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Dynamic Dance

Wendy Rochman

When you enter one of Wendy’s classes, the first thing you experience is the great music. Then, there’s the community: adults of all ages moving to Wendy’s cues with their own enthusiasm and style.

Wendy Rochman has always loved to dance and teach. Wendy’s retired from teaching art to elementary-age students through adults, but she says she’s in better shape than ever since she began teaching movement classes on her 60th birthday.

Wendy teaches Dynamic Dance, Zumba Gold, NIA and Silver Sneakers. For anyone intimidated by the thought of learning new dance moves, Wendy encourages you to try her class for three weeks. “The classes don’t just improve your fitness level – they grow your brain,” Wendy says.

Every class includes neuromuscular integration, meaning that learning new moves improves the mind-body connection. Wendy also always offers a full-body workout, including the large muscle groups down to moving fingers and toes.

As Wendy’s class comes to a close, some students stick to the basics while others embellish moves, and all thank Wendy for the workout. Staff outside the classroom talk about the music.

Check out one of Wendy’s classes!