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Kids' Corner Child Care

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COVID-19 closures and cancellations

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Information on child care and location hours will be updated here when available. Please see our information about Summer Camps for other kid's activities.

Kids' Corner offers a haven of creativity and fun for your child and freedom for you to workout!

Let your child enjoy various activity centers that include dramatic and active play, arts & crafts, games, and stories with lots of staff interaction. Let us take care of your kids -- while you take care of yourself!

Ages: 6 months to 9 years.

Hours & Locations

North Boulder Recreation Center



North Boulder Recreation Center

East Boulder Community Center

East Boulder Community CenterHave a fun outing: get a workout in (let the kids have fun at Kids' Corner) and then take them swimming!

What we offer

  • Experienced caregivers engaging your child
  • Nurturing, creative, playful environment
  • A variety of arts & crafts
  • Sand and water play
  • Dramatic play & story times
  • Active play
  • Games
  • Low ratio 6 children/1 staff



"I enjoy playing with children because I love how they see the world with fresh eyes every moment."


"Children are the best of us. Their honesty and sense of humor is so refreshing. Some days they are like medicine!"
Erika at the sendbox.


“I love how a day at work never feels like a day at work!  The kids make every day interesting and exciting.  There’s never a dull moment working with them.”

Helen, child care staff


“My life work thrives in Kids’ Corner.  It is like a touch of sunshine on my shoulder, a walk in the rain, running barefoot in the grass and enjoying a picnic in the park.  Kids’ Corner is the place to be!  It’s where children come alive.”


"Working at Kid's Corner gives me the opportunity to help children and adults. Playing with the kids is great fun."

Jasmyn - child care staff


"I love working with kids because I learn something new from them every day. They always remind me of the importance of kindness and honesty." 



“Working with kids is fun! It amazes me to see how every child learns and grows differently. Kids keep me young at heart and I love that not one day at work is the same.”


Kira - Childcare staff


"My family is very huge. I am the oldest cousin out of 20 grandchildren so I am constantly surrounded by little ones. I love children and the joy they bring to my life! Working at Kids Corner has really enhanced my love for children, they are so creative and silly. They bring a lot of happiness to this world!"

Lisa - child care staff


“My favorite thing about working with children is seeing their stages of development.  I love them all--from the baby who has just strengthened his muscles to sit up to the child that discovers how to read or write his name in cursive.

"I am a native of Colorado with three boys, who are fourth-generation Coloradans.  I love spending time with my family outdoors and traveling to New England in the summer."

Lizette - Childcare Staff


"I love working with kids because they remind me how easy it is to have fun. I am never anything but happy at Kids' Corner!"


"I love little kids. They make me laugh!  They brighten my day. I like being able to give moms a break, mental or physical, and it's good for the kiddos too!"


"There is always this exchange of wisdom occurring with children! I love how they have so much to offer the world, and being a part of that experience is absolutely humbling. Plus, the amount of giggles that kids evoke from me makes every day in Kids' Corner an absolute joy."

Rachel - Childcare staff


" I like working with kids because they are a lot of fun and always carefree."

Reese - Childcare staff


"Kids truly inspire me!  I find great joy in watching them learn, develop and grow as little people.  I do my best to teach them cool things about the world.  Sometimes, I even catch myself learning things from them, which makes my job all the more special and awesome!"

Sarah - Child Care


"Through play, children discover the world, acquire knowledge and practice social skills. I'm grateful that I can support this natural and joyful learning process at Kids' Corner while parents can take a well-earned break. The best part is - not only the kids love to play, I love it too.”




"I've worked with infants to preschool-age children for several years, and absolutely love it!"


"ALIVENESS — the Kid’s Corner is my weekly fix!"


"I think children are like angels, very peaceful and cute. I also like to learn new words in English from them."



Price per hour and a half (90 minutes):

$6.50 for first child
$3.50 for additional child
$2 for an extra 30 minutes (ages 2+)

Save money with a punchcard!   

10 visits: $58.50 (you save 10%)
20 visits: $110.50 (you save 15%)
40 visits: $195 (you save 25%)

Save more with a monthly childcare pass available to annual pass holders

Cost: $25 per child -- only for annual pass holders. The pass is good for 30 days from date of purchase and can be used once a day at each facility (North and East) for up to 1 1/2 hours (or two hours for children over 2.) If a family has two children, but only opt to buy a monthly pass for one child, the second child can get the daily admission discount when attending childcare with his or her sibling.

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