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Kaiut Yoga

Wendy’s journey to Kaiut Yoga and what she hopes to teach others

When Wendy Zerin was a busy practicing pediatrician, she was also an avid yoga practitioner. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman in Boulder and with K. Patthabhi Jois in India. As she neared retirement, Wendy felt that although she could still keep up with the 20-somethings who filled classes she attended, that her focus had shifted and she was interested in deepening her practice in a different direction.

“I wanted a yoga practice which felt like it could provide what my body was actually needing at this point in my life, a practice which I would not have to abandon at some point due to injuries or aging.  I wanted a practice I could continue to do for the rest of my life.” Wendy says.

As a seasoned yogi, Wendy wasn’t interested in backing off on her practice and moving to gentle or relaxation yoga; she was looking for a new challenge. A friend encouraged her to try a class in 2014, taught by a man visiting from Brazil named Francisco Kaiut.

“This is where I found my yoga home,” Wendy says. “After just a few classes, I knew this was the practice I had been looking for.”

Benefits of Kaiut Yoga

One of the things Wendy likes most about Kaiut Yoga is that students receive the benefits of a very challenging yoga class without having to get themselves into complicated poses. Each hour-long class is a specific sequence of about six to twelve poses. Each pose is held for a significant amount of time to allow the pose to act at a deep level.

Because Kaiut Yoga focuses on joint mobility rather than muscle stretching, many students find their freedom of movement and range of motion increases with practice. Students who have had joint replacement surgery, are out of shape, or have many other physical limitations can fully participate in class.

Kaiut Yoga poses are adapted by the teacher as needed to meet specific needs of individual students so that all the poses can be held in a way that is appropriately challenging for every student in the class.  

Now at the North Boulder Rec Center!

Wendy completed one of the first Kaiut Yoga teacher trainings in North America in September 2017 and talked with staff at the North Boulder Rec Center about offering a few classes in the yoga room. Wendy has been a regular participant in a number of classes at the North Boulder Rec Center for years and lives in the neighborhood, so it seemed like a natural fit to teach classes at the center.