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Recreation Credits, Refunds and Donations Due to Closures

Pass Reactivation Plan and Options

We are excited to welcome our pass holders safely back to our facilities - we’ve missed you!  

With the reopening of the East Boulder Community Center on Sept. 21, we have restored 80% of Parks and Recreation Facilities operations, making accepting our passes possible once again. We encourage you to let us know how you would like to use the remaining value on your pass.  You can elect to turn on your monthly or annual pass for access. Punch passes will be available Oct. 19 to reserve facility entry. The reactivation of passes allows access to reserve timeslots at no additional cost for currently available bookable recreation opportunities.  

List of activities + how to make a reservation

Household Unlimited Monthly & Annual Passes

Please use the Passholder Options Form to:

  1. Elect to reactivate your pass for reservation access beginning Oct. 19
  2. Convert prorated value to punches, which never expire, at a 10% discount: $7.29/adult punch, $5.49/senior punch, $4.50/youth punch.
  3. Request a prorated credit, refund or donation

If we don’t hear from you by Dec. 1, we will issue the prorated value as an account credit. 

Individual Unlimited Monthly & Annual Passes

Are you interested in accessing recreation facilities with your pass? Would you prefer we discontinue your pass for the time being? Complete the Passholder Options Form to: 

  1. Reactivate your pass for reservation access beginning Oct. 19 
  2. Convert prorated value to punches, which never expire, at a 10% discount: $7.29/adult punch, $5.49/senior punch, $4.50/youth punch.
  3. Request a prorated credit, refund or donation 

The unused paid time on your pass, due to the closure, will be automatically added to the pass, extending its expiration date. If you are not quite ready to come back to the facilities at this time, you can disregard it until Dec. 1. On Dec. 1, all annual passes not yet reactivated will convert to a comparable amount of punches that do not expire.   

If you are not interested in returning to the facilities before Dec. 1, your remaining balance (the paid value from the March 13 closure through the original expiration date) will convert to punches, which do not expire. If you do not want your pass converted to punches, please choose from the following options on the form below.  

  • Request a refund 
  • Add the balance as a credit to your account 
  • Donate your balance. 

Please complete the Passholder Options Form  by Dec. 1 to request a refund, credit or donate. Refunds requested after Dec. 1 will default to being given in the form of punches to accounts only. 

Punch Passes

Your access begins Oct. 19, 2020. All punch pass expiration dates will be extended to account for the time the facilities have been closed. Some punch passes do not have expiration dates, and an extension will not be necessary. 

Twilight Passes

Due to reduced facility hours, we will not reactivate Twilight Passes at this time. If you take no action, the remaining balance on your pass will be converted into a set amount of punches that allow entry to our facilities at any time of day with no expiration. If you do not want a punch pass in place of your current Twilight Pass, you can opt to request a refund, add the balance as a credit to your account, or donate the balance to Boulder Parks & Recreation. Please complete the Passholder Options Form  by Dec. 1 to request a refund, credit, or to donate.  

Child Care Passes

Childcare options for facility use are not possible at this time. You will be issued a credit to your account automatically on or after Dec. 1 if you take no action. If you do not wish to receive a credit to your account, you can request a refund or donate it to Boulder Parks & Recreation. Please completethe Passholder Options Form by Dec. 1 to request a refund or to donate. Refunds requested after Dec. 1 will default to being given in the form of credits to accounts only.  


Donations to Boulder Parks and Recreation will help provide much needed services to adults, families and youth in our community. Through your generous support, BPR is able to provide greater access and enhanced inclusion to recreation and fitness programs by reducing the financial, language and transportation challenges some residents experience.

Safely Returning to the Recreation Facilities

We are excited to have you return to Boulder’s Parks and Recreation facilities. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our community and staff. We ask that you continue to observe the best practices recommended by public health officials in all areas of the park system. Citywide Coronavirus Information

Passholder Options Form