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Shelter Rental Rules

General Rules
  1. No organized event permit shall be issued except upon satisfactory assurance that the use of the facilities will be under the direct supervision of an adult.  The applicant is prohibited from broadcasting the event by means of any media and must be invitation only.  The applicant is prohibited from raising funds, charging admission or private training for pay, excluding athletic fields.
  2. Glass containers and smoking are prohibited on all City of Boulder Parks and Recreation and Open Space lands.
  3. City parks are generally open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., and from sunrise to sunset during the fall/winter seasons. City park shelter rental hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Times left unscheduled are for cleaning/routine maintenance and general public use.
  4. Setup and cleanup is included in your rental time block.
  5. Loading and unloading of vehicles must be done from designated parking lot areas. No person shall drive a motor vehicle within or upon any part of a park, parkway, recreation area, or open space, except on designated roadway, parking area, or areas that the city manager designates as temporary parking areas. BRC 8-3-6
  6. Destruction, damage or removal of any vegetation, flora and fauna, or defacement of park property is prohibited.  Releasing any birds, insects, etc. or throwing bird seed, rice, flower petals is prohibited.
  7. Fires are allowed only in the designated metal grills installed by the City. With a City approved permit it is permissible to bring your own UL-listed residential, propane-fueled gas grill to a city park provided that the propane is a maximum 20-lb bottle mounted upright on the grill cart & have a grease can or grease mat under the grill. Located no closer than 10 feet from the nearest combustible structure. If more than one grill is to be used in an area, the grills must be separated by at least 5 feet of clear space. An all-purpose ABC-type fire extinguisher is required when using a gas grill. Grills must be attended by an adult at all times. No person shall leave any park without first having completely extinguished any fire. Grills may be restricted in the event of drought conditions. BRC 5-4-10 + 8-3-4
  8. Electricity/Lights-- Access to electricity outlet requires 15 day notice and is available for a $10 fee per group per time block.  Electricity is not available at Eben G. Fine Park.  Lighting is not guaranteed to be provided at shelters after dusk.
  9. Amplification-NO amplification (PA, microphones, speakers) is allowed except at the Civic Park area.
  10. Noise levels- The applicant is responsible to ensure that the noise emanating from the event comply at all times with the standards prescribed by (BRC 5-9-3) "Excessive Sound Levels." Noise must not exceed 55 dBA between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. in a residential zone. The level decreases to 50 dBA after 11 p.m.
  11. Tents, canopy style only, may be erected with the use of a stake no longer than six inches, sand or water weights.
  12. Climbing walls, and bounce castle/inflatable maybe allowable to use at Tom Watson Park. Event Promotions may require a Special Event permit.
  13. If you encounter problems during your picnic or event, call city dispatch at 303-441-3333. Parks and facilities are patrolled by local law enforcement agencies.
  14. All applicable rules and regulations including State Statutes and City ordinances will be enforced.    Report any damages upon your arrival to the facility as soon as possible by leaving a message at 303 413-7200.  The city manager or designee may make changes to this agreement at any time.

Applicant Responsibility

  1. Facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Tables, chairs and other equipment must be replaced in their original location.  Applicant will be required to pay for all damage, loss and cost of excessive clean-up.
  2. Decorations will be permitted as long as no physical damage is incurred to the facility or the furnishings and they are removed at the conclusion of the activity. Under no circumstances are signs to be nailed, pinned, or stapled to any tree, park sign, facility and/or along the roadways.
  3. Groups are required to take their trash and recycling with them.  Trash/recycle left on site is subject to a disposal cost/fee withheld from the damage deposit.

Alcohol Rules

  1. Park or Shelter agreement must be obtained before an alcohol permit issue.  ( Shelter rental season 1st weekend in May to Labor Day in September)  Alcohol permits are approved for parks with a shelter rental during the rental season.
  2. Alcohol permits are generally approved year-round for parks without a shelter at: Civic Area/Central Park/Library lawn, Chautauqua Park lawn/green, Scott Carpenter, Pleasantview Fields
  3. Promotion of this private event by media promotion, social or other, is prohibited.
  4. Permits must be obtained no more than 90 nor less than 15 days before the day for which the permit is issued.
  5. Permits holders must be a City of Boulder resident and at least 21 years of age, with valid identification.
  6. No glass containers are permitted.
  7. There is a three hour limit on alcohol permits.
  8. Additional security deposits are due and determined based on the group size.


Cancellation Policy: One-half (50%) of the fee will be refunded if cancellation is 15 days or more before the scheduled date.  If your reservation is canceled 14 days or less before scheduled date, no refund will be issued.

  Changes and Rescheduling Policy:    Changes requested by the applicant to another:  Date/Time/location will pay a $15.00 Administration fee for each change.  Due to weather   you may reschedule a rental within the same rental season at no extra charge, as long as the date(s) are available and do not interfere with any other function.

Inclement Weather Policy: No refunds are given due to inclement conditions.  However, if there is space available, we will be happy to reschedule your reservation during the same rental season. You must call 303-413-7200 on or before the first business day after your scheduled event to reschedule due to weather.