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Visitor Services Center Redevelopment

Boulder Reservoir VIsitors Service Center

Boulder Reservoir Visitor Services Center Redevelopment

Construction of the new Boulder Reservoir Services Center started this summer. The Administration Building near the beach currently is closed for a major renovation with plans to open for the summer season in 2020. The swim beach, boating and other activities are operating as usual with regular seasonal activity, although intermittent closures to the beach area may occur. No concessions are available; however, food trucks may be on-site.

Construction Updates

Boulder Reservoir VSC Construction - Sept. 2019Reservoir VSC Construction  - Floor Vapor Barrier Installation  - Sept. 2019Boulder Reservoir Construction  - Installed Concrete Floor - Sept. 2019     ​  

What's Happened

Activities over the past two months have included installation of foundations, underground utilities and pouring of the floors for the facility.  Work has also started on the installation of the CMU block walls.  

What's Next

Work over the next month will continue to focus on the installation of the exterior block walls.

New Facility Highlights

The new Guest Services and Administrative Facilities will be a modern, family-friendly, open and bright facility which offers:

  • Guest locker rooms, changing areas and restroom facilities;

  • Concessions area with indoor and outdoor dining options;

  • Public meeting space; and,  

  • Event and group gathering space;

  • Staff offices. 

New site amenities will also include:

  • Outdoor dining and events plaza with reservoir and Flatirons views; 

  • Children’s play areas at plaza and beach levels; and,

  • Boardwalk/promenade offering reservoir views, beach access and seating areas. 

Resource Library (Documents, Gallery, News)

* NOTE: Conceptual plan illustrates a depiction of potential full-build of the facility. Implementation will occur in phases based on available funding and essential guest and staff services will be prioritized for early phases of construction.

  • Photos from September 2019 (click to enlarge)

Boulder Reservoir VSC Construction - Sept. 2019Reservoir VSC Construction  - Floor Vapor Barrier Installation  - Sept. 2019Boulder Reservoir Construction  - Installed Concrete Floor - Sept. 2019     ​  


Project Background


The 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan pdf indicated the need for renewal and renovation of several key facilities that support visitor use at the reservoir. Additionally, recent facility assessments of the existing Reservoir Bathhouse and Administration Building show that while some system deficiencies can be addressed through maintenance or minor repairs, others have reached or surpassed their expected life cycle and require significant repair, rehabilitation or replacement. Maintenance issues are affecting the operation of the facility and diminish the opportunities for quality visitor experiences at the reservoir.

An extensive conceptual and public engagement process in 2016 yielded a final concept for the replacement of the existing administration and bathhouse facility with a new Visitor Services Center. The new facility will replace the existing bathhouse and administration building providing an enhanced guest experience as well as improved functionality for reservoir operations.

Planning and Community Outreach
The 2017 Final Visitor Services Center Concept Plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on Jan. 23, 2017. Staff worked with a consultant team throughout 2017 to develop detailed design drawings. IN2018, staff finalized the engineering, permitting and contract bidding processes. The 2019 Visitor Services Center Building Renderings were presented at the Jan. 31, 2019, public meeting. In spring 2019, construction began.

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Boulder Reservoir is Changing

The 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan (BRMP) set forth an objective to develop a Site Management Plan for the South Shore area to address programmatic opportunities, operation and management thresholds, sustainable business model(s), vehicle and trail access, capital improvements, a site plan, and traffic and noise impacts of the South Shore facilities and supported activities.