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Volleyball - Adult

What We're Doing to Keep You Safe

Number of Participants 

  • Volleyball  - 25 participants or fewer per court 

New Procedures

  • All players will sign waiver/release first night of play and will keep lineup card with names of players each week for specific games, to enable any contact tracing that might need to exist if someone were to contract illness. 
  • Teams will play double-headers every two weeks to minimize the number of new teams of players interacting. 
  • Any shared use of equipment is discouraged.
  • Face coverings by participants will be required at all times, including during play unless the individual has received doctor authorization that wearing a mask could impair their ability to breathe.  
  • Waiting areas will be used for times of larger congregation i.e. coming off the court, entering facility etc. 
  • Caution tape used to mark off closed areas to participants. 
  • Traffic flow tape to follow leading in from entry and out for exit. 

Staff Responsibilities

  • Wipe down all high touch surfaces. 
  • Welcome participants and direct those first to enter the facility to their respective areas.
    • Do the same for the following teams, directing them to the waiting/warm-up areas. 
    • Marks will be placed dictating 6’ from one another in an effort to ensure players not playing are appropriately spaced from one another.
  • Wear face covering at all times while interacting with officials, players or spectators. 
  • Wash hands/use hand sanitizer at the start, during, and after the completion of shift and after touching any part of face or any other surfaces within the facility.
  • Monitor entry of participants from entrance and enforce policies surrounding distancing, mask-wear, and traffic flow. 
  • At the end of each hour: 
    • Facilitate participant exit and entrance to facility 
    • Clean all entry points and door and toilet handles and sinks 
    • Wipe down high-traffic surfaces touched 

What to Expect

Expectations Prior to the Game

  • Start times will be staggered by 15 minutes on each court. Please do not enter the facility any more than 10 minutes prior to your game’s start time. 
  • All players must enter the facility while keeping a distance of 6’ from any other participants entering the facility. 
  • Upon entering, teams will proceed directly to their side of the court for warm-up. 
  • Teams waiting to play cannot enter the court until teams from prior game have cleared the area and begun to exit the facility. 

Protocols During the Game

  • Face coverings by participants will be required at all time, inlcuding during play unless the individual has received doctor authorization that wearing a mask could impair their ability to breathe. 
  • Spectators of any kind are strongly discouraged. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided. 
  • Teams are responsible for disinfecting any shared equipment between uses. 
  • Opportunities to sanitize the ball will be provided.
  • Players not following protocols will be warned once and then asked to leave the facility. 

Post-Game Procedures

  • Post-game handshake line is prohibited. Wave or tip of the cap after the game between teams is encouraged in its place. 
  • Upon completion of the game, teams must immediately gather up their belongings and exit the facility to make way for games to follow.   
    • Congregating after games inside any facility is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.  

Rule/Field Modifications

  • Coming Soon! 

Planning for a Safe Visit

  • Before leaving home, consider your current health. Stay home if you feel sick. Review the COVID-19 symptom checker for the best practices to follow before participation.
  • Arrive wearing your face covering and uniform. Leave valuables at home, or in your transportation.  
  • Face coverings by participants will be required when entering, moving about, and upon exit of the facility unless the individual has received doctor authorization that wearing a mask could impair their ability to breathe. 
  • Arrive at the facility no more than 10 minutes early to allow for team check-in, roster and lineup card signing, and safe exit of other teams.  
  • Please maintain physical distance from other participants while waiting to enter and while inside the facility. 
  • While at the facility, please try to maintain the maximum distance from staff and other participants, follow staff instructions, and avoid behaviors that could impact the health of others (spitting, coughing, close contact, etc.).  
  • When exiting the facility, please follow signs for one-way traffic flow and leave via the designated exit only.    
  • Schedule will include 15 minutes for transitions between games. By following these guidelines closely, patrons can help reduce any unnecessary contact other players or staff and allows for a safe recreation atmosphere.


Adult Volleyball Leagues:  

2020 Fall Indoor Leagues

Leagues Offered

  • Monday Co-ed Rec

  • Wednesday Co-ed Division 1

  • Wednesday Co-ed Division 2

  • Thursday Women's Divisions 

Important Dates

  • Registration opens: August 17
  • Registration closes: August 31 (a $20 fee will apply to any team registering after the deadline).
  • Schedules posted to the web: 1 week prior to first game
  • Games begin: September 14
  • Cost: $475/team.

General League Information

  • Co-ed teams start with 6 on the court.  Unlimited roster.
  • Teams will play 2 games per week; doubleheaders scheduled throughout season.
  • Game nights are Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Games take place at the East Boulder Community Center, first games start at 6 p.m.
  • Each team guaranteed 8 regular-season games, Top 4 playoff system used.
  • League dates: 9/14-11/12

Registration is easy!

Please visit  to find your team schedule/standings. 

League Descriptions

Indoor League Options (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Division 1

Designed for those teams who wish to play for competitive reason in the highest level of competition offered. Players in this category should have a strong volleyball background with organized playing experience. Teams employ multiple offensive attacks and defensive strategies with consistent hitting and blocking. Most players have collegiate playing experience. Players with highly accomplished skill level. If your team would play in Upper Comp leagues in previous seasons.

Division 2

Designed for teams who wish to play quality volleyball. Players in this category have above average volleyball skills. Teams use power volleyball skills well - bump, set, spike. These teams use offensive and defensive strategies. Some players have collegiate playing experience and the rest having at least high school playing experience. Players with advanced intermediate to accomplished skill level. If your team would play in a Middle Comp league in previous seasons.

Coed Rec. Division

This division is your basic recreational division.  Designed for teams who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere and teams.  Players have little experience playing.

We only accept full team registrations.

Free agent information will be posted here when it is available.

Looking to play volleyball right away but your not part of a team? Check out our open gym schedules for all 3 of our Recreation centers drop in volleyball days and times. This is a great way to play some volleyball without being part of a team.