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Boulder Reservoir Site Management Plan - Initial Research

Boulder Reservoir Site Management Plan - Initial Research

The Boulder Reservoir Site Management Plan was defined in the 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan as one of the next steps to determine the long term management and future development of the regional park. The Site Management Plan will focus on several areas to further refine the master plan objectives. The Site Management Plan will include all four Management Areas of the Reservoir study area and will address the following topics:

  • Site master plan and capital improvement plan
  • Program and operational analysis
  • Market and visitor capacity analysis
  • Detailed sustainable business model and operational plan
  • Noise, pollutant and safety assessment
  • Biological species inventory
  • Track impact analysis and transportation alternatives assessment
  • Adaptive management thresholds and monitoring program

The Site Management Plan will result in a physical site master plan illustrating, among other things, designated passive and active use areas, building footprints, natural habitat protected areas, recreational areas, trail alignments, parking areas and possible shuttle service access points, landscape and park amenity improvements.

September/October 2014 Meeting Update

Two public meetings (Sept. 25 and Oct. 1) were held to offer multiple opportunities for community members to review and discuss the current draft management actions. The draft management actions, developed with community support over the past two and half years, focus on four main areas of use; boating, connectivity, facilities upgrades, and special events. The intention of the management actions is to provide a clear and concise direction for the management of the Boulder Reservoir as part of the Site Management Plan. The management actions, based around the Adaptive Management Process, will rely on monitoring and examining changing use patterns throughout the reservoir to provide the highest quality service to visitors and neighbors with consideration for the associated natural lands.

The background information displayed at the recent public meetings is available on the right side of the webpage under "A. Oct 2014 Workshop Materials". Below are the DRAFT Management Actions for each of the four main areas of use. Staff is seeking feedback specifically on the draft management actions below until Nov. 26, 2014. This should provide ample time for review and an opportunity for community members who were unable to attend the meetings to provide feedback. The document goals, objectives and actions have been numbered and lettered to help attach comments to specific draft management actions.

January 2014 Meeting Review

The meeting on Jan. 26, 2014 was held in two segments. The first segment was an open house designed to give participants an opportunity to explore the background information and data collected over the last one to two years. This segment of the meeting also provided an opportunity to learn about the current and proposed enhancement projects occurring at the Reservoir in the near term. All open house materials are available on the right side of the page under the heading "B. Jan 2014 Open House Materials".

The second segment was an interactive community workshop designed for small group discussions regarding specific topics. All workshop materials are available on the right side of the page under the heading "C. Jan 2014 Workshop Materials". The workshop feedback was an integral part of the development of the draft management actions that will ensure the sustainability of all uses of the Reservoir for generations to come. All open house and workshop feedback is available on the right side of the page under the heading "D. Jan 2014 Workshop Summary Notes".

Environmental Analysis

As described in the 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan, the completion of a Biological Species Assessment and Inventory was specifically listed as a necessary component within the planning phase of the Reservoir Site Management Plan. Beginning in 2012, ERO Resources Corporation began by developing a biological species overview to help the Parks and Recreation Department understand the necessary aspects of the inventory.  In 2013, Biohabitats and Steve Jones partnered up to complete the first ever Boulder Reservoir Biological Species Inventory and Analysis. Steve Jones also continues to develop the annual Boulder Reservoir Birds of Special Concern. The results are all available below or on the right side of the page under the heading "E. Environmental Analysis".

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