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Volleyball - Adult


Adult Volleyball Leagues:

Please see current League flyer on the right hand side of this webpage. 

Spring adult volleyball registration will open on Monday, Febuary 3rd at 8:30am.  The registration deadline is March 23rd.

League Descriptions


Indoor League Options (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Division 1

Designed for those teams who wish to play for competitive reason in the highest level of competition offered. Players in this category should have a strong volleyball background with organized playing experience. Teams employ multiple offensive attacks and defensive strategies with consistent hitting and blocking. Most players have collegiate playing experience. Players with highly accomplished skill level. If your team would play in Upper Comp leagues in previous seasons.

Division 2

Designed for teams who wish to play quality volleyball. Players in this category have above average volleyball skills. Teams use power volleyball skills well - bump, set, spike. These teams use offensive and defensive strategies. Some players have collegiate playing experience and the rest having at least high school playing experience. Players with advanced intermediate to accomplished skill level. If your team would play in a Middle Comp league in previous seasons.

Coed Rec. Division

This division is your basic recreational division.  Designed for teams who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere and teams.  Players have little experience playing.

Co-ed Rec  - Monday Nights - $425

Co-ed Division 1  - Wednesday Nights - $425

Co-ed Division 2  - Wednesday Nights - $425

Women's Divisions  - Thursday Nights - $425


Registration is by team not individual

Free Agents- Please contact Matt at [email protected] to receive more information about our free agent blog


Questions?  Contact Matt at 303-413-7477 or [email protected]


Looking to play volleyball right away but your not part of a team? Check out our open gym schedules for all 3 of our Recreation centers drop in volleyball days and times. This is a great way to play some volleyball without being part of a team.




2020 Summer Sand Leagues

Info coming soon.

Leagues offered: 

Coed Sand 4s on Wednesdays 

Coed Sand 6s on Thursdays 

(Adult: 18+) Six-person and four-person outdoor sand leagues are getting ready to play.  Unlimited number of players allowed on a roster! 8 week season.  Most teams will play double headers during a given night.

*There are no officials in our summer sand leagues.  Teams officiate themselves*

For more information please contact Matt Kamhi at 303-413-7477 or [email protected]