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Electrical Contractor License

Electrical Contractor License

Registration Required

  • No person required by Section 12-23-105, C.R.S., to be licensed shall perform any services covered by such license in the city or any building outside the city that is served by city sewer or water utility service or subject to city building inspection without registering with the city on forms provided thereby and filing the evidence of insurance required by Section 4-1-8, “Insurance Required,” B.R.C. 1981. This is a non fee registration.
  • To register under this chapter, a person must have a valid State of Colorado Electrical Contractor's Card and be a master electrician licensed by the State of Colorado or have in charge and responsible for all electrical work a supervisor who is a master electrician currently licensed by the State of Colorado.

Supervision Ration Per State Statute Article 12-23-1105

Any person may work as an apprentice but shall not do any electrical wiring for the installation of electrical apparatus or equipment for light, heat, or power except under the supervision of a licensed electrician. The degree of supervision required shall be no more than one licensed electrician to supervise no more than three apprentices at the jobsite.

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