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Apply for or Renew a Rental Housing License

Apply for or Renew a Rental Housing License

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Standard Long-Term License

Standard Long-Term rentals are rentals of 30 days or more at a time. To apply for or renew a rental housing license, submit a completed Rental Housing License Application and fees payable to City of Boulder. All rental licensing forms can be found within the Applications & Forms Database

Licensing Fees

Fees payable to City of Boulder. Payable online upon notification, after application is processed.

  • $190 Application Fee - Required for all applications per single dwelling unit or per building for multi-unit buildings. 

Submit Your Application Packet

For quickest processing, email application to  [email protected]

Mailed applications have a longer processing time due to restricted building access during COVID building closures.


Standard Long-Term Rental Housing License FAQs

Where is the Rental Housing Licensing Office?

The P&DS Services Center is currently closed to the public and online submittals are being acceptedThe remote services center's hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Friday, closed on holidays and additional staff furlough days as follows in 2020:

  • Independence Day extended city holiday closure: July 2
  • Summer weekend extended city holiday closure: Aug. 7
  • Labor Day extended city holiday closure: Sept. 4
  • Fall weekend extended city holiday closure: Oct. 9
  • Thanksgiving extended city holiday closure: Nov. 27
  • Christmas Eve extended city holiday closure: half-day Dec. 24
  • New Year’s Eve extended city holiday closure: half-day Dec. 31

Are there circumstances when a rental license is not required?

Yes, rental licenses are not required under the following circumstances. These exemptions do not apply to short-term rentals.

If your property meets one of these criteria, please fill out a Rental License Exemption Affidavit - Owner/Relative Occupied pdf.

  • a dwelling unit occupied by the owner (or members of the owner's family who are at least 21 yrs of age) who rents to no more than two people unrelated to the owner's family; OR
  • a commercial hotel and motel that offers lodging accommodations primarily for less than 30 days at a time. Bed and breakfast facilities are not excluded from rental license requirements; OR
  • common areas and elements of buildings containing attached, but individually owned, dwelling units; OR

If your property meets all of these criteria, please fill out a Rental License Exemption Affidavit - temporary rental pdf

  • the dwelling unit is the owner's principal residence
  • the dwelling unit is temporarily rented for no longer than 12 consecutive months in any 24-month period
  • the dwelling unit was occupied by the owner immediately prior to its rental
  • the owner is temporarily living outside of Boulder County
  • the owner intends to reoccupy the dwelling

What are the occupancy requirements of my rental property?

Permitted occupancy of a property is ultimately determined by zoning and can be verified with the city. The maximum penalty for over-occupancy is $2,000 per day plus 90 days in jail. 

How do I verify if a property has a valid rental license?

Use the Licensed Rental Property Search to view addresses that have a current rental license or call the Rental Housing Licensing Office at 303-441-3152.

If rented, are accessory dwelling units (ADUs) required to be licensed?

Yes. Rental licenses are required and, in addition to inspection for licensing, city staff may inspect the ADU for other approval criteria. 

Does an owner need a property agent?

Only property owners who do not reside in Boulder County are required to have a local agent. The local agent is designated by the owner, provides a contact person for the property, and must be able to respond to the property within 60 minutes.

Can my tenant be the local agent?

Yes, however, please consider that tenants frequently change and it is the owner's responsibility to keep the city informed of a new agent.

How do I make changes to my address, phone or agent information?

Submit the Rental Licensing Change of Information or Agent form with your changes.

Are there circumstances under which code violations could impact the term of an existing rental license?

Yes. The Reduced Term Rental License code allows the term of a rental license to be reduced to 12 months when there is a violation of the land use regulations involving either the limitations on the number of occupants or the number of dwelling units. The term of a rental license may be reduced to 24 months for violations of the Housing Code.

How does the SmartRegs ordinance affect the rental housing program?

The SmartRegs ordinances require all rental housing to meet a basic energy efficiency requirement prior to 2019.