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Boulder Reservoir Planning and Updates

Boulder Reservoir South Shore

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department completed the Boulder Reservoir Master Plan (BRMP) in 2012. The intent of the BRMP was to establish the long-range vision, goals and objectives for the land and activities at Boulder Reservoir. One of the key objectives from the BRMP was to develop a site management plan for each of the four management areas that make up the 1109-acre reservoir. The 76-acre South Shore Management Area was prioritized because it is a popular fee-based facility with aging infrastructure.

The site management plan for the South Shore will be addressed in two phases. The Capital Strategy and Concept Plan is the first phase which will address sustainable physical improvements for short and long-term prioritization capital funding. The second phase, the South Shore Management Plan, will address management, programming and partnership from an operational perspective.

Current Project

The Capital Strategy and Concept Plan achieves understanding of current deficiencies, defining a strategy to address those issues and establishing a clear budget and prioritization necessary to maintain the community expectation of high-level service, accounting for aging infrastructure and facilities, as well as planning for increasing visitation.

2016 - Present

City of Boulder Facility Strategic Plan identified that the existing main building had significant maintenance needs and is beyond it's useful life cycle. The final concept plan for the new main building was approved by the community and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in January of 2017. Construction could begin as soon as Spring 2019.

Voter-Approved Bond Critical Infrastructure and Functional Deficiency Improvements

  • Water and sanitary line improvements
  • Entry improvements for safer and more efficient traffic flow
  • Aquatic nuisance species inspection station 
  • Feeder canal bridge

2012 - 2014

Following recommendations found in the 2012 Master Plan, community participation along with key data collection and technical studies were performed. Information gathered showed critical infrastructure deficiencies requiring more immediate attention.

2012 Master

The city developed a master plan for the Boulder Reservoir. The purpose of the plan was to establish management goals and objectives for land and activities at the Boulder Reservoir (including Coot Lake) that guide long-term investment strategies and programs. 

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