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Halloween Drive-in Movie

Join Boulder Parks and Recreation for an eerie-sistible time at Flatiron’s Golf Course on Friday, Oct. 30. Enjoy pre-made treat bags and watch one (or both) spooky movies under the stars.  

We will be offering two movie screenings. An  early screening at 6 p.m . (suggested for for families with children ages 12 and under), and a late screening at 8 p.m. (suggested for adults and children 13+). Admission is $10 per vehicle (per film) and includes a pre-made treat bag. Costumes and car decorations are strongly encouraged for all of our ghosts and ghouls. 

Reserve your spot!


We need your help choosing the movies!

Vote for YOUR favorite Halloween movie. Selections will be announced on Monday, Oct. 16.


What time do gates open?  
Gates for the early screening will be open between 5:30-6:00pm and between 8:00-8:30pm for the late screening. No late arrivals will be permitted. From there, our staff will help direct you into a parking space. Once parked, you may not leave until instructed by event staff. 

How much does it cost to enter?
Admission costs $10 per vehicle (for each film). Tickets will be on sale from our website shortly.  

How do I check in?
This event features contact-less check in. Please hold your printed receipt or mobile phone with the receipt up to your closed window. Event staff will provide you with a color coded flyer upon arrival based on vehicle height. From there, you can park in the correlated color-coded zone. Learn more in our Instructions and Rules section below.  

Can I sit outside of my vehicle?
No. You must always stay inside your vehicle (unless using the restroom). Do not set up chairs or blankets outside your vehicle, sit in the back of pickup trucks, or open tailgates or hatches. All doors must remain closed. Please refrain from socializing between vehicles or in groups. At this time, we are only allowed to offer admission to cars; no walk-ins, bikes, lawn chairs, blankets, or additional outdoor seating. 

What if the screen is obstructed?
As this is a pop-up theater (with different vehicle heights), there may be slightly obstructed views. Our staff will do their best to provide you with good visibility and/or relocate you (if possible).  

How do we hear the audio?
Audio will be broadcast via the FM radio in your vehicle (90.5 FM). You can also bring a portable radio as a backup. If you are using your car stereo, remember to set your key to auxiliary so you don’t drain the battery. Learn more in our Instructions and Rules section below. 

What if my car battery dies?
In the event your battery dies, please text event staff at 303-483-5003. We will have a jump box available. This is a courtesy service we are unable to jump vehicles until the film concludes. Should you require a tow truck, please notify event staff before calling the tow truck company. Tow trucks are not allowed into the venue until the film is over. 

Are there restrooms available?
Yes. No more than four people may be in line for the restroom at a time. Those waiting must maintain 6’ spacing while in line. Please leave and return to your car using proper social distancing protocols.  

Do I need to wear a mask?
Masks are not required while inside your vehicle. Masks must be worn outside of your vehicle. All event staff will wear masks.   

Will there be food or concessions available for purchase?
No. However, each vehicle will receive a pre-made Halloween treat bag.

Can I bring in alcohol?
No, you cannot bring in alcohol to the venue.  

What happens if it rains or snows?
The movie will be held rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, events may be delayed or canceled. 

Are pets allowed?
No. Certified service animals can accompany owners. 

Can I smoke inside my vehicle?
No. Smoking is prohibited within 25-feet of public areas (BRC 6-4-3.5).  

BPR Halloween Drive-In Movie Instructions and Rules

The safety of our staff and guests is our top priority. In accordance with current state, county, and city regulations regarding COVID-19, we have implemented extra safety measures to minimize contact. The information below is subject to change based on future recommendations and/or requirements from city, county, state, or public health authorities. 

Arrival and Parking  

Please park so that there is one space between vehicles. Our volunteers will help direct you to the appropriate parking zone based on your vehicle’s height and color-coded flyer. High-profile vehicles will need to park at the back to ensure that they do not obstruct the view of smaller vehicles. High-profile vehicles include vehicles with roof storage containers, kayaks, large pick-up trucks, vans, etc. If possible, remove rooftop carriers or racks to help limit obstacles for viewing. If your car seating is significantly lower than the height of your rack, your view may be obstructed. The decision to direct your car to a specific space is at the discretion of event staff. Once parked, you may not drive away until instructed by event staff. No engine idling is permitted. All vehicles must face forward; no vehicle may back into a space.  


Vehicles may not leave before the film has ended. If you need to leave urgently, please call 303-483-5003 so that we may assist you to exit the facility safely and with minimal disruption.  

Stay in Vehicle 

You must stay inside your vehicle at all times unless using the restroom. Do not set up chairs or blankets outside your vehicle. Do not sit in the back of pickup trucks or open tailgates or hatches. All doors must remain closed. You cannot socialize between vehicles or in groups. At this time, we are only allowed to offer admission to cars; no walk-ins, bikes, lawn chairs, blankets, or additional outdoor seating. 

Sound and Radio  

Audio will be broadcast via the FM radio in your vehicle on 90.5 FM. The frequency will also be given out at check-in. Please tune in before the film begins. Sound is broadcast in FM only; apps on mobile devices will not work. You can also bring a portable transistor radio as a backup. If you are using your car stereo, set your key to auxiliary so you don’t drain the battery. We will have a portable car battery charger available just in case.  

HOW TO TURN ONLY THE RADIO ON: For many newer vehicles - pressing the power button once (without pressing brake pedal) should start accessory mode from which you can turn on the radio. Pressing power again should turn on all car systems without starting the engine (operate the windows, etc.). Pressing power a third time should turn the car off. 


Headlights and exterior lighting must be off during the movie, no exceptions. Please research how to shut off your lights before arriving at the event. If you have issues with your vehicle lights or are needing your car to be running, you will be asked to move to the back row and remain there for the duration of the film.  


Any violation of these policies may result in you being asked to leave. We must all comply with these guidelines in order to maintain a safe and positive experience for everyone. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy the film!