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Golf Lessons and Instruction

We've partnered with Charlie Regan with Comet Golf to offer adult and junior private instruction.

Our Philosophy

Have Fun!

A principle barrier to entry of the game or seeking out instruction is the fear associated with walking through the golf shop door for the first time. Remember your first date? Reaching for the doorbell and have the guts to push the button? We sure do. Many new players feel the same way as they walk from the parking lot. The moments that follow are crucial. At Comet Golf, we welcome you in person and get to know you before we try to work on your grip, stance and swing. 

Our motto is Care about the people and Share the game with them.” People say they feel comfortable right away and it's a big reason we are so successful and have such a high return rate.  We all tend to take this game a little too seriously and we want first timers to know right off the bat that they don't have to be an accomplished player to have fun.

Charlie Regan – Teaching Professional

  • PGA National Academy of Golf Instructor – 8 years
  • Trained under Mike Adams – Nationally accredited instructor
  • Trained under Dr. Rick Jensen - Performance Consultant and Sports Psychologist
  • Golf Digest Schools Staff - PGA National GC
  • GolfTec - Instructor and Director of Instruction
  • Maine Golf and Tennis Academy - Instructor and Director of Golf – 2 years
  • Involved in more than 400 three-day golf schools
  • Instructed more than 10,000 students in my career
  • Flightscope certified
  • Experienced in a variety of video training systems
  • John Carrol High School, Fort Pierce FL. - Boys Varsity Golf Team Head Coach – 3 years
  • 15 years of instruction including extensive junior golf programming
  • PGA Member A-6 (1993-2009)

Off Season Golf Lesson Rates:

Private Adult Lesson 
Short Session (30 min) - $40
Full Session (60 min) - $70
Private Junior Golf Lessons
Short Session (30 min) - $20
Full Session (60 min) - $35

For more information or to book your lesson call Charlie Regan at 303-882-8413 or email at [email protected].


Start your journey to better golf and more fun with Charlie Regan.