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Tokens and Chaser Tickets

Merchant Tokens and Chaser Tickets (formerly Validation Stamps) 

These products authorize discount pricing to merchants and business owners thereby allowing them the option to provide convenient free parking for their customers at a reduced cost.

Tokens may be used in all Downtown and University Hill meters. Chaser Tickets are accepted at the five City of Boulder garages. To participate in the Chaser Ticket program, businesses must be located within the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID). For additional information on either of these products, please contact Parking & Access at 303-413-7300.

Chaser Tickets

Chaser Tickets work in conjunction with our new gate system and offer merchants and businesses 4 discounted choices for their customers. When you patronize a business, check with the staff to see if they offer Chaser Tickets.

  • ½ Hr      = Qty 200: $100 (30VAL printed on ticket)
  • 1 Hr       = Qty 100: $100 (60VAL printed on ticket)
  • 1 ½ Hrs = Qty 100: $150 (90VAL printed on ticket)
  • 2 Hrs     = Qty 100: $200 (120VAL printed on ticket)

No mix and matchAvailable in the quantities listed above. 

Available 48 hours after payment has been received. Merchants and business owners will receive a phone call when Chaser Tickets are ready for pick up.

Non-refundable once payment has been received

Expire at 11:59pm on their printed expiration date.   

How to use Chaser Tickets when exiting the garages:

Only 1 Chaser Ticket may be used to exit. For example: (4) ½ Hr Validation Stamps = (1) 2 Hr Chaser Ticket

Upon exiting:

The express lane- first feed the gate ticket taken upon entry in to the slot. The amount due will be shown.  Next, feed the Chaser Ticket into the same slot. The Chaser Ticket value will either cover the transaction cost and lift the gate or indicate the balance remaining to be paid with a credit card. Feeding an additional Chaser Ticket will result in a “Discount Is Not Accepted” message. Only 1 Chaser Ticket may be used to exit.

A lane if a Booth Attendant is present- the same actions apply. Only 1 Chaser Ticket may be used to exit.

Please note:  Once a Chaser Ticket has been processed, it is no longer valid and cannot be reused or backed out of the system.


Meter Tokens

Many businesses purchase meter tokens for their customers. When you patronize a business, check with the staff to see if they participate in the token program.

  • Tokens come in rolls of 50 for $9.50/roll, each token is worth 12 minutes of parking
  • Tokens for personal use or employee parking cost $12.50/roll