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Park and Shelter Rentals - Reservation Process and Fees

Seasonal Park Permits and Rentals Process

Step 1  Decide on your park or shelter
Step 2  use the Request link to enter a reservation online.
Step 3  Staff will contact you with pricing and instructions on how to complete your request.
Step 4  Bring the rental agreement to the park at the time of your event and have a great event!

Park shelter fees during the summer: first Friday in May to Labor Day.

Shelters fees  are per time block - either  10 - 2 pm.  OR   5 - 9 pm. during the rental seasonPayment of fees and deposit is due within 24 hours of receiving the tentative permit to complete the reservation.

Fees for the following park shelters: Eben G. Fine Park, Harlow Platts Park, North Boulder Park, Martin Park and Tom Watson Park; and  Foothills Community Park Shelters A, B and C - depending on group size you may need to reserve more than one. (50 = one shelter, 100 = two shelters, over 100 = all three shelters)

City of Boulder Resident Non-City of Boulder Resident
  $100  $125

 Electricity Fee: $10 - Pick up a key no more than three days in advance of your event at the IRIS Center.
(sorry no electrical access at Eben G Fine park)
Alcohol Fee: $25 - three hour limit must be a city of Boulder resident
Change Fee:   $15 - any change to date, time or location up to 7 days prior to event date.  No changes allowed 6 days or less prior to event date.
Cancelation Policy: One-half (50%) of the fee will be refunded if cancelation is 15 days or more before the scheduled date.  If your reservation is canceled 14 days or less before scheduled date, no refund will be issued.


Shelter deposit: $100 regardless of group size. Renting more than one shelter at Foothills Community Park will not increase the deposit.  If you are at a park with a shelter during the rental season and more than 50 people you must reserve the shelter within one of the time blocks.

Alcohol deposit: $100  in addition to the shelter or large group use deposit. Must be a city of Boulder resident.

Park Use (Large Group use) Deposit: $100 for any large group of 50 people or more on any park lands when a shelter is not reserved.  Groups with more than 100 people may be required to make a larger deposit, depending on the event plan. Deposits for groups with more than 100 people are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Example:  Chautauqua Park and Scott Carpenter Park, neighborhood parks as approved.

Gas Grill only permit: $100 for any gas grill permit (except with shelter- included)

Shelter and park deposits are refunded 10 to 14 days after the event as long as all of the rules and regulations were followed. Credit card payments will be refunded to the original credit card used.

Alcohol deposits are refunded provided the event applicant and participants followed the alcohol rules.

Payments:  Cash, Checks and Major Credit Cards are accepted for payment of fees and deposits made in person. Payment for reservations made by email, phone or fax must be paid by Credit Card.