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Mind/Body Instructors

Andrea Ahrens

Andrea moved into a yoga ashram at the age of 18 and stayed for more than twenty years. She began formally teaching yoga in 1985 and has co-taught a 200-hour yoga teacher certification program at the Eldorado Yoga Ashram.

Her style is meditative with an emphasis on breath and personal body awareness. She encourages students to listen carefully inside themselves, finding body/mind/spirit wisdom from deep within. Now in her 50s, her practice has evolved from an emphasis on stretching and loosening to a practice of mindful strengthening of muscles and bones.

Although her spiritual life has been deeply rooted in Eastern tradition, she is a retired school librarian/technology teacher who also taught high school language arts for many years.

Lori Batcheller

Lori teaches therapeutic and all levels drop-in yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 2000 and received her 500-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher certification in 2007 while working and studying at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health—the nation’s largest and most established center for yoga and holistic living.

Lori holds additional certifications in chair yoga, yoga for anxiety and depression, chakra yoga, and meridian yoga. Her classes focus on combining breath and movement and cultivating compassionate self-awareness.

Also a writer, licensed physical and massage therapist, and Reiki Master, Lori is committed to ongoing studies to bring mind/body/spirit to a state of optimal health and wellness.

Julia Buonanno

Julia Buonanno, NIA instructor ​Julia has been teaching Soul Sweat in Boulder since 2015. She brings great energy, joy, and freedom to her classes and strives to share it with each of her dancers. Dance has been an integral part of her life since she was a child, weaving in and out of many of her life experiences, keeping her both grounded and inspired, and aiding in her personal growth. 

She believes strongly in the power of dance to transform and heal. Through group choreography we have a unique opportunity to dance in community and find a strength bigger than ourselves. Learning choreography and repeating it is similar to learning a new language. We give ourselves the space to learn the language at our own pace and reap the rewards as we feel it fall into place over time.

"In my classes, choreography is the launching point. Once we have learned the basics I hope to show all my dancers the freedom waiting for us as we discover our own creativity/style in our dance and uncover what feels best in our own bodies," Julia says.

Again and again we find ourselves pushing up against our boundaries and then dancing beyond them. Julia volunteers with and sits on the board of the Boulder based nonprofit Dance to be Free which brings the healing power of dance to women in prison nationwide. 

Brian Burton

Brian teaches an easy flowing yoga which consists of mindful movement, classical poses and linking asanas in easy flowing sequences. He emphasizes mindfulness of breath, body and mind and uses poetry to enhance the yoga experience.

Brian teaches simple pranayama practices to release stress and allow for a natural yoga experience to arise. His yoga background comes from the Shambahava School of Yoga. Both his own practice and teachings have been strongly influenced by a 25 year mindfulness meditation practice and training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabbit Zinn.

Lisa Byron

Lisa came to boulder in 1978 to attend the Boulder School of Massage Therapy. She has been a massage therapist for more than 35 years, working with professional runners in Europe, working on cruise ships, in athletic clubs, chiropractor's offices, retirement homes, and with many private clients.

She is certified in group fitness classes for bicycle spin, fit ball, Pilates, yoga, and Silver Sneakers. Lisa enjoys hiking, volunteering for the Humane Society, movies, and continuing her education to improve and enhance her classes.

Description of the classes Lisa teaches for the City of Boulder


Hatha yoga,with slow movement (vinyasa). This includes balance poses,stretching, and breathing that flow into a slow meditative dance. Bringing spiritual awareness to body and mind.


Strengthening body core with aligned form through proper breathing and Joe Pilates exercises . It improves posture,muscle strength ,and flexibility, which enhances mental awareness. Pilates keeps you healthy and strong for other athletic performance.


The combination of Pilates and Hatha Yoga compliment each practice to improve full body Awareness. We move through class using props such as foam rollers,magic circles,ballet barre,etc. to assist and improve our form. Students are encouraged to express their daily needs to bring variety to the class and improve their individual well-being.

These classes welcome both beginners and experienced students to enrich their lives at their own pace in an encouraging environment.

Louis Carlino

Louis teaches a style of yoga known as Integral Yoga®. Integral Yoga® is a classical practice emphasizing awareness and mindfulness. Its primary focus is on quieting and focusing the mind. A typical class begins with a short centering practicing, continues with asanas (postures), and is followed by a deep relaxation, breathing practices and a brief meditation.

Depending on the level of the students, it can be vigorous but never to the point of disrupting the harmonious relationship between body, breath and mind.

Louis is an Integral Yoga® certified teacher with more than 1,000 hours of training. He is a graduate of Naropa University and is practicing psychotherapist. For the past 10 years, Louis has developed a form of psychotherapy integrating the teachings and practices of yoga. The overall quality of his classes are healing and nurturing.

Karen Nicholson Cobble

Karen has a master's degree in counseling psychology and is Yoga Alliance Certified. She currently teaches yin yoga at all three recreation centers, on a drop-in basis. Additionally she stays current in teaching by attending workshops led by esteemed practitioners, known internationally in the world of yoga, such as Tias Little, Ana Forrest, Sean Corne and Sarah Powers.

Karen believes in the power of yoga to help people lead a mindful life. Her teaching is supportive and encouraging for each student to develop a practice that supports a healthy balance between activity and rest.

Karen Dowling

Karen is a dedicated yoga practitioner. Wanting to develop her flexibility and maintain her health, she discovered yoga at an early age. She has been studying and practicing yoga asana and philosophy for more than 20 years. Karen began teaching yoga eight years ago at the request of friends.

Since then, she has become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist.

"My classes offer radiant health, resilience and balance as well as a deeper understanding of and connection with your own body," Karen says.

In her classes, Karen unites the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga with the physical postures giving her students the full realm of the yoga experience. Her classes are fun, challenging, lighthearted and insightful. Karen's classes work with the basic asanas to develop strength along with flexibility.

Ravi Dykema

Ravi studied for four years in the 1970s under Swami Gitanananda Giri who was the head of a traditional Tantra/Raja Yoga lineage he called Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga.

Ravi created a yoga center in Boulder called The Laya Institute where he teaches beginning to advanced yoga and a two-year, 1000-hour teacher training.

Ravi was an adjunct faculty at Naropa Institute, which became Naropa University, from 1989 to 2005. He developed the curriculum for and directed the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Traditional Eastern Arts, Yoga Concentration, the only accredited B.A. degree in Yoga in the U.S. (that he knows of).

Drawing on the broad curriculum he developed at Naropa, Ravi wrote a college textbook on yoga for fitness and wellness (2006). It contains chapters on yoga history, philosophy and theory, which an unusual trait for a modern yoga book.

In Ravi's yoga therapy practice, he specializes in the rare condition known as disruptive kundalini, or disruptive body energy. Ravi has interviewed dozens of yoga and Eastern spirituality luminaries over the years for his magazine, Nexus, Colorado's Holistic Journal. He has also written a yoga column for his magazine.

Cassandra Field

Cassandra Field has been teaching yoga since 1997. She received her teacher certification in Seattle WA where she studied many different styles of yoga and developed her unique approach to teaching therapeutic yoga. Teaching yoga is her labor of love!

She brings her passion, knowledge, experience, creativity and sense of humor to her classes. Her approach is gentle, powerful fun and impactful. Cassandra specializes in helping others through the application of yoga to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Cassandra empowers her students to progress toward greater health and freedom from dis-ease and or imbalance through holistic treatment of various kinds of psychological or somatic dysfunctions ranging from back problems to emotional distress. Cassandra’s therapeutic approach is based on an understanding of the human being as an integrated body-mind system, which can function optimally only when there is a state of dynamic balance.

Tracy Goldenberg

Tracy Goldenberg Tracy’s life mission is to help people occupy their bodies, hearts, and minds with compassion and curiosity. She started her personal yoga practice in 1989 and continues to believe that the yoga mat is one of the most magical places on earth! Tracy’s yoga classes are always adaptive and embody the spirit of a “living laboratory.”

She has training and certifications in Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Dance/Movement Therapy. Additionally, she is a Somatic Psychotherapist with a private practice in Boulder as well as faculty member at Naropa University where she teaches courses in psychology, embodiment, and the neuroscience of the body-mind connection. 

Tracy developed “Body Mandala” in 2018, a choreographed movement class that blends dance, somatics, and yoga. In each of her roles, Tracy supports you in becoming your own expert and manifesting the best version of yourself!

Caroline Goosman

Caroline has studied many different disciplines of yoga and incorporates them into a vigorous flowing asana practice. She was introduced to yoga by her mother, an avid yogi of more than 30 years and began practicing as a child in 1989. Caroline began her practice in earnest after the birth of her daughter in 1998.

Caroline has taken many classes from Richard Freeman, Seane Corn, John Friend, Judith Hanson Lasater, Ana Forrest, David Swenson, Patricia Walden, Rodney Yee and Cyndi Lee. She attends the Yoga Journal Conference annually to continue her education and pursue her passion for yoga.

Alicia Grayson

Alicia has been an avid student of various styles of yoga and Pilates since 1986 and has been teaching since 1996. She holds teacher certifications in Stott Pilates Mat, Kripalu Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Todd Norian's Anusara Style Yoga, and Danskinetics.

She teaches Contact Improvisation internationally, is a practitioner of Authentic Movement, and is a life coach and somatic psychotherapist all of which influence her teaching. She encourages students to find the yoga or union within themselves by listening to the intelligence of their own bodies. 

Lisa Hanckel

Lisa Hanckel Lisa Joy Hanckel, C-IAYT, MSAc, LAc  is an internationally certified yoga therapist, experienced educator and a board-certified acupuncturist practicing in Boulder, Colorado. She began studying with world-renowned yoga teacher Richard Freeman in 1994 and his approach has deeply influenced her work.

In 2000, she was struck in an automobile accident and suffered bodily injuries as well as a traumatic brain injury. When she spoke to Richard about not being able to continue her practice, he advised her to "start from the palette" and trace sensation subtly throughout her body in order to heal. 

This intimate connection with mindful observation of the body forever changed her practice and prompted her work in yoga therapy. 8 1/2 years ago she met Francisco Kaiut when he first came to Boulder, CO. She has attended more than 200 classes with him as well as 400 hours of teacher trainings.

Kaiut Yoga integrates her work of settling the nervous system with movements that bring mobility and blood flow into the joints. She listens to each student's personal concerns and carefully observes, meeting them where they are- any condition, any age, any shape, any size- so they can surrender into practice with gentleness and intelligence. 

Louann Harlow

M.S. Physical Education

Louann is grateful to have been practicing yoga and meditation for more than forty years. She continues to study the Ashtanga, Iyengar, Desikichar, Vipassana, Dzogchen and eco-dharma traditions. 

Louann's instruction is devoted to breathing, safe alignment, relaxation, individual adaptability and planetary stewardship. 

As former director of the City of Boulder’s mind/body program Louann pioneered Nia, children and adult holistic health classes over several decades of change and growth. She is currently working on Heartbeatyoga: yoga dance and communal free-form aerobic movement accompanied by uplifting, seasonal world music for all ages. 

Rebekah Hartman

Nia Black Belt, Move IT Somatic Coach and 5 Stages of Self Healing Practitioner.

Life is about experience. It is my personal goal to deliver an experience like no other in each class I teach. I have spent most of my life learning and growing through what I call my dance with life. My repertoire is choked full of practicing/performing every dance form possible, from creative movement to jazz, African to hip hop.

I was born on this planet to dance and the Nia Technique gives me the freedom to express myself as a dancer/choreographer and blend it into a practice of personalizing and conditioning . 

Discover the chemistry of nine different movement forms, 52 moves, Multiple fitness levels and a whole body workout! It just takes you stepping in!

Vicki Johnson

"Nia has changed my body and my life, and it is with that in mind that I became inspired to teach. My hope and intention for each of my students is to discover the masculine and feminine parts of themselves, to find medicine in the movement, to get out of the head and into the heart, and most of all, to sense joy from the moment the class starts and beyond."

Gil Kelly

Gil was personally trained in the Feldenkrais Method® by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. He has been practicing Feldenkrais Functional Integration® and teaching Awareness Through Movement® since 1983. Gil has taught classes for the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation for 20 years.

He has helped thousands of people gain relief from pain and learn how to move with more ease and coordination. Gil is currently offering both private sessions and group classes for clients in Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Angel Lin

Angel assists students in creating their personalized yoga practice, so they can experience beauty in their own presence and all beings. Her teaching style is dynamic, openhearted and accessible. She strives to bring physical, emotional and spiritual balance and harmony to her everyday life and hopes to convey the same to her class.

Angel is also an excellent hands-on adjuster and an avid student in the language of Sanskrit. Angel Lin has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching for the City of Boulder since 2003. She studied with Alan Finger from New York City and received her first 500-hours Teaching Certification in ISHTA tradition in 2002. She has also studied with many renowned teachers including David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Sarah Powers and Gabriella Giubilaro. A dedicated student of Richard Freeman, she has completed several of his Advanced Teacher Intensives in the past years.

Her yoga practice and teaching are deeply influenced and inspired by her continuing study with Richard Freeman, Sarah Powers and the ISHTA Tradition.

Nancy McKay

Nancy McKay is certified through The Pilates Center of Boulder (1996). She loves sharing the joy of Pilates. Nancy has taught Pilates in a variety of settings including PT clinics, Wellness and athletic centers, and Pilates studios. In addition, Nancy is a physical therapy assistant and massage therapist.

Karen Olsen (K.O.)

Karen OlsenEducation:  Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design from CU

Certification:  Black Belt certification in the Nia technique

Karen Olsen (better known as K.O.) began her natural love of movement when jumping and giggling wildly in her native Boulder crib. Karen is a volunteer for La Leche League and Girl Scout Troop Leader. She enjoys traveling, scuba, singing loudly with her daughters, and being outdoors. K.O. brings energy, grace and a sense of community to her classes.

Beth Rininger

Beth is an acupuncturist, a poet, and has been practicing yoga in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions since 1986 and teaching since 1994. She is a student of Buddhism, and has practiced extensively with Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Her interweaving of these two traditions creates a classroom environment in which movement through yoga asanas is used as a tool to settle our awareness into the present moment, deepening our insight and compassion. Her primary yoga teacher is Richard Freeman.

Wendy Rochman

Certifications: Nia Blue Belt, Zumba, Zumba Gold®, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Cardio Fit, Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit, Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch, Fittour Yoga Certification, Fittour Group Exercise Certification, Colorado Teaching Certificate, and a Masters degree in Education.

All of my classes are FUN (Functional, Uplifting, Nurturing), and we have a good time too! I use my skills as a teacher to help motivate and educate my students on how their bodies move, how to maintain healthy fitness, and how to avoid injury through correct form and posture during their workouts. One of my skills is developing lasting supportive relationships with individual students by keeping track of and accommodating each of their specific needs.

Erin Ross

​Erin Ross brings a spunky, lively energy to her SoulSweat™ class that is grounded in dancing for fun, freedom and self-expression.  After searching for years to find a dance community that was based on simply dancing for joy, she discovered SoulSweat™ in 2012 and was hooked. Her choreography is accessible and welcoming, allowing dancers to sink into their own expression and work up a good sweat. Erin understands dance as path to opening our hearts and feeling good in our own skin. Her classes include a wide range of music styles which bring out the many characters that live in each of us.

Arielle Schwartz, PhD

Arielle is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and a psychologist. Arielle was first introduced to yoga during her childhood and began teaching yoga in 1995. Her classes include Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa (flow) style practices. Arielle enjoys blending forms, being creative and having fun. In class, you will often hear her say, "listen to your body," or "make this posture your own," for she believes that while alignment and structure of the posture are important the depth of practice lies in the subtleties of how sensation guides the practitioner.

Juliet Seskind

Juliet developed Ayre in 2012, a full body workout fusing many dance styles. She chose this name because Ayrshire Scotland is where she has a lot of family and where her mother grew up. It also has other meanings that seem fitting -- music being one. "I love that because music is the driving force of inspiration for me. I also love the name because my son Darryl helped me come up with it," Juliet said.

Juliet loves creating choreography and working with a wide variety of music. Her classes are high energy, upbeat and powerful.  Her passion for expression through movement and dance is contagious! Juliet demonstrates choreography in levels to meet a range of abilities.

Juliet has been a dance/movement instructor since 2003.  Her background is in ballet, dance and movement.  

John Steele, PhD

Education and Certifications

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher
  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher
  • Ph.D. in Psychology; Licensed Psychologist

Expertise and Areas of Specialty

John has studied with B.K.S. Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar, and many other senior teachers in the United States. He began practicing in 1970 and started teaching in 2001. John has traveled to India to take classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute.

John follows the Iyengar teaching method, which emphasizes systematic instruction in the fundamentals of body alignment in a variety of yoga poses. Classes cover standing and sitting postures, forward and backward extensions, twists, inversions, abdominal toning poses, relaxation poses, breath awareness, breath expansion and meditation.

Students learn with step-by-step instruction and repeated practice how to safely and smoothly enter, maintain and come out of each posture. Props and hands-on adjustments are provided as needed to promote an increased level of confidence, deeper understanding, and to make the poses more accessible to everyone.

Accommodations are made for students with injuries, medical conditions or other special needs. John has practiced Zen meditation since 1993. He specializes in mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy in his private practice and teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at Kaiser Permanente.

Arianna Stout

Certifications: The Pilates Center Boulder, Boulder College of Massage Therapy

Arianna has been teaching Pilates for the last twenty years and loves the mobility, alignment and strength the practice brings to her clientele. She has practiced all over the states, in Europe and has happily taught for the City of Boulder for several seasons now. Arianna is a movement teacher, massage therapist, professional dancer, and mother who loves photography and outdoor adventure.

Shawna Suzyn

Shawna has been involved in movement for over 20 years beginning as a gymnast. She has taught yoga for more than seven years, teaching all ages from 5 to 85 years old. Her style is flowing, meditative, and physically challenging. She is certified in classic Hatha yoga, and is currently studying Ashtanga and Anusara which mainly influence her teaching style. Shawna is also a psychotherapist, and aims to facilitate her students in the upliftment and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Her class is beneficial for everyone, from professional athletes to those new to exercise, as well as the experienced yogis who would like to give their body and spirit some time for restorative and rejuvenative focus. We will practice traditional pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (exclusively on the floor) in a meditative flowing style to create greater flexibility, core strength, and balance, combined with an intension to connect inward, reduce stress, increase clarity of mind, peace and upliftment.

Joan Tomek

Joan came to teaching exercise through a lifelong love of movement and her desire to share it with others. She has been certified to teach group exercise since 1999 and has been teaching Pilates since 2002. She was first trained to teach Pilates by City of Boulder instructor Michael Miller, and then completed the Pilates Center Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program in 2017. She is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

Joan likes to teach by demonstration as well as description and feels that it is essential that exercise be enjoyable as well as correct. Joan's classes are fairly laid back, although she emphasizes doing movement as well as possible within the limitations of one's own body. She believes that to do less is a waste of effort of both student and instructor. She is also an AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer.

Joan is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She has also lived in Ohio where she attended Oberlin College and earned a B.A. in art. She moved to Colorado in 1991. Her other loves are her garden, anything outdoors, her husband and 4 cats.

Tom Weiser

Have you ever been in a stressful situation and felt your body tighten up? Have you ever had that experience of tension and realized, “Wait a second, I don’t need to do tense up like this!” and then relaxed your body? That ability to relax in the face of stress is what I am most interested in cultivating in myself, and what I try to teach my students. This relaxation is not just physical relaxation; it’s also mental relaxation. It’s not “checking out” of a situation; it’s relaxing into the situation and meeting it in a way that’s fully alive. My goal for myself and for my students is to be able to meet any situation in a way that’s open, relaxed and energized.

I didn’t start out with that goal. When I was younger, I assumed that relaxation was something that you did after work, if you had time. Achievement was paramount, relaxation secondary and if the cost was physical and mental discomfort, well, that just seemed like the price you had to pay. This attitude propelled me through my undergraduate degree at Harvard University and a graduate degree at City College of New York. It followed me into the field of computer programming and resulted in a reasonable amount of career success and a great amount of back pain and mental distress. It was only after back surgery that I admitted to myself that my life strategy was faulty.

I began to study t’ai chi and to come face to face with my own tension and rigidity. Little by little I learned that relaxed movement was much more pleasant than tense movement, and that it was more efficient, too! I began to study meditation and Alexander Technique, and realized that relaxation had to include mind as well as body. As I studied and practiced, my body and mind became more fluid, and my back pain receded and then disappeared.

I completed my training in Alexander Technique in 2007, moved to Boulder and began teaching here. I took a Master’s degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism at Naropa University and was also certified as a Mindfulness Instructor there.  Now I teach t’ai chi and meditation at Naropa and I teach Alexander Technique and t’ai chi at the Boulder Rec Centers as well as privately. I sing with a jazz trio and lead vocal improvisation. I hike, garden and cook.

The practice of engaged relaxation that I’ve cultivated through t’ai chi, meditation, and Alexander Technique has helped me develop a full, interesting life in which I continue to grow. My aim in teaching is to help my students learn to meet stress with relaxation so that they can fully enjoy their own lives.

Erin Williams

Erin first started practicing yoga in 1998 to deal with the stresses of a high profile corporate job. Loving the psychological and physical benefits she trained to become a teacher under Aadil Pakhivala, (one of a few masters in the world personally trained by B.K.S. Iyengar).

She is a licensed massage therapist, certified in shiatsu and therapeutic massage, a certified herbalist, and a certified Nutritionist with a master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. Erin loves to teach the basics of Hatha Yoga focusing on proper form and alignment to ensure a strong base and to prevent injury.

Wendy Zerin

Wendy Zerin, MD has been practicing yoga since 1989. She has been studying with Francisco Kaiut since 2014 and is a certified level one Kaiut Yoga instructor. Drawing on her background as physician and teacher of Insight Meditation, Wendy brings an unusual depth of understanding of mind, body and spirit to her yoga teaching.

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