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Parks and Recreation - Environmental Stewardship

Parks and Recreation - Environmental Stewardship

Each year we strive to make Boulder a greener, better place to live and play. This includes finding ways to make all our parks and facilities more environmentally sustainable.

Parks and Recreation Environmental Stewardship Programs

Integrated Pest Management

The Parks and Recreation Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program and the conservation crew was established to control noxious weeds that threaten native plant communities.

Flatirons Golf Course Environmental Practices

Flatirons Golf Course is committed to operating with the highest level of environmental responsibility possible while still producing exceptional golf playing conditions. Owned and operated by the City of Boulder and a fully certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf Courses, Flatirons Golf Course is a proud example of the new, environmental management practices becoming more prevalent in the industry each year.

Clean Marina at the Boulder Reservoir

The Boulder Reservoir has received Colorado’s first Clean Marina certification under a new program aimed at protecting water quality and encouraging environmentally-friendly boating and marina practices. The certification was awarded by the recently launched Colorado Marina Association (CMA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering the Clean Marinas Colorado Program and promoting clean boating on Colorado’s waterways.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways to help keep your parks and recreation facilities sustainable: volunteering, using alternative transportation, visiting demonstration gardens and more.

Vehicle fleet and alternative transportation

Parks and Recreation staff reduced overall vehicle miles traveled by more effectively planning out their work days, using bicycles in certain locations, and teaming up with other staff when possible. The department has also reached the city's goal of purchasing 90 percent new vehicles that are fueled with alternative fuels.

2011 Barb King Award

The City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department was recently selected to receive the 2011 Barb King Environmental Stewardship Award by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

Water Conservation

The Parks and Recreation Department and the Water Conservation Program have a long-standing partnership, which not only helps to reduce city water use but helps show customers how they can do the same.

Zero Waste: Recycling and Composting

All Parks and Recreation indoor recreation facilities, offices, and shop facilities are zero waste facilities complete with composting, recycling, and garbage. More than 25 parks facilities, the Boulder Reservoir, Flatirons Golf Course, Pleasant View Athletic Fields, and other athletic fields offer recycling on site.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The City of Boulder partnered with the Governor's Energy Office (GEO) in June 2009 on a performance contract for energy saving upgrades to 66 city facilities. The partnership allows the city to enter into a lease agreement with a contractor to implement the energy efficient facility upgrades that are paid for over time with savings from the decreased utility bills.

Maintenance Practices

Parks and Recreation staff are trained annually through a partnership with Partners for a Clean Environment to understand and take specific steps to prevent storm water pollution as a result of day-to day-activities of park maintenance.

Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry Section is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe urban forest as well as preserving an extensive and diverse tree cover for future generations. There are approximately 26,000 street trees and 10,000 park trees under our jurisdiction.

Green Streets

Boulder Parks and Recreation sponsors Boulder Green Streets, an annual event that promotes active, healthy living, sustainability and strong community.

What others say about Boulder Parks and Recreation environmental stewardship

"In the midst of the many challenges we all face in preserving the environment and its species, Boulder Audubon has found working with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department to be deeply heartening. Their ecological wisdom, their good will as individuals and as a team, and their tremendous ability to implement beneficial practices such as saving the city and its air the many costs of thousands of tons of CO2 a year have made them a model of environmental stewardship in our eyes." - Boulder County Audubon Society

"The city has shown incredible leadership in a time where fiscal responsibility is of the utmost importance, but at the same time environmental stewardship should not be compromised." - Governor's Energy Office, State of Colorado