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Academy at Mapleton Hill (311 Mapleton)

What is the Academy at Mapleton Hill?

This project will be a congregate care facility, primarily geared toward seniors with independent living apartments and memory care units along with a subacute rehabilitation facility with a warm water therapy pool open to the public.

The site, located at 311 Mapleton, will have 93 independent living units, 12 units without kitchens.

Several historic sites on the property will be landmarked, including: the 1930s nurses’ dormitory, the 1920s white duplex cottage, the 1940s stone duplex cottage, the 1920s stone retaining wall along Mapleton Avenue, and the 1920s smokestack.  

Existing trails will be maintained including a portion of the Dakota Ridge Trail that crosses the northwest corner of the site, as well as an existing maintenance and social trail adjacent to the Silver Lake Ditch on the western edge of the property.

Other aspects of the project plan can be found in the staff memo to City Council.

When was the project approved?

City Council approved the project on July 17, 2018. Minutes of that hearing are provided here.

Next Steps in the City's Review Process

TEC Doc Review

City staff is currently reviewing technical documents (TEC docs), which are pre-building permit plans that provide technical details and construction-level plans for the project. Following their approval, the applicant will submit applications for building permits.  

Current project materials


This Technical Document Review application is for pre-construction site preparation including demolition of non-historic structures, overlot grading, and the management of storm water while the work is being performed. The intended result is a clear and stable hillside with erosion control facilities in place to prepare the site for the next sequence of construction.  Note that building demolition applications for buildings over 50 years old will be reviewed under a separate application by the Historic Preservation program to determine whether the buildings are potentially eligible for landmark designation.

Most Current Plan

Additional Resources


This Technical Document Review application is for site grading and drainage along with placement of utilities to serve the site.

Most Current Plan

Additional Resources


This Technical Document Review application is specific to the site surrounding Buildings A, B, F, G and is for final landscaping, stormwater and other utility plans.

Most Current Plan

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This Technical Document Review application is specific to the architecture of Buildings A and B and has been approved. ​

Most Current Plan

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This Technical Document Review application is for the required Lot Line Elimination and Easement Dedications on the site. 

Most Current Plan

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This Technical Document Review application is for the final architectural plans for buildings F and G.

Most Current Plan

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Who should I contact with questions or feedback?

Additional information on the project can be found at the developer’s website here:

Community members should contact Molly Beytien, Neighborhood Liaison for the Academy at Mapleton Hill for questions or feedback at 720-507-7537 or by emailing her at [email protected].

Since being approved by City Council, the discretionary review of the project has concluded. As a result, staff are no longer proactively soliciting feedback on construction plans.