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History Hike Story Map Tour

63 Photos | View as Slideshow

One of the entrances to Chapman Drive (1930-1940). CCC workers at Chapman Drive with a rock drill (1933-1935). Chapman Drive Chapman Drive Cattle Guard Overview of Green Mountain Lodge (1935-1940). Overview of Green Mountain Lodge (2007). Overview of Green Mountain Lodge (1964). Green Mountain Lodge CCC stonework leading up to Morse Well (1933-1935). Overview of the Halfway House (1930-1950). Boulder City Improvement Association workers on Flagstaff road (c. 1920). Overview of Flagstaff Road (c. 1920). Overview of Sunrise Circle Amphitheater, close to completion (1933-1935). Historic photo of the Amphitheater in the 1930's Ranger Martin Parsons at the Flagstaff Mountain flagpole (1937). Flagstaff Shelter House in winter (1933). Flagstaff Shelter House Stone Shelter View of the former Stone Shelter on Flagstaff Mountain (1920). Silver Lake Ditch flume below Red Rocks (1900-1920). 208-4-20photo_2 View of the Sunshine canyon entrance and the Silver Lake Ditch (c. 1900). Silver Lake Ditch flume construction (c. 1888). Dakota Ridge Stone Arch (2012) Sanitas Stone Shelter Stone bridge over Silver Lake Ditch Historic photo of Boulder Sanitarium Cottages View of the nearly Completed Boulder Sanitarium (1895). Boulder Community Hospital circa Boulder Memorial Hospital Sanitarium patients attended to by nurses (1895-1930). Historic photo of Boulder Sanitarium patients Boulder Sanitarium post card The former Sanitas Dairy Barn at the site of the Sanitarium (1930). Overview of the Chautauqua Links golf course (c. 1919) Overview of the eastern portion of the Chautauqua Links golf course (c. 1919). Overview of the Colorado Chautauqua (c. 1910). Overview of the Colorado Chautauqua auditorium (c. 1985). Overview of the Colorado Chautauqua Auditorium (2011). Tents at the Colorado Chautauqua grounds (c. 1898). Historic photo of Chautauqua Roosa Cabin The Roosa Cabin Visitors to Woods Quarry - 1920ish 4444-WoodsQ1 19-078 View from NCAR Quarry workers eating lunch by a shed (1900-1920). View of NCAR from Woods Quarry Overview of Bluebell Shelter (1933) 15-063 AmeriCorps crew working on the Bluebell Shelter View of the Baird Park Plaque (c. 1890-1930) View of CCC camp SP-5-C (1933-1935). CCC workers on the back of a truck at Camp SP-5C, 1934. CCC Camp at 6th and Baseline Armstrong Bridge, 1919 The Armstrong Bridge in winter (1909-1925). Dedication of the Armstrong Bridge (July 11, 1919). William Armstrong Bridge Historic photo of skiing at Chautauqua The tow rope in use (1948-1949). Steve Bradley jumps at the Opening of the Chatauqua Mesa Ski Area (1949)
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