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Civic Area Parking

Civic Area Parking

Planned Configurations

Timetables are approximate, as the construction schedule will be weather dependent.  

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Latest Civic Area parking configuration temporarily closes parking row in Library lot

The Civic Area Park is has reopened most of the new pathways allowing for easier pedestrian access. The latest configuration does close a row of parking spots in the main Library parking lot off Arapahoe Avenue from Wednesday, Sept. 19 to Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017. The closure of the approximately 18 parking spots along the new 11th Street pedestrian walkway in the main library lot will allow crews to finish edging walkway work and install new curbs along the far east end of the Library lot. All temporary closures will be reopened by Monday, Oct. 9, 2018

See the latest Civic configuration map for Sept. 19 to Oct. 8 pdf, or click on the map in this section for a full-size version.

As a friendly reminder, this area is still a construction area. Bicyclists are asked to slow down when using the multiuse pathways in this area, and walkers/runners should continue to be extra vigilant through some of the confined spaces. As always, we appreciate your attention and cooperation throughout this new Civic Area Park effort.


Timetables are approximate, as construction schedule will be weather dependent.  All construction activity has been carefully planned to minimize access impacts. Though there will be temporary inconveniences, all areas and buildings will still have access by pathways and allow for bicycle flow. Please adhere to detours which will be well-marked during construction phases.  Thank you for your patience during this construction time. The final outcome will lead to a more dynamic, attractive and accessible Civic Area for the future!


Please be aware of the following efforts that are in place to help reduce congestion in the Civic Area.

  • The majority of the first phase of construction will occur during the winter months, which are typically the least busy times of the year for the park, with lower parking demand.
  • The Main Library, New Britain Building and Park Central parking lots, all south of Boulder Creek, will remain open for parking throughout construction.
  • Pedestrian bridge access over Boulder Creek will be maintained throughout much of construction, with some temporary closures to facilitate utility and stream bank work at the west bridge and installation of the new 11th Street bridge to the east.  Detours of the multi-use path will be well marked and communicated.
  • Additional accessible parking stalls have been installed along 11th Street, north of Canyon and adjacent to the mid-block crossing to the Municipal Building, to replace those impacted in the Municipal Building parking lot.
  • Staff will be stationed in the parking lots during the initial work days of construction to assist community members with finding parking, information and other customer needs.
  • The city is implementing additional and temporary incentives and measures to encourage city employees to utilize alternate transit and park in satellite locations to help ease the demand for parking in this central area. 

More details about the ways the city is working to mitigate parking challenges is available on the Civic Area Parking Alternatives webpage.

The Civic Area parking plan has evolved over the course of the past two-years with several parking studies and changes to best accommodate competing needs. To see a complete history of the changes, please see the Civic Area Parking Newsroom.

General information on the entire project can be found at the main Civic Area Project webpage.