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Building Permit Types

Building Permit Types

Scroll down to see what documents you must submit for each type of building permit, then search for the documents below.

Applications and Forms Database

Types of Building Permits

A list of permit types and the forms you need to submit for review is provided below. This is not a comprehensive list of everything you may need to submit for review. Submission requirements vary depending on the scope of the project. All or some of the following documentation may be required for your project.

Building Permits – Commercial/Multi-Family

Required for all commercial development, including new building, additions and remodels of existing space.

  • Multi-Family and Non-Residential Building Permit Application
  • Multi-Family and Non-Residential Building Permit Checklist

You may also need:

  • Stormwater and Flood Management Fee and PIF Calculation Form;
  • Plumbing Fixture Count Form;
  • Commercial and Multi-Family Building Permit Checklist;
  • Industrial / Commercial Environmental Information;
  • Housing & Development Excise Tax form;
  • Energy Code Compliance (;
  • Development Excise Tax form;
  • Site plan;
  • Solar analysis;
  • Floor plans;
  • Copies of rated assemblies;
  • Roof plans;
  • Elevations;
  • Structural drawings;
  • Foundation plans / Section;
  • Allocations; and
  • Copies of any approved Tec Doc drawings (grading and drainage plans; easement dedications, etc.).

Building Permits – Residential

Required for all residential development, except permit resubmittals.

  • Residential Building Permit Application With Checklist

You may also need:

  • Site plan;
  • Solar analysis;
  • Floor plans;
  • Elevations;
  • Structural drawings;
  • Foundation plans;
  • Sections;
  • Plumbing fixture count form;
  • Energy Code compliance (;
  • If you’re in the LR-E zone, a LR-E FAR sheet;
  • Allocation for new residential or demolition/rebuild of residential;
  • Storm water and Flood Management Fee and PIF Calculation Form; and
  • Residential Building permit checklist.

Inclusionary Zoning Review
All residential development, regardless of size, is subject to inclusionary zoning which requires that 20 percent of the total number of housing units be made permanently affordable to low income households. Inclusionary zoning is administered by the City of Boulder Housing Division, Housing and Human Services Department.

Building Permits Resubmittal

Required for resubmittal of a permit application that has been submitted previously but was denied.
  • Building Permit Resubmittal Form
  • A written statement specifically explaining changes/corrections made and detailing how you've addressed the problems listed in the deficiency letter you received from P&DS
  • Two sets of any revised drawings with changes "clouded" (clouds drawn around changed areas)
  • New copies of any submittal documents that were deficient

Demolition Permits

Required for demolition of buildings or parts of buildings.
  • Demolition Permit Application

There are four different types of demolition permits. They all use the same application form; however, the additional materials you submit will vary depending on the type of demolition you are doing. See the application form and/or a project specialist in the P&DS Center for more information.

Revocable Permits and Right-of-way Lease

Required for construction or maintenance of any building, structure, fence, barrier, post, landscaping or other encroachment within, under, above, or upon any public right-of-way or public easement. This is also required for patios, awnings and signs in the downtown pedestrian area.
  • Revocable Permits & Right-of-Way Lease Application(includes other requirements information)

Electrical Permits

Required for all electrical work.
  • Electrical Permit Application
  • One-line diagrams and load calculations if service size is 400 amps or more

Elevator Permits

The City of Boulder Planning and Development Services does not provide inspections or licensing for elevators.

Fence or Retaining Wall Permits

Required for all fence/retaining wall work.
  • Fence or Retaining Wall Permit Application
  • A scaled site plan clearly showing location of the proposed fence/wall, property lines, improvements (buildings), driveways and a north arrow.

Floodplain Development Permits

Required for all work in a designated floodplain.
  • Floodplain Development Permit Application
  • Floodplain Maps - To generate a floodplain map of your property, go to the eMapLink (Interactive Maps) application.
  • Floodplain Information Request

Fire Systems Permits

Required for all fire system work.
  • Fire Systems Permit Application

You may also need:

  • Two sets of drawings, engineered calculations

Mechanical Permits

Required for all mechanical work.
  • Mechanical Permit Application

You may also need:

  • Two sets of drawings (for commercial)

Mobile Home Permits

Required for setting all mobile homes. (For work other than setting, you will need a building permit.)
  • Mobile Home Permit Application

Moving Building Permits

Required for all building moving operations.
  • Moving Permit Application

Plumbing Permits

Required for all plumbing work.
  • Plumbing Permit Application

You may also need:

  • Two sets of riser diagrams for commercial/multi-family work;
  • Plumbing fixture count form;
  • Revocable Permit (and Easements);
  • Required for right-of-way work or work in an easement; and
  • Revocable Permits & Right-of-Way Leases Packet.

Right-of-Way Permits

Required for right-of-way work or work in an easement.
  • Right-of-Way Permit Application

You may also need:

  • Set of plans;
  • Traffic control plan; and
  • Right-of-Way Contractor License Application Form

Roofing Permits

Required for all roofing work larger than one square (100 feet of roof area).
  • Roofing Permit Application
  • Roofing Guidelines for New and Existing Residential and Commercial Structures

You may also need:

  • Manufacturer's installation instructions

Sign Permits

Required for all sign work.
  • Sign Permit Application

You may also need:

  • Site Plan: drawings showing sign size, face, font, font size and color
    Attachment / foundation details; and
  • Right-of-Way Permits.