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Tantra Park

Tantra Park

Tantra Park is a neighborhood park near Summit Middle School. It has a paved, multi-use path, playground and picnic shelter.


  • Playground
  • 4-post slackline park (Bring your own slackline)
  • Picnic shelter
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Sports field
  • Bike racks

Slackline Park

The four-pole slackline course in the original plan was not ultimately selected as an alternate, due to budget constraints. The department agreed to match funding if the community can raise half the cost of the slackline course. Crowdfunding efforts initiated by the slackline community leaders in partnership with the City of Boulder’s Resilient Together team met the goal and we are happy to say that a 4-pole slackline course has been installed just north of the playground near the end of Brookfield Drive.

Summary of Slacklining Rules:

  • Slacklining is only allowed on designated trees or within slackline course area at Tantra Park. Please see the interactive map online to identify the approved trees.
  • Slacklining is only permitted during park hours.
  • Participants and spectators assume all risk associated with the activity.
  • All slacklines may be affixed on a temporary basis and may not be left unattended. Unattended equipment will be removed and considered abandoned property.
  • Tree protection material must be placed between the tree or slackline post and the line that is fixed to the tree or slackline post. Material must be at least .25 inches thick and at no time should any cabling, wires or lines be in direct contact with the bark of the tree or slackline post.
  • The slackline may not be elevated to a height of more than four feet at the center of the span when the user is on the line and weighting it.
  • The slackline may not obstruct the intended uses of the park, sidewalks, buildings, roads, streets, playgrounds, bikeways, water features, sport courts, bike racks, handrails, art objects, fences or light poles.
  • When the slackline length exceeds 50 feet, visible safety tags or flags must be used to alert park users that the line is in place.
  • Trees, slackline posts and/or landscaped areas showing damage from slacklining activities may be restricted.
  • Slacklines may only be attached to approved trees or slackline posts and may not be affixed to any other infrastructure including but not limited to buildings, bike racks, handrails, art objects, fences or light poles.
  • Activities such as stunts or tricks involving flips are not permitted.
  • Slacklines must be removed for any park permit use or regular maintenance such as lawn mowing or tree pruning.