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Building Inspections

Based on the type of work, various progress inspections and a final inspection are required to complete the City of Boulder building permit process. A responsible party must be present during the inspection.

New Staff and Building Inspection Process Announcement

As a part of implementing the city’s Design Excellence Initiative, a Landscape Plans Reviewer / Development Review Inspector position was created to help ensure high quality outcomes in the built environment. Jessica Andersen has accepted the Landscape Plans Reviewer / Development Review Inspector position. Jessica is a registered Landscape Architect as well as LEED BD&C, with a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University and Master’s Degrees in Urban and Regional Planning and Public Administration from University of Colorado at Denver. Most recently, Jessica was a landscape architecture consultant in Denver. Her combination of skills, experience and education make her an excellent fit for this position.

While our existing landscape review and inspection scheduling processes will not change, a new architectural inspection process has been created for buildings with discretionary approvals (such as Site and Use Review). Inspections will typically take place at “rough and final siding” to ensure that building architecture, materials and window details are consistent with approvals. These new inspections will be known as “rough and final architecture.” Required inspections will appear on final inspection cards to remind contractors to schedule architectural inspections when necessary. Anyone needing to schedule an inspection may dial 303-441-4428. Walk in or in-person scheduling is also available at the Development Services Center at 1739 Broadway, 3rd Floor.

The required architectural inspections will go into effect on Monday, June 6, 2016.

Please feel free to contact 303-441-1880 with any questions.

Use the Permit Status Report to determine what inspections are required for your permit.

View Today's Building Inspection Schedule pdf.

Inspection Services

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (excluding holidays)

Schedule an Inspection

Call 303-441-3280 to request an inspection. Press "0" to speak with a staff member.

The 24/7 automated phone system lets you schedule, change, and confirm inspections; and request results.

Before Your Inspection
Complete the information sheet in the permit packet and leave it with the permit on the site.

How to Schedule an Inspection

  • Dial 303-441-3280.
  • Press “1” for building inspections.
  • Press “1” to request an inspection.
  • Enter your nine-digit permit number ( Example: 200209999).
  • Enter a phone number for an onsite contact.
  • Enter the four-digit inspection code (see the complete list of Inspection Codes below).
  • Select a date for inspection.
  • Request to have inspection results faxed to you, if desired.

Change Your Inspection Date

  • Dial 303-441-1880.
  • Press “2” for Inspection Requests.
  • Press “1” for Building Inspections.
  • Press “2” for Future Inspections.
  • Press “2” to Change Future Inspections.
  • Enter your nine-digit permit number ( Example: 200209999).
  • Enter the four-digit inspection code.
  • The inspection scheduling system will play the date of the scheduled inspection.
  • Press “2” to change the inspection date.
  • Select a date for inspection.

Confirm an Inspection

Call 303-441-3280 or view Today's Building Inspection Schedule pdf.

  • Dial 303-441-1880.
  • Press “2” for inspection requests.
  • Press “1” for building inspections.
  • Press “2” to confirm an inspection request.
  • Press “1” to confirm today’s inspections.
  • Enter your nine-digit permit number ( Example: 200209999).
  • The system will play today's list of inspections scheduled for the permit number.

Inspection Codes

* To schedule all rough inspections at one time, use code 5000.
+ To schedule all final inspections at one time, use code 6000.


  • Underground Electric: 1505
  • Temporary Construction Power: 1510
  • Rough Electrical *: 1515
  • Commercial Ceiling Electric: 1519
  • Rough Electric Swim Pool: 1521
  • Final Electric Swim Pool: 1522
  • Final Electrical +: 1525
  • Final Electric Sign: 1528
  • Final Electric Meter +: 1540


  • Gas Meter: 1820
  • Gas Piping *: 1825
  • Rough Mechanical *: 1835
  • In-Floor Heating: 1836
  • Commercial Ceiling Mechanical: 1837
  • Final Mechanical +: 1840
  • Rough Grease Hood *: 1855
  • Final Grease Hood +: 1860
  • Hood & Duct Welding: 1862
  • Rough Wood Stove *: 1865
  • Final Wood Stove: 1870
  • Product Conveying System: 1875
  • Refrigeration: 1880
  • Comfort Cooling A/C: 1885
  • Boiler & Water Heater: 1890

Planning and Land Use

  • Final Fence-Retaining Wall other +: 2510
  • Final Flood +: 2520
  • Final Wetland +: 2525
  • Final Right-of-Way +: 2540
  • Final Sign other +: 2550
  • Final Site Drainage +: 2560
  • Final Fire Inspection Structure +: 2570
  • Final Landscape & Sitework +: 2580
  • Final Water-Wastewater +: 2590


  • Underground Plumbing: 2105
  • Rough Plumbing *: 2110
  • Shower Pan: 2111
  • Oil and Sand Separator *: 2112
  • Final Plumbing +: 2115


  • Footings-City Inspection: 1205
  • Foundation-Flood Inspection: 1215
  • Foundation-City Inspection: 1220
  • Framing *: 1230
  • Rated Shaft: 1231
  • Floor Joist: 1233
  • Insulation Ceiling *: 1235
  • Insulation Floor: 1236
  • Insulation Foundation: 1237
  • Insulation Underslab: 1238
  • Insulation Wall *: 1240
  • Lath: 1243
  • Final Structure +: 1255
  • Floor Siding +: 1256
  • Rough Siding *: 1257
  • Mobile Home Setup +: 1260
  • Shear Nailing: 1263
  • Sheetrock Nailing: 1265
  • IECC Compliance: 1270
  • Green Points Compliance: 1275
  • Progress and/or Consultation: 1280


  • Mid-Roof: 1245
  • Reroof-Pre-Insp (flat roofs): 1247
  • Final Roof +: 1250

Inspection Record Forms

Inspectors will use an inspection record form to provide you with clear and simple results. Look for the "Pass," "Fail" and "Partial" codes on the right. If written clarifications are needed, the inspector will record them on an additional inspection information form.

Scheduling a Re-inspection

If your building has failed an inspection, complete the necessary corrections to achieve code compliance, and then request a re-inspection. The inspector can also schedule a re-inspection while at the job site.

If a re-inspection fee is required, you must wait until the next business day to pay the fee prior to scheduling a re-inspection.

Payments can be made by faxing a payment form and credit card number to Planning & Development Services (P&DS) Center. Call 303-441-1880 to request a fax payment form. You can also pay in-person at the P&DS Center, 1739 Broadway, third floor. The cashier will accept your payment and help you to schedule the re-inspection.

Once Inspections Are Complete

After all inspections are completed and all fees are paid, a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion is required before the building may be occupied.

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