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Skate Park Improvements and Pump Track Project

Skate Park Improvements and Pump Track Project

NEW: An update for January 2020 has been posted! 

Scroll down to view it!

Project Background

The skatepark at Scott Carpenter Park has served Boulder and the front range for many years, but is in need of renovation and enhancement. Currently, staff understands that existing skate facilities within Boulder don’t meet the recent trends and demand for skaters and riders within the community and would like to improve the facilities that support this important recreation activity.

Many Boulder residents must travel to other communities to experience different types of features and amenities to advance their abilities. The only formal skatepark within the city is at Scott Carpenter Park, which needs updating and refreshing. In addition to the Scott Carpenter skatepark, a DIY area was recently constructed at Valmont City Park, called the Green Block Project , that was designed and built by community partners and installed at the park. This area is primarily a street/plaza course that provides opportunities that don’t exist at the Scott Carpenter Park.

In addition, a paved pump track has been proposed for Valmont City Park. This pump track will complement the existing track at Valmont Bike Park , providing additional biking features for all skill levels.

To address the needs for skating and biking in Boulder, staff is completing a project in 2020 to design and build new skate and pump track features and will be listening to the community to understand the needs and desires of skaters and riders in Boulder. The goal of the project is to create flexible and multi-use  features that accommodate a variety of skill levels and abilities while also ensuring innovative design ideas that provide features that aren’t provided in nearby parks. The community will be engaged early and often throughout the project to ensure the community has input and collaboration throughout the process.


The anticipated schedule for the project is to complete design and permitting throughout the winter and spring of 2019/2020 with construction anticipated throughout the summer of 2020.

January Update

A thumbnail of the cover of the Phase 1 Community Engagement Summary

Throughout the past month, the project team has been reviewing all of the feedback and ideas that were received during the outreach in December and refining the design plans to reflect all of the input received. A summary of the outreach process and of the feedback received can be found here, or by clicking on the thumbnail.

Additionally, the team has been reviewing the overall project schedule, cost estimates and various requirements needed to begin construction this year to determine how and when the new parks can be built. The team is finalizing all of this information over the next few weeks and plan to have another meeting in the coming weeks to present all of this to the community.  The goal of the next community meetings will be to present the revised designs, discuss the project costs and budget while also outlining the anticipated construction.  The goal is to construct as much as possible with the funding that is allocated. However, if the final design that is preferred by the community costs more than the current budget, the team will explore additional fundraising and/or phase in various elements of the design as necessary for when funding is available.

All of this will be discussed with the community in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please continue to visit our website for project updates. To submit your email address for updates, use the "Want to Stay Updated?" tab below.

Public Meeting 1

A public meeting on December 5 allowed staff and the contractors to provide information related to the project budget and schedule, as well as seek input and ideas from the community to design and build a park that provides the widest range of skill levels and styles within the project budget. To support the project, staff have engaged a team of contractors who are leaders in the industry and will provide their information and ideas for the community to consider and give feedback. 

View the powerpoint and boards presented at the meeting below. The survey was available online from December 6 to December 19 . Just want to stay updated? Fill out the sign up form below.


  • Boulder Parks and Recreation Presentation pdf
    • Powerpoint presentation by Parks and Recreation staff describing the project and the purpose of the first public meeting.
  • Proposed Skatepark Additions and Improvements and Pumptrack pdf
    • Provides general locations for the proposed skatepark additions and improvements at Scott Carpenter Skate Park, general locations of proposed pump track and skatepark at Valmont City Park, and other park improvements suggested for Valmont.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 1 pdf
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks with ideas for improvements and additional features at Scott Carpenter Skate Park.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 2 pdf
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks with ideas for the new skatepark at Valmont City Park to complement the nearby Green Block project.
  • Evergreen Skateparks Board 3
    • Board presented by Evergreen Skateparks to get feedback on preferred new features. 
  • Velosolutions Board A
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Velosolutions Board B
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Velosolutions Board C
    • One of three boards presented by Velosolutions - attendees placed a dot on one of the three boards to represent their favorite style. 
  • Paper Survey pdf
    • Paper version of survey (online survey contained the same questions).  Feedback is no longer being accepted for this survey.

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