits apply in the space where you parked, Parkmobile will send a text 15 minutes prior to the expiration of your paid parking. You may select to add more time or return to your car on time.

How do I pay for parking?

When you register, you sign up to pay by credit card or PayPal using our secure site. Payments are usually posted the same day, so you can login to your Parkmobile account and see your parking transactions on your Parkmobile page.

Which number should I dial to start or stop my parking transaction?

It depends on where you are parking. A toll-free number is posted at every site, or download the app and it will save you time.

How long can I park in my Parkmobile zone?

It depends on the parking restrictions in the area in which you've parked. Your parking transaction will continue until you deactivate it or until the maximum time runs out.

What happens if I don’t agree with the amount that I’ve been charged, what can I do?

Contact Parkmobile right away. Give them the details and they’ll help you sort it out.

How does the parking officer know I've paid by phone?

When you use the mobile app or call to start the parking session, you key in a zone number. Parkmobile’s system recognizes your cell phone number, connects it to your license plate number and activates your parking in that zone. The parking officer verifies your parking session by matching the license plate to the zone number.

What happens if I get a parking violation?

Parkmobile cannot stop parkers from parking in the wrong place or taking up two spaces or any other violations that may apply. Avoid tickets and towing by activating your parking session, and don’t overstay the posted time limit. Please read the posted signage in each area to be certain the Parkmobile is in effect at the time you are parking.

I need to display a paper receipt on my dashboard or I will be fined! What do I do?

Using pay by phone means you don't need to walk back to your car to leave a receipt on your dash. As long as you use the pay by phone system correctly, you should not be fined. See the question above regarding parking officers.

How secure is the system?

The Parkmobile system is PCI DSS level 1 compliant and your Parkmobile personal page is SSl 256 encrypted.

How much does it cost to pay for parking by phone?

Normal hourly parking charges apply plus a $.35 convenience charge per every transaction you make.

How much does it cost to receive a reminder text?

No additional charge for the service. (Check your cell phone plan. Some cell phone providers may charge you to receive text messages.)

Do I get a receipt?

You can go online to your Parkmobile personal page anytime to make changes to your account, review parking charges, print parking transactions or export data to another format.

Where can I park and use pay by phone?

Look for the green Parkmobile signs!