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Do You Need an Allocation?

Do You Need an Allocation?

For new or replacement dwelling units

The city manages residential growth development through an allocation process. An allocation certificate is required on all new and replacement dwelling units. This certificate must be obtained prior to applying for a building permit.

Currently, approximately 400 allocations are available every year under the allocation system. An allocation certificate must be acquired, through one of the processes described below, for every unit that will be constructed on a property. A request for an allocation certificate must be made to Planning and Development Services, who will assign an allocation to the property. A certificate will be issued within five working days of when the Planning and Development Services receives the request and verifies that an allocation has been awarded to the property.

There are several types of allocations available within the system. The primary allocation issued is for construction of a market-rate home. There are several ways to apply for a market-rate home allocation (discussed in following paragraphs), but the quarterly allocation process is the most common method used.

How to get an allocation

Quarterly Allocation Process
Allocations are awarded every quarter. Applications for an allocation must be made by a specific date because the approval of allocations requires a public hearing with the Planning Board. Once you have received an allocation certificate, the allocation must be used by the end of the following quarter (approximately five months).

For more information about how allocations are distributed, go to section 9-14 of the Boulder Revised Code: Residential Growth Management.

Banked allocations
Larger developments can bank allocations until the number of allocations needed to support the project have been obtained. A special request for banking allocations must be made in the first quarter of the initial allocation request. The Planning Board will consider the request to bank allocations during the first review of the project's requests. Once a banking request is fulfilled, the banked allocations are valid through the end of the following quarter (approximately five months). This request can be made on the quarterly allocation application form.

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