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Skate Park Improvements and Pump Track Project

Skate Park Improvements and Pump Track Project

New to this project? Check out the project background and previous updates below!

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April 30, 2021 Update

Exciting news! Construction is about to begin! Here's a few things to know: 

  • At Scott Carpenter Park, the skate park is now closed for construction of the new 5,300 square foot skate park with elements for younger/newer skaters. Construction should wrap up in June. 
  • At Valmont City Park, construction of the skate park and bike pump track is scheduled to start sometime in June.
    • However, starting Monday, May 3, the dog park is closed to do some deferred maintenance and to keep humans and dogs safe. It’s anticipated to be closed through August.
    • The parking lot on the north side of Valmont will be closed due to the construction. 
  • At Howard Heuston Park , construction on the new skate park will start after construction at Scott Carpenter wraps.  
  • The Green Block DIY is expected to remain open through the duration of the project - but the parking lot north of Valmont will be closed, so please park at one of the two parking lots outlined in the construction poster below, and walk, skate, or ride in using one of the highlighted pathways.

Be sure to check out the construction information below (click the image to see a larger PDF), which you'll also see posted at each project's location.

Valmont City Park Scott Carpenter Park Howard Heuston
The construction sign for Valmont Park with project and closure information. Click to see a larger version. The construction sign for the Scott Carpenter Park project. Click to see a larger version. The Howard Heuston Park construction information. Click to see a larger version.


Thank you so much for your input and feedback through the design process - all that work is about to pay off! We'll be sure to keep you posted on construction updates throughout the summer.


Previous Updates

March 24, 2021 Update

March 24, 2021 Update

It’s been a long winter! Despite this, our staff have been busy refining the final designs for the skate parks and pump track at Scott Carpenter Park, Valmont City Park, and Howard Heuston Park, using the feedback we heard from the community in 2019 and 2020 (check out the summaries listed on the sidebar!). Now, we’re happy to report that construction is anticipated to begin at the three parks in May.

To review, the project consists of:

  • improvements to Scott Carpenter Skate Park;
  • a new skate park, new pump track, improvements to the parking lot layout, and new amenities at Valmont City Park; and,
  • a potential new skate park at Howard Heuston Park (we’re awaiting final confirmation).

The improvements at Scott Carpenter should start mid-April and continue through the end of May. The pump track installation, work on the area surrounding the pump track, and skate park construction at Valmont City Park should start in May and continue through the summer.

The skate park at Howard Heuston Park is still in the design and feedback stage. We’ll share more information soon!

Please remember that these construction schedules may change as we get closer to starting.

Why now?

Many of you have been skating Scott Carpenter Skate Park since it opened 21 years ago, when it was one of the first skate parks built along the Front Range. It is due for updating. However, site limitations like a flood plain and a major water line, as well as feedback we've heard from those of you who’ve participated throughout this project, have directed us to spend less time and money here, and instead add to Boulder’s skate and bike system. As a result, work at Scott Carpenter Skate Park will include adding a smooth, flat practice area and some entry-level skate features.

The Green Block DIY skate features at Valmont City Park, which were built by and for the skate community, will remain in place for now. The Green Block DIY has truly supported the community over the past couple of years, and it will continue to do so while the new parks are being funded and built.

The addition of the new skate features and the pump track at the three parks will almost double the amount of skateable space in the city. It will also provide much needed outdoor, socially distant recreation opportunities, and beginner skate features for those starting to learn. Each of the three locations will be accessible to all community members.


A generous donation from Alex & Ana Bogusky will help fund construction of the new 10,000 square foot skate park and similarly sized pump track at Valmont City Park. This project couldn’t have been possible without their contribution.

However, we are still looking for additional funding for other phases of the project such as lighting, shelters, tables, and seating, as well as a tool shed for maintaining the park. The PLAY Boulder Foundation will help us find those additional gifts and sponsorships.

Learn more about PLAY Boulder and make a donation.

We’re excited to finally start construction. Thanks for your feedback and stay tuned for more updates!

October 7, 2020 Update

October 7, 2020 Update

Parks and Recreation staff would like to provide an important update on the status of the new skatepark and pumptrack planned for Valmont City Park, Howard Hueston Park and Scott Carpenter Park.  These projects started nearly a year ago and, needless to say, there have been several challenges this year that have impacted our ability to deliver these projects to the community.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to reduce our department budget over $2M and has resulted in reduction in staff and reprioritizing our projects.  Similarly, staff who were working on this project have been reassigned many times to help with the COVID response and recovery as well as the recent city-wide tree branch clean up from the early snowstorm after Labor Day.  The result is that we simply had to pause on the skatepark/pumptrack project while we respond to more urgent needs.  The community should know that these delays were not the result of our contractors, Evergreen Skateparks or ARC/Velosolutions.  The contractors have remained excited and eager to start as soon as the city is able, it’s just that we need to be responsible with the capacity and funding given these extremely uncertain times.

Moreover, the skatepark/pumptrack projects are still a priority and we are currently restarting the work.  The target timeline is to start construction early next spring, 2021, so that the parks are ready for next summer.  Funding is still identified for these projects and barring any further crises, the team will be refining the exact amount of work over the next few weeks.  This fall and winter, we will be applying for grants to leverage our funding for the projects, obtaining construction permits and starting the initial demolition to make room for the new improvements.  Ongoing communication will be posted to the website and sent to the email group.  The staff would also like to thank the Green Block team and especially Raul Pinto of Satellite Boardshop who continue to partner with the city to provide the skate options at the Valmont Pavilion.  In fact, more improvements are in the works and skaters will likely see work this fall to improve Green Block.

Finally, staff want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we move forward during this uncertain time.

June 16, 2020 Update

June 16 2020 Update: Engagement Summary for Phase 2 Now Available!

Thank you to everyone who joined us throughout the second round of community feedback! From April 15 through June 5, we received a total of 107 survey responses, 11 comments through the open comment box, and 2 emailed comments. The videos were viewed 665 times to date.  

Some common themes that we heard:

  • The skate park and pump track designs are well liked: over 50% agree that both designs fit the needs and wants of the community, and almost 20% said they “somewhat agree”.
  • There is desire for the new skate park and pump track at Valmont to be bigger.
  • There is concern about the Green Block space being decreased, and the remaining space in the pavilion being underutilized once built.
  • The most highly prioritized option at Valmont City Park was drinking fountains, followed by permanent restrooms, more shade, and park-wide lighting.
  • Play areas (such as the splash pads, nature play, and a play structure) are mentioned as being “out of place” or intrusive to the “adventure park” feel that currently exists.

From here, staff will be using the comments to refine designs based on that feedback and create plans for construction. We will keep you updated as more information is available. In the meantime, check out the engagement summary below!

June 4, 2020 Update

June 4 Update: Survey Ends Tomorrow, Friday June 5

Make sure to take the survey if you haven't already - it will be closed at 5pm tomorrow so that staff can start finalizing the plans. Your feedback will be very important in helping us decide how to move forward in the project, including final designs, which amenities to include, and in what order to complete construction. 

Icon to click to take survey

May 19, 2020 Update

May 19 2020 Update: North Valmont City Park Concept Design!

Now that much of the parks have reopened, we are back with the North Valmont City Park Concept Design! But first, we have some questions to answer.


When will construction start?

Answer: This current phase is only the “design and cost estimating”, not construction. We have carefully evaluated the feasibility of this project continuing considering the current COVID-19 situation and determined that it should proceed through design and cost estimating. The construction budget and timeline will be re-evaluated as more information regarding the financial impact of the pandemic is available.

How can I get more involved in the design process?

Answer: Please sign up for email updates! We will send out updates or opportunities for providing input through this website and the email notifications.  

North Valmont City Park Concept Design

This video discusses the concept design for north Valmont City Park. Because the addition of the skate park and paved pump track will require us to move some things around, we are using this opportunity to make improvements and additions in the park. The Concept Design includes everything  we want to complete in the park, but we won't be able to do it all at once. 

This design includes:

  • the new skate park and paved pump track designs,
  • a paved and redesigned parking lot, with a possible additional entrance,
  • a new central gathering area with stone seating and splash pads (water jets),
  • an event lawn for picnics, fairs, parties, outdoor movies, etc.,
  • a repurposed pavilion with seating, permanent restrooms, concessions, rental space for programming and private parties, and fenced-in spaces for dog park and Green Block users,
  • space for food trucks,
  • park-wide lighting,
  • a new shade shelter by the pump track,
  • and more!

Please click through the images below, and then take the survey to help us figure out in what order to phase the improvements.

The North Valmont City Park Preferred Concept Plan

The park entrance
The park entrance.

A view of the Green Block
The Green Block in the pavilion.

A view of the Green Block
Another view of the Green Block.

Electric Vehicle Parking
Electric vehicle parking, the event lawn, and skate park.

A view of the event lawn and food truck parking
The food truck area and event lawn.

A view of the pump track
The pump track and the rest of the park.

A view of the central gathering area
A view of the splash pads, skate park, and pavilion.

Another view of the central gathering area
Another view of the splash pads, play area, and pavilion.

A view inside the pavilion of the restrooms, concessions, and seating
The restrooms, concessions, and seating in the pavilion.

The fenced-in dog park area
The fenced-in dog park area of the pavilion.


Future Parking Lot Options

In addition to the parking lot design that we have shown in the concept plan, we have two alternative options for the parking lot to consider in the future. At this moment, these options won't be implemented in the upcoming parking lot renovation ; however, in the future as funding and need allows, either of these options might be used. 

  • Option 1: This option would remove the least amount of pavilion space while providing an extra 16 spaces.
  • Option  2:  This option would remove more of the pavilion, but would provide a drop off area for guests and electrical hookups for food truck parking.

Please click the image below for a better view.

A description of the parking lot options available.

Phasing the Project

As we've mentioned, this design can't be built all at once. We will have to build the park out in phases - the parking lot will have to be redone first (we'll change the layout and pave it) before we can start anything else. However, there are several features that we can build at any time, including:

  • playground options, such as a small nature play area or larger playground or bouldering wall
  • drinking fountains and water bottle filling station
  • seating and tables in the pavilion
  • splash pads
  • fencing in some pavilion space for dog park users to access
  • shade structure near the new paved pump track
  • permanent restrooms
  • park-wide lighting
  • solar panels on top of the pavilion


Knowing that we can't build the full design at once, please help us decide in what order to build the park! For this exercise, the parking lot, the new skate park, and the pump track have not been included because other factors will determine when those are built. However, there are lots of other options that we'd like your opinion on. Click the link below to get started!

Icon to click to take survey

May 5, 2020 Update

May 5 2020 Update: Sorry to make you wait!

If you hadn't heard - some parks and facilities in Boulder will be opening this weekend! Unfortunately that means staff has been extremely busy trying to make the necessary preparations for health and safety required to open things up, and we've been unable to get this update ready in time. We will do our best to get the new North Valmont City Park site plan and survey up by the end of the week, and greatly appreciate your patience!

If you're signed up for updates, you'll receive an email update when we put up the new information! If you aren't on the list, make sure to sign up below!

Click here to sign up for project updates

April 28, 2020 Update

April 28 2020 Update: You have questions? We have answers!

Here's a question we've been hearing a lot of: When are the expected completion dates for each part of the project? When is the final completion date expected?

Answer:  This current phase is only the “design and cost estimating”, not construction. We have carefully evaluated the feasibility of this project continuing considering the current COVID-19 situation and determined that it should proceed through design and cost estimating. The construction budget and timeline will be re-evaluated as more information regarding the financial impact of the pandemic is available.

April 24, 2020 Update

April 24 Update: Join us the week of May 4 to see the concept design for Valmont City Park!

The week of May 4 we will be talking about the new design of Valmont City Park!

We have been working on a lot more than just skate parks and pump tracks! The week of May 4 we'll be showing the concept designs for Valmont City Park's northern area, and we'll be asking for you to help us figure out what's most important. Tell us what you'd put in first - lighting, restrooms, playgrounds, water fountains, and more.

April 21, 2020 Update

April 21 2020 Update: Check out the Preferred Concept Designs for the skate parks and pump track!

We know you've been waiting, so here you go! First of all, watch this to get a summary from Tina and Morgan:

We would love to receive comments and questions. Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts. We will post comments and questions at the end of each week. 

Why Now?

  • Staff understands there is a high level of interest from the community to continue this project.
  • The design phase of this project was identified, planned and funded prior to COVID-19.
  • Completing the design work will complete contracts already in place and provide information regarding options for funding and phasing to plan the next step of construction.

Please be flexible with us in this new way of doing things! There may be changes in timeline and process throughout this project.

Scott Carpenter Park

Image showing the area at Scott Carpenter Skate Park that isn't limited by floodplain for water lines.

Your feedback from December told us that you wanted to see less time and money spent improving Boulder Skate Park and more spent on Valmont and other skate projects

In addition, there were some things, including a flood plain and a major water line, that limit what we can do and where. Some concrete repair and touch-ups will be made in the existing skate park. The green outlined area indicates the added skate area consisting of a smooth flat concrete practice area and a few entry level features.

Howard Heuston Park

Because of the site limitations at Scott Carpenter Park, we decided instead to redirect some of the project towards Howard Heuston Park, where a need and desire for a skate spot was identified in 2017 during the outreach for the playground renovation. At the time, the funding was not available to design or construct the skate spot. The design for the Howard Heuston skate spot will be for a wider variety of skill levels and will provide another location to the Boulder Skate Park system. A map of general locations for Boulder's Skate Park system

Valmont City Park

Site Plan for the skate park and pump track locations at Valmont City Park

This week we are only talking about the skate park and pump track, but in the next few weeks we’ll show the full site plan for improvements to all of Valmont City Park.

Evergreen Skateparks created a unique and innovative skate park, including a hang-out/viewing area in the center with varied materials and spaces to match the more natural vibe of Valmont. Entrances were designed to keep skaters further from the dog park traffic and multipurpose path to address concerns stated in previous community feedback.

The paved pump track was moved to the west of the parking lot due to limited space north of the parking lot, as originally shown in December. Based on the feedback we got from you then, Velosolutions has developed a completely custom asphalt pump track design to create the optimal riding experience. Velo says:

"The track is integrated cohesively to maximize the available space and budget, and is loaded with all your favorite elements such as rhythm sections for speed, opportunities to double and triple roller sections, symmetry to allow for head-to-head races and time trials, and dynamic transitions and transfers for all skill levels.

With progression as our focus, this track will serve riders of all ages and remain infinitely exciting and fun as each rider can adapt to make the track as challenging as they choose. The same feature that a 5-year-old can roll through on a scooter can be used as a gap jump by a bike pro!

As an additional alternate (not included in the original budget) Velosolutions has provided the option to incorporate unique dynamic features - such as the hammock and slant wall - that will take your track to the next level! These features have never been incorporated into a paved pump track in this way, making your pump track unlike any other built to date."  - Velosolutions

Don’t forget to sign up for notifications when we post new information and surveys!

Skate Park Designs

"In our effort to update and expand action sports areas in our community we are planning an updated skateable entrance to the Scott Carpenter skatepark, a new beginner oriented skatepark at Howard Heuston Park, and a new hybrid/flow style skatepark at Valmont City Park to compliment the new pump track and Green Block D.I.Y.  Input from the first community meeting and the online survey guided Evergreen skateparks design process which has evolved into the Boulder skatepark system."    -Evergreen Skate Parks

Image showing the skatepark design for Scott Carpenter Skate Park Image showing the skatepark design for Howard Heuston Park Image showing the skatepark design for Valmont City Park
Scott Carpenter Park Howard Heuston Park Valmont City Park


Pump Track Designs

"Based on feedback from our public meeting and online survey, we’ve developed a completely custom asphalt pump track design to create the optimal riding experience for your community.

The track is integrated cohesively to maximize the available space and budget, and is loaded with all your favorite elements such as rhythm sections for speed, opportunities to double and triple roller sections, symmetry to allow for head-to-head races and time trials, and dynamic transitions and transfers for all skill levels.

With progression as our focus, this track will serve riders of all ages and remain infinitely exciting and fun as each rider can adapt to make the track as challenging as they choose.

The same feature that a 5-year-old can roll through on a scooter can be used as a gap jump by a bike pro!

As an additional alternate (not currently included in the budget) we have provided the option to incorporate unique dynamic features - such as the hammock and slant wall - that will take your track to the next level! These features have never been incorporated into a paved pump track in this way, making your pump track unlike any other built to date." -Velosolutions

Click the image below to view the designs!

An image of the paved pump track design for Valmont City Park provided by Velosolutions

Changes to the Engagement Timeline - LIVE meeting cancelled

Because of widespread issues with disruptions to online public meetings, we won't be hosting a live meeting as originally planned. The purpose of this meeting was to give you a chance to speak directly with the project planners about the project and ask any questions you might have. But because no new information was planned to be released at this meeting, and because you are always welcome to reach out to Tina and Morgan, we will instead plan to provide written FAQs each week to answer any questions we receive. Feel free to use the feedback box below, or contact:

April 15, 2020 Update: Launching Public Meeting #2

Using input from the first community meeting in December, staff and consultants have finally created concept plans for improvements to Scott Carpenter Skate Park (Boulder Skate Park), a new skate park and pump track at Valmont City Park, improvements to the layout and amenities at Valmont City Park, and a new skate park at Howard Heuston Park. However, social distancing requirements has made getting together for a second meeting to view and discuss the plans impossible for the near future, so staff has moved the meeting online. Parks Planner Tina Briggs explains the process below:

Below is a general timeline of the engagement process planned to replace Meeting #2. We understand that many are experiencing stress and major life changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to give everyone a chance to view and give input on the designs we've produced for this project. Because of this, the timeline has been extended from the typical two-week period to a month, and new content will be provided each week and with longer survey windows to give your feedback. Staff is also committed to flexibility: we can adjust the timing and topics as needed if we aren't hitting the mark or if enough people aren't participating.

A timeline of the planned engagement, including weekly topics and survey release dates

What's Coming Up

Join us starting April 20 as we show off the designs our consultant teams have provided for the skate parks and pump track. A series of videos will show off each design, and then you'll have the chance to send in questions for staff. Then on April 27 , a virtual Q&A session will give staff a chance to answer the questions we've heard. If you attend the virtual Q&A session, you'll have the chance to ask staff other questions. This session will be recorded, and the video will be available for anyone who didn't have a chance to attend. Staff will be available via email throughout the entire process to answer any questions that pop up.

March 2020 Update

Using the feedback from the first community meeting in December, staff and the consultant teams have been working hard to develop a preferred concept plan. Staff hopes to host a second community meeting to view the preferred concept plan in April, but the new social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic mean a traditional community meeting will not be possible in the near future. We are currently working to find ways to inclusively share information and gather feedback from the community and will share information about the second meeting as soon as a plan has been finalized.

January 2020 Update

A thumbnail of the cover of the Phase 1 Community Engagement Summary

Throughout the past month, the project team has been reviewing all of the feedback and ideas that were received during the outreach in December and refining the design plans to reflect all of the input received. A summary of the outreach process and of the feedback received can be found here , or by clicking on the thumbnail.

Additionally, the team has been reviewing the overall project schedule, cost estimates and various requirements needed to begin construction this year to determine how and when the new parks can be built. The team is finalizing all of this information over the next few weeks and plan to have another meeting in the coming weeks to present all of this to the community.  The goal of the next community meetings will be to present the revised designs, discuss the project costs and budget while also outlining the anticipated construction.  The goal is to construct as much as possible with the funding that is allocated. However, if the final design that is preferred by the community costs more than the current budget, the team will explore additional fundraising and/or phase in various elements of the design as necessary for when funding is available.

All of this will be discussed with the community in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please continue to visit our website for project updates. To submit your email address for updates, use the "Want to Stay Updated?" tab below.

Public Meeting 1

A public meeting on December 5 allowed staff and the contractors to provide information related to the project budget and schedule, as well as seek input and ideas from the community to design and build a park that provides the widest range of skill levels and styles within the project budget. To support the project, staff have engaged a team of contractors who are leaders in the industry and will provide their information and ideas for the community to consider and give feedback. 

View the powerpoint and boards presented at the meeting below. The survey was available online from December 6 to December 19 . Just want to stay updated? Fill out the sign up form below.


  • Boulder Parks and Recreation Presentation pdf
    • Powerpoint presentation by Parks and Recreation staff describing the project and the purpose of the first public meeting.
  • Proposed Skatepark Additions and Improvements and Pumptrack pdf
    • Provides general locations for the proposed skatepark additions and improvements at Scott Carpenter Skate Park, general locations of proposed pump track and skatepark at Valmont City Park, and other park improvements suggested for Valmont.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 1 pdf
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks with ideas for improvements and additional features at Scott Carpenter Skate Park.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 2 pdf
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks with ideas for the new skatepark at Valmont City Park to complement the nearby Green Block project.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 3
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks to get feedback on preferred new features. 
  • Velosolutions Board A
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Velosolutions Board B
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Velosolutions Board C
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Paper Survey pdf
    • Paper version of survey (online survey contained the same questions).  Feedback is no longer being accepted for this survey.

Project Background

The skatepark at Scott Carpenter Park has served Boulder and the front range for many years, but is in need of renovation and enhancement. Currently, staff understands that existing skate facilities within Boulder don’t meet the recent trends and demand for skaters and riders within the community and would like to improve the facilities that support this important recreation activity.

Many Boulder residents must travel to other communities to experience different types of features and amenities to advance their abilities. The only formal skatepark within the city is at Scott Carpenter Park, which needs updating and refreshing. In addition to the Scott Carpenter skatepark, a DIY area was recently constructed at Valmont City Park, called the Green Block Project , that was designed and built by community partners and installed at the park. This area is primarily a street/plaza course that provides opportunities that don’t exist at the Scott Carpenter Park.

In addition, a paved pump track has been proposed for Valmont City Park. This pump track will complement the existing track at Valmont Bike Park , providing additional biking features for all skill levels.

To address the needs for skating and biking in Boulder, staff is completing a project in 2020 to design and build new skate and pump track features and will be listening to the community to understand the needs and desires of skaters and riders in Boulder. The goal of the project is to create flexible and multi-use  features that accommodate a variety of skill levels and abilities while also ensuring innovative design ideas that provide features that aren’t provided in nearby parks. The community will be engaged early and often throughout the project to ensure the community has input and collaboration throughout the process.


The anticipated schedule for the project is to complete design and permitting throughout the winter and spring of 2019/2020 with construction anticipated throughout the summer of 2020.

Want to Stay Updated?