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Park Volunteer Opportunities

Park Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on volunteers like you to help with the completion of many projects. Volunteers are highly valued and an integral element to the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department. All participants are required to sign an Acknowledgement of Risk and Release pdf form.



Available flowerbeds

  • Parkside Park - Newly planted Pollinator Garden located on the corner of  Kalmia & 26th  
  • Entrance to the East Boulder Recreation Center This adoption will require planting flowers and maintaining the flower beds throughout the growing season. Staff can help with the design, plant recommendations and donations of plants.
  • Columbia Cemetery entrance Adoption of the already established entrance flower bed at Pleasant and 9th street. Maintenance needed on a regular basis through-out the spring, summer and fall months.
  • Library Gardens Channel 8 Garden, Japanese Garden and the Pooh Garden: Regular maintenance and cleanup through-out the spring, summer and fall months.

About the program

There are two Adopt-a-Flowerbed programs. One program calls for adopting an existing perennial or shrub bed and requires weeding and deadheading flowers throughout the season. For those who would like to be more creative, the second program consists of adopting an empty flower bed. This involves designing and planting as well as maintaining the bed throughout the season.

Volunteers, past and present, help develop a strong sense of pride and beauty within the community. They have done an amazing job collecting donations for plant materials, and planting and maintaining their adopted flower-beds throughout the growing season.

The city is committed to using sustainable, low water plants in our public places. City staff will work with volunteers to determine appropriate plant choices for each flower bed. Plants are by donations only; the city cannot provide plants. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, call 303-413-7245.


We are recruiting individuals and organizations to help maintain our 65 parks within the City of Boulder. This is an excellent opportunity to work in your neighborhood park or undertake a team-building project with co-workers. The department will help you choose a park, establish a maintenance schedule and provide you with guidance and support.

These programs provide volunteers with excellent opportunities to gain valuable work experience, make a connection with the community, and meet new people. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, call 303-413-7245.

Boulder Creek Adoption Program -- FULL

The  Boulder Creek Path is a unique and defining landmark for Boulder, Colorado. It is a 5.5 mile paved trail that runs parallel with Boulder Creek to Boulder Canyon on the west end and Stazio Ballfields on the east end. The trail is maintained jointly by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Public Works Department’s Greenway Program.  The trail is used by many and offers great access to parks, shopping, the Library, Boulder Canyon, the Farmers Market and the University of Colorado. It is a popular trail that is used for exercise and alternative transportation as well as fun leisure activities such as fishing, tubing and kayaking.

The Boulder Creek Adoption program provides a way to help keep our streams and multi use path clean and beautiful for all users of the trail and creek while having the opportunity to enjoy nature, be outside and give back to the community.

Thank you to all who have adopted sections of Boulder Creek! Our Boulder Creek Adoption Program is full. One-day cleanup opportunities are available. 

Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps

Established in 1870, Columbia Cemetery was the first permanent cemetery in the City of Boulder, Colorado. Situated on 10.5 acres at Ninth and Pleasant Streets, the cemetery is a virtual "Who's Who" of early Boulder--a historic, cultural, and artistic resource containing the remains of many of our city's founders and pioneers.

In 1999, a cadre of professionally trained volunteers-the Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps-was established to assist with simple grave marker repair and conservation tasks. The group has spent thousands of hours documenting, cleaning, and resetting the markers, landscaping, providing educational outreach, and performing minor repairs. Some of their skills and accomplishments include:

  • Proper grave marker condition assessment and documentation
  • Appropriate cleaning techniques for grave markers
  • Safe use of appropriate equipment for moving and setting grave markers
  • Proper excavation techniques for partially buried grave markers
  • Resetting unstable grave markers
  • Trimming/pruning of vegetation
  • Research on persons buried in Columbia Cemetery
  • Public education and outreach
  • Photographic documentation of the grave markers and conservation work

If you are interested in learning more about the Columbia Cemetery Conservation Corps, contact Project Manager Mary Reilly-McNellan at (303) 413-7232


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