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OSMP Noxious Weeds

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Russian Olive Scotch Thistle Bladder Senna Soapwort or Bouncing Bet Sulphur Cinquefoil Perennial Sweetpea Tamarisk Common Teasel Dalmatian Toadflax Canada Thistle Cheatgrass or Downey Brome Dame's Rocket Jointed Goatgrass Houndstongue Diffuse Knapweed Purple Loosestrife Mediterranean Sage Myrtle Spurge Musk Thistle Oxeye Daisy Myrtle Spurge - The King of Noxiousness Myrtle Spurge - The King of Noxiousness Myrtle Spurge going to seed Volunteers and staff on OSMP work very hard to remove Myrtle Spurge from the land. It escapes from people's gardens and becomes an invasive pest. Myrtle Spurge - Colorado List A noxious weed
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