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Boulder Reservoir Master Plan

The Boulder Reservoir Master Plan was approved by City Council Jan. 17, 2012.

Background on the Boulder Reservoir Master Plan Project

The city has developed a master plan for the Boulder Reservoir Study Area. The purpose of the plan is to establish management goals and objectives for Parks and Recreation Department land and activities at the Boulder Reservoir (including Coot Lake) that will guide long-term investment strategies and programs.

The project was conducted in the following three phases:

Phase I: Vision, Goals and Key Challenges
Phase II: Policy and Plan Alternatives
Phase III: Draft and Final Master Plan

There were several opportunities for the public to participate in development of the master plan throughout the process. Staff held public meetings at each phase of the project and provided on-going updates at this website and to email list subscribers.

Vision for the Boulder Reservoir Area:

Recognizing that the Boulder Reservoir is first and foremost a source of clean water and valuable natural resources, the community envisions a Reservoir where high quality and appropriate recreation activities are managed and sustained in a manner consistent with preserving and enhancing the environment.

Goals for the Boulder Reservoir Master Plan:

  1. Support City sustainability objectives at the Reservoir.
    • Waste reduction.
    • Carbon emissions reduction.
    • Water conservation.
    • Reduction of single occupancy auto trips through encouragement of alternative transportation options and management of parking.
  2. Provide for a range of high-quality recreational uses, events, facilities and services that are inclusive of the community.
  3. Identify sensitive wildlife and plant species and protect, enhance and restore their natural habitat.
  4. Develop and implement strategies and partnerships to reduce and manage the risks of Aquatic Nuisance Species infestations.
  5. Identify and minimize water pollutant sources.
  6. Promote and support visitor safety.
  7. Develop and implement a business model for longterm sustainable management of the Reservoir, including the use of public/private partnerships.
  8. Endeavor to be a good neighbor to adjacent properties.
  9. Promote visitor and community awareness and stewardship of the Reservoir through ongoing education and outreach.
  10. Ensure the security and maintenance of the facilities and infrastructure in the Reservoir area.
  11. Collaborate with other agencies and departments to accomplish mutual goals.

The Boulder Reservoir Site Management Plan was defined in the 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan as one of the next steps.

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