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Drop-in Schedules

Drop-in Schedules

NEW! Online Tool for Drop-In Fitness and Mind/Body Schedules

Check out our new real-time calendar! This calendar will replace the PDF schedules we've been using for many years. You can access a printer-friendly version and customize your calendar by category, location, instructor and more.

Want to get fit while enjoying the flexibility and variety of daily, drop-in programs? Let us meet your fitness mood, schedule and budget with our conveniently located and scheduled drop-in classes.

No advance registration is necessary - just show up. Your entry fee, punch card, or annual pass grant you to access to 100+ fitness and mind/body classes each week. See links to schedules in the tan box.

All drop-in classes are limited to space and equipment available to ensure the safety of all participants, classes fill on a first come, first served basis. Entry will not be allowed after a class has reached capacity.

What's New

NEW!  PiYoKick at EBCC:  Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30pm

NEW for Summer! The Ride Indoor Cyling Class at EBCC: Wednesday, 6am

NEW! Better Balance and Strength at EBCC: Tuesday and Thursday, 12pm

Fitness drop-in class descriptions

Before starting an exercise program, please seek the advice of a physician if you have a heart condition, injury, joint limitations, pregnancy,  recent surgery, hospitalization or blood pressure irregularities. Participants ages 12 and up welcome. All classes listed are subject to change or cancellation at any time.


Cardio Barre

A blend of cardio moves and toning exercises. Come join for great variety in your class and a supportive community in this strengthening, toning, and balancing workout. (Medium intensity; all levels) 


Get the Bootcamp Intensity without the Impact! Burn the maximum amount of calories during and after this workout and build strength, endurance, aerobic capacity and balance while minimizing any stress of the joints. All fitness levels welcome!(Medium intensity, low impact, all levels) 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The popularity of high intensity interval training is on the rise. HIIT involves bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. HIIT workouts tend to burn more calories than traditional workouts, and can boost metabolism. Even though a HIIT workout is challenging, it can be modified for people of all fitness levels. In the winter months’ exercises are included for snow sport enthusiasts. (Medium to high intensity) 

Pure Step

Step is a fun, steady aerobic-state workout. Choreography and fast paced music keep you moving and increase your fitness level. Class includes at least 30 minutes of cardio followed by abdominal work and stretching.(High intensity)

MRT: Metabolic Resistance Training

45-minutes of cardio, interspersed with strengthening and movement exercises using the legs, core and more. Focus on mechanics and improve your overall athletic performance.  Equipment includes weights, tubes, and exercise balls. (Medium to high intensity) 


This 45-minute, action-packed class expertly blends creative kickboxing combinations, high intensity intervals, and standing body-weight exercises. Join us for a heart-pumping, metabolic-boosting total body workout. We finish with mat work, rounding out our workout with core-blasting fun! (High intensity, intermediate to advanced) 

Sports Conditioning at SBRC

Challenge yourself with athletic movements and cross training exercises using dumbbells, bands, balls, gliders, ropes and barbells. Enhance speed, agility, strength and endurance. Tabata-style high intensity intervals will be incorporated. (Medium to high intensity; all levels.)

SilverSneakers BOOM

BOOM is designed to meet the needs of older adults and Baby Boomers. This one-hour class integrates: BOOM MOVEIT -- A higher intensity, aerobic dance workout focusing on cardio; BOOM MUSCLE -- athletic based overall body conditioning focused on toning and building strength; BOOM MIND -- Strength, stretch, and flexibility -- focusing on relaxin the mind while improving our posture and balance.  

SilverSneakers Classic 

Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a small ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated or standing support. (Low intensity) 

Family Fitness

Enjoy fitness as a family! New drop-in class includes friendly competition, team challenges and fun games. Parents and youth will compete in strength and agility both indoors and outdoors.


Barbell Circuit 

Get a powerful workout in this energetic muscle toning class. Build strength, stamina and lose body fat with strength and cardio intervals. This weights class is for all fitness levels. Fun and innovative circuit-based routines use light to moderate weight with high repetitions. Burn tons of calories with this total body workout! Get STRONG for LIFE! (Medium to high intensity) 

Barre Fusion

Strengthen, tone, and balance the entire body. Classes focus on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using light weights. The ballet barre is used to sculpt the lower body, abs and for flexibility training. (Low to medium intensity) 


30 minutes of strength, 30 minutes of dance inspired cardio and 30 minutes of yoga based stretching create a comprehensive workout for all levels. Come for just one 30 minutes section, come for 2 or stay for all three. Breaks are included between each section.  


Work all the major muscle groups in this well-rounded sculpting class.  Hand weights, bars, resistance tubes, and balls are all incorporated in this class.  This is a great overall workout without the cardio. (Low to medium intensity; all levels.) 

Tabata Lift

Low impact interval training and weights are used in this class to challenge all the major muscle groups, build muscle and bone density, boost metabolism and burn calories. Periodization of workouts ensure continued results while personalized exercises provide a complete and challenging workout for all fitness levels including low, medium and high intensity. (All levels.)

Tabata CARVE

Work all the major muscle groups in this comprehensive exercise class that mixes cardio intervals with functional muscle toning exercises in limitless combinations.  This class incorporates a variety of equipment and training tools to ensure a varied and functional workout for all levels. 

Fit and Strong Beginning

General fitness class that includes a variety of exercises to improve balance, strength and flexibility. This is a perfect class for the beginning exerciser. Many exercises may be done seated. No floor work. In the Wednesday class, we usually use a Fit Ball. Please wear footwear appropriate for a low-impact class. (Low intensity) 

Fit and Strong Intermediate

This class emphasizes cardiovascular exercise but also includes strength training, balance, and flexibility work. Hand weights, resistance tubing, and a small ball are incorporated in the warm-up and strength segment. Please wear footwear appropriate for a low-impact aerobics class. Bring a water bottle. (Low intensity) 

Fitness for Life 

Functional fitness for your active lifestyle. This class addresses cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, core strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation with a functional approach that strengthens you for your activities of daily living. Be stronger for life with Fitness for Life.

Friday Happy Hour 

Finish your week with light strength training followed by an extended stretching and relaxation session to start your weekend off right! (Low to moderate intensity) 

Strength and Alignment

Using breath for increased self awareness, we will align our bodies to increase bone density without injury using resistance bands and isometric exercises using balls. Core strength is emphasized in all movements. This class includes a cardiovascular warm-up, a relaxing cool-down, and constant attention to balance. Exercises can be done standing, on a mat, or seated in a chair, all levels welcome. (Low intensity) 

Total Body Fitness 

Strength and cardio become one in this calorie burning, muscle toning class.  Activate more muscles, strengthen the core, and keep the heart rate in an effective training level. We use steps, weights, bands and bars, and body-weight resistance movements. (Medium to high intensity; all levels.)  


Ab Lab

Standing functional core training and ab exercises done laying down to give you a vigorous core strengthening experience. (Low to medium intensity; all levels.)

Core Fusion

Build core strength and reduce your risk of injury through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your abdominals and glutes while lengthening and stretching tight muscles. This AB and Glute strengthening class includes a variety of equipment including Pilates balls, yoga blocks, foam rollers, and Pilates Magic Circles.

Guts and Butts

Designed to improve  inner core health for older adults by strengthening and stretching the abdominals, back and hip muscles which minimizes risk for injury while improving balance and flexibility. This class begins with strengthening exercises that are personalized so all fitness levels and ends with an extended relaxing stretching section at the end to perfectly round out your workout. Taught with modifications for all levels. (Low intensity, all levels) 

Tabata Core

This low impact class uses interval training to challenge all the muscles of your core including abdominals, glutes, hamstrings and back muscles. Improve your balance and core strength using a variety of exercises and equipment. (Low to medium intensity; all levels.) 



30 minutes of high intensity indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of strength training. A perfect combination! 

The Ride

A high energy indoor cycling class that burns calories as it builds endurance. Simulate hills, valleys, peaks and plateaus. Abdominal work and stretching may be included. 


Depending on the class you choose, the warm water leisure pool or the lap pool will be used. You will enjoy a low impact full body workout. Deep and shallow water exercises will benefit core and balance. 

Level 1 55+ Warm Water Fitness 

Improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility through a variety of warm water exercises designed specifically for older adults, ages 55+. This drop-in class is held in the shallow, warm water leisure pool at the East Boulder Community Center. No swimming ability is required.

Level 2 55+ Warm Water Fitness 

This warm water class will address movement in every joint and activating muscles that often diminish due to lack of use, while focusing on brain-body connections. Using the science of neuroplasticity, exercises will build neural pathways to underutilized muscles, and increasing cardio conditioning gradually. At least one new exercise is introduced in every class, requiring you to think. This class is designed for older adults, ages 55+.

Level 3 Warm Water Fitness

This warm water class will provide a full hour to work every joint, explore new movements, and build cardio conditioning. The class will be similar to Level 2, with brain-body connection exercises and combinations of movements that are more complex than Level 2, and more cardio conditioning. We will support each other in working toward participant’s goals that require increased fitness to accomplish, and will identify exercises to do daily (out of the pool) that will help you achieve your goals more quickly. Designed for older adults, ages 55+. 

Hydro Dynamics

A medium – high intensity class that includes excellent cardiovascular conditioning, muscle toning, and fat burning. The water environment provides great resistance and a low impact workout. 

Twinges and Hinges

Twinges and Hinges Provides a safe workout for joints while supporting the entire body. We will work on cardio, muscle strengthening, and flexibility. If you require physical assistance in the water, a 2 week notification is required. Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474.

Water Fitness:  Aqua Motion

An adjustable intensity fitness class to get fit, increase energy, and improve body tone using water resistance for minimal stress on your body. Individual attention to needs and goals along with intervals are used regularly in this class. 

Aqua Fit

A medium – high intensity class involving a combination of aerobics, intervals, strength and flexibility training, and water jogging. Provides a versatile and challenging workout while keeping it fun! Contact Jen Heilveil, 303-413-7474. 

Pre/Post-Natal Water Fitness

An adjustable intensity aqua fitness class for expectant and new mothers. Designed to increase your cardiovascular resistance as well as toning, conditioning, and strengthening muscles used during pregnancy, birth, and recovery. 

Mind/body drop-in class descriptions

Before starting an exercise program, please seek the advice of a physician if you have a heart condition, injury, joint limitations, pregnancy,  recent surgery, hospitalization or blood pressure irregularities. Participants ages 12 and up welcome. All classes listed are subject to change or cancellation at any time.

We recommend bringing your own yoga mat and props. Reusable yoga mats and props are available.

Drop-in Yoga

Drop-in classes vary from gentle to moderate according to the teacher’s training. Intensity, partner work, use of music, and yoga methodologies vary among the teachers. These mixed-level classes consist of warm-up exercises, yoga poses for strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, and relaxation time at the end of class. They have a basis in the traditional yoga tenets of unity of body, mind and breath.

Recommendation: yoga experience. These classes are practice classes. To learn the yoga postures, please take a registered course. Also, all participants should know how to work at their level of comfort without strain or injury.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses primarily on floor poses with longer relaxed holds to deeply stretch the low back, hips, and legs. As we slowly work into the connective tissues of the body, you will find more freedom and mobility in your joints. The result is a greater ease, comfort, and flexibility in all of your activities. No prior experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga and Pranayama 

This yoga of “non-doing” is a natural antidote to stress, and has a nurturing quality which recharges and renews the mind and body. Gentle postures, supported with bolsters, help re-educate the body to effortlessly let go of tightness and calm the mind. Breathing techniques are introduced. No prior experience necessary.

Yoga and Pranayama 

Gentle flowing yoga with practice of yogic breathing techniques. No Pranayama experience necessary, but yoga experience is helpful.

Yoga and Meditation 

Invigorate with a breath-centered asana practice that will align, open and relax your body, enabling the mind to rest freely. Recommendation: yoga experience. These classes are practice classes. To learn the yoga postures, please take a registered course. No meditation experience necessary, but yoga experience is helpful.

Yoga/Pilates Combo

Experience the practice of precise, rhythmical, controlled Pilates mat exercises, integrated with classical yoga poses, performed at a moderate to vigorous exercise level. Recommendation: experience with Pilates mat exercises and yoga experience.

Nia – Neuromuscular Integrated Action

Nia is a form of fusion fitness. It combines movements and concepts from yoga, martial arts, jazz and modern dance.  Nia classes offer total body cardiovascular conditioning and cross-training for any sport or activity.  All Nia movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness and agility. No prior experience necessary.

Ayre with Juliet Seskind

This class is a fusion of different dance styles set to fun and upbeat music.  These classes offer total body cardiovascular conditioning and are a great way to have a fun workout. No prior experience necessary.

Zumba ® / Zumba Gold ®

Are you ready to ditch the workout and join the party? Zumba is for anyone needing a fun, safe, effective workout without the high impact. Take a musical trip around the world with easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, flexibility and coordination.  Absolutely no dance background required. If you can march in place, you can enjoy Zumba!  Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong!  Zumba Gold is perfect for active older adults or anyone new to Zumba who wants a gentler workout.  No prior experience necessary.


An exhilarating dance/fitness experience that enhances coordination, tones your body, increases your dynamic flow of energy, increases stamina, and gives you a whole new repertoire of moves for the dance floor. No dance experience required, just a willingness to move, break free, have fun and be challenged!  No prior experience necessary.

Body Mandala with Tracy Goldenberg

Awaken and celebrate your full potential with Body Mandala! This fun and soulful movement class blends dance, somatics, and yoga. Body Mandala promotes cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility for the whole self. Fall in love with moving and living in your body as you free your spirit. Body Mandala invites you to tune in and rock out!  No prior experience necessary.

Dynamic Dance

Take your shoes off (or not!) and move your whole body in this high-energy, low-impact class. The integrated choreography, clear instruction, and outstanding playlists stimulate your mind, lift your spirits, exercise your heart, and safely tone your body.  No prior experience necessary.

Visiting a pre-registration course

All of our pre-registration courses can be found in our Parks and Recreation Guide, which is updated seasonally. These courses typically are between four and 12 weeks long, occurring 1 to3 times a week. You may choose to register for the entire series of classes, or you may choose to drop-in to select registered courses. If you want to register for the entire course, you can do so using our online registration system.

If you'd prefer to drop-in to a pre-registered course, simply find a class that interests you in the recreation guide, and    contact the program coordinator before purchasing a pass at the    front desk to ensure there is space available and that the class level is appropriate. Then you will pay the admission fee (see below), and give your receipt to the instructor.       You may also choose to buy 5 classes at a time using a registered course punch card. Keep in mind that registered courses are progressive.

Registered course visitor fee:      $17

Registered course visitor punch card:     $70 for five classes. Valid for six months from the date of purchase.

Note: Salberg and Iris Center visitor fees may be paid at any recreation center and the receipt presented to the instructor before admission to class.

Drop-in sports

Looking for a little friendly competition? Try a drop-in sport activity hosted at all three Boulder recreation centers - all abilities welcome! Choose from basketball, volleyball, Pickleball and badminton. Find drop-in times on the open-gym schedules in the tan box and show up.

Also, checkout the latest Parks and Recreation Guide to choose from hundreds of pre-registered classes and sports leagues.

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