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Gymnastics Manager Profiles

Ryan Vaughn, Gymnastics Program CoordinatorRyan Vaughn, Gymnastics Program Coordinator

Ryan began participating in the gymnastics program when he was of 4. He participated through age 15, when he was a level 9 on our Flyers team. After graduating from high school he joined the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendelton, and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He manages the boys class and team programs, and coaches the Flyers boys team.

“I like the sport of gymnastics because it can be both an individual and a team sport, and through the sport I am able to be a positive influence in the lives of the boys I coach.”

Prudence Keenan, Gymnastics Program CoordinatorPrudence Keenan, Gymnastics Program Coordinator

Prudence has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for her entire career, teaching and coaching in high school, municipal, and private club programs in New York, California, and Texas, and owning a mobile gymnastics program for preschools in Oregon.

“I believe that all children, from the time they can walk, until the age of 5, should participate in a gymnastics program because it will build the foundation of body awareness, movement safety, and strength that will help in any other physical activity they may try.  And of course it is FUN! “

Keely Miller, Gymnastics Program CoordinatorKeely Miller, Gymnastics Program Coordinator

Keely was a competitive gymnast both here with the Flyers, and at GK Gymnastics in Fort Collins, where she competed as a level 9. She studied psychology, neuroscience and sociology at CU. She now manages the girls class and team programs, and coaches the girls optional level team.

“I love teaching and coaching gymnastics because I see it as a tool for empowering young women.”