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Code Amendment Projects

Open House: Large Homes and Lots
Join us for an open house to learn more about the city's current project that will consider changes to existing Residential Estate (RE) and Rural Residential (RR) zones. These changes may potentially restrict single-family home sizes, allow for more than one dwelling unit per property and permit subdivision of larger lots into smaller lots. The proposed changes may also apply in the Residential Low- 1 (RL-1) and Residential Mixed-1 (RMX-1) zones, depending on council's direction of the project. 
Open House details:
Monday, May 13, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Boulder Meeting of Friends (1825 Upland Ave.)
Parking is available on the south side of Upland Avenue, in the parking lot of Crestview Park or at the Crestview Elementary School.


Check out Be Heard Boulder and take a questionnaire on any of the three projects below. The questionnaires will close on May 20. 


Watch the staff presentation below from previous open houses:


City of Boulder - Land Use Code Amendments Projects from City of Boulder on Vimeo .


The City of Boulder continues to review and update the city’s Land Use Code  consistent with City Council’s directives and the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan. Community engagement and public input will help inform potential outcomes for all projects. Follow the links below to learn more about each project. 

Large Homes and Lots

The Large Homes and Lots project grows out of a community concern that in some residential areas, homes are permitted to be too large. This concern is related to impact to neighborhood character, as well as trying to meet city goals of diversity of housing types, creating more affordable housing choices and improved energy conservation. This project will help determine what size and types of homes are allowed in certain residential zones, including the RE and RR zones, throughout the city. It will also consider allowing the subdivision of large lots or multiple smaller units on a large lot.

Land Use Table and Standards

The BVCP includes policies to create more mixed-use neighborhoods in appropriate locations and foster more walkable neighborhoods where people live, work and recreate. The Land Use Table and Standards project aims to align the use standards with the BVCP policies and explore more compatible and updated land uses. For example, the end result could pave the way for more corner coffee shops or small-scaled grocery stores in or near your neighborhood, making Boulder a more walkable city for residents’ everyday needs. The project also seeks to streamline regulations and create more predictability and certainty in the code.

Community Benefit

Community benefit has been a topic discussed in the community for several years, but in 2018, the community benefit project officially began with goals of exploring how benefits such as affordable housing, art space and transportation improvements could be obtained through development projects, particularly larger projects where extra height, not above 55 feet, or floor area are proposed. This project will determine the type and amount of community benefits that would be provided to achieve increased intensity (e.g. floor area), building height, density and zone district changes.


Check out the project team's interview on Inside Boulder:


Inside Boulder - February 8, 2019 from City of Boulder on Vimeo .