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Kids' Corner Child Care Staff

Meet our childcare team

All of our staff have experience working and playing with children and have completed CPR, First Aid training and a background check.



"Being part of the childcare team has been such a joy! I love the freedom of imagination that the kids have, they keep me sharp!"


"I enjoy playing with children because I love how they see the world with fresh eyes every moment."


"Children are the best of us. Their honesty and sense of humor is so refreshing. Some days they are like medicine!"


“I love working with children because they are like inquisitive little sponges…You'll never be smarter than when you were two!”

Erika at the sendbox.


“I love how a day at work never feels like a day at work!  The kids make every day interesting and exciting.  There’s never a dull moment working with them.”


"I enjoy working with children because they are fun to interact with and they take pleasure in the simple things in life."


"Working at Kid's Corner gives me the opportunity to help children and adults. Playing with the kids is great fun."


“Working with kids is fun! It amazes me to see how every child learns and grows differently. Kids keep me young at heart and I love that not one day at work is the same.”


“Heaven is a place where they have recess all the time.”

Julia - childcare staff


“I love working with kids because of their infectious and endless energy, happiness, and growth.”


"I love working with children because their playful energy is contagious! They are always exploring and learning new things, and I like being a part of that process of learning."

Lilli - Childcare Staff


“Working with children has reminded me of how amazing and exciting the world can be.  I love seeing things from their eyes.  It makes me a happier and more positive person in my day-to-day life.  Children also encourage me to use my imagination and find new creative ways to do things!”


"My favorite thing about working with children is seeing their stages of development. I love them all."

Lizette - Childcare Staff


“I love working with kids because they remind me how easy it is to have fun.  I am never anything but happy at Kids’ Corner!”



“I love working with kids because of their genuine amusement with the world around them, which helps me look at the world in new and unique ways.”




"I've worked with infants to preschool age children for several years, and absolutely love it!"


"ALIVENESS — the Kid’s Corner is my weekly fix!"


"I think children are like angels, very peaceful and cute. I also like to learn new words in English from them."


Volunteers are currently being recruited to assist child care staff and will be compensated with a recreation center pass. Volunteers must pass a background check.
Please contact Tim Duda [email protected] or 303 413-7463.